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Meet Len Dawson Ex Wife Jacqueline Puzder? Football Quarterback Married Life Details

Former quarterback Len Dawson found love again after his first wife, Jacqueline Puzder, passed away due to complications related to cancer.

The National Football League held a great deal of esteem for Len Dawson as a person and as a player. He spent the majority of his time playing American football and held the position of quarterback throughout his career.

He was a legendary player who competed in the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) for a combined total of 19 seasons and won numerous honors. In addition to the success he had achieved in his chosen profession, he was also well-known for the relationship he had with his former wife, Jacqueline Puzder.

In spite of the mythical tales that surround his private life, the fans are inconsolable over the loss of their beloved quarterback star. He served as a model for several well-known players’ pursuit of excellence in their careers.

Who Is QB Len Dawson Ex Wife Jacqueline Puzder?

In 1954, legendary quarterback Len Dawson wed the woman who would later become his ex-wife, Jacqueline Puzder. She was the first wife of the former NFL star, who rose to prominence in a hurry among his devotees because of this fact.

The former couple was together for a significant amount of time, around twenty-four years before Jacqueline’s death in 1978. She was born in Ohio, United States, on August 3, 1937, and she passed away when she was 41 years old. Her birthplace was Ohio.

Puzder was raised by her parents, John and Mary Ann, until the day she married Dawson, the man she had loved her entire life. She became the mother of two gorgeous children, Lisa and Len Dawson Jr., after she got married and started her own family.

The Quarterback star and Jacqueline had been together since they were students at “Alliance High School,” when they were high school sweethearts. Due to the fact that they carried on an affair in private for such a significant amount of time before making their relationship official, their love tales were like an exciting and delightful combo.

Unfortunately, his first wife left this world after enduring the pain of a chronic illness and having a stroke before she passed away.

Len Dawson Net Worth At Death

At the time of his passing, it is believed that Len Dawson had a net worth of approximately $10 million. He was a former quarterback in the National Football League in the United States of America and had a long career in the sport.

Len Dawson

In 1966, following his retirement from a successful professional career, he began working for KMBC-TV in Kansas City in the capacity of a sports director. In addition, he became the host of the HBO show Inside the NFL in 1977 and remained in that role until 2001.

Given his years of experience and accomplishments in the NFL sector, it is reasonable to assume that he has amassed a considerable wealth over the course of his life. As a result of his widespread popularity, he became connected with a number of different brands as an endorser.

In spite of the fact that Dawson had maintained his silence on the size of his fortune, it is possible that he furthermore owns stocks, estates, and other forms of investment property.

Meet Len Dawson Daughter Anne Dawson & Son Len Dawson Jr.

After his first marriage, which was to Jacqueline Puzder, Len Dawson became the father of two children. His family includes a daughter who goes by the name Anne Dawson and a son who goes by the name Len Dawson Jr.

In 1955, he became a father to his daughter Anne, and in 1960, he became a father to his son. In the present day, all of Len’s children are adults who choose to lead quiet lives because of their values.

However, as a result of his passing, they have been left in utter disarray and are currently going through the stages of mourning for their cherished father.

In addition, there is no evidence that QB and his second wife, Linda Louise, ever had any children together, despite the fact that QB remarried and Linda Louise became his second wife.

Tributes Pour In As Len Dawson Passed Away

On August 24th, 2022, Len Dawson was taken from us too soon. The news of his passing was announced to his followers and to the general public by his family.

Because of his rapidly worsening health, he was receiving care at a hospice. In addition to that, his followers have been pouring tributes all over the various social media sites.

Since 1991, Dawson has been undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.



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