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Melanie Ciccone – 5 Facts To Know About Madonna’s Sister

Melaine Ciccone is the sister of Madonna Ciccone, who is famous in the United States for her work as a singer, composer, and actor. She is wed to Joe Henry, who is not just a well-known American singer-songwriter but also a guitarist, record producer, and music executive.

Because she is both the sister and the wife of such prominent figures, she is subjected to a much higher level of public scrutiny than she would prefer. The following is some information about the Ciccone family member who is a daughter.

Melaine Ciccone is Madonna’s sister, and here are five things you should know about her.

Melaine Ciccone’s birth took place in Michigan in 1962, and her parents Sylvio Anthony and Madonna Louise were her parents at the time.

In 1985, Melaine received her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University, where she had majored in Spanish literature and language. Following that, she found employment with CIEE, which stands for the Council on International Educational Exchange. In later years, she became linked with FAO as well as Warner Records.

She is currently her own boss and focuses on hand embroidery, textile illustration quilts, mixed media, and printmaking as her areas of expertise.

In 2019, Melaine was a member of Madonna’s touring party. A video of the prayer was posted by Madonna to her Instagram account. In it, the singer of “Hung Up” praised her sister for attending the show and highlighted how the two of them have “broken” links with their own families.

Because she enjoys seeing new places, you can frequently find her on vacation in exotic locales alongside her husband and their children. In addition to New York City, Brazil, Spain, and the Dominican Republic, she has also called New York home. After living in Los Angeles for 30 years, she and her husband decided to make the move to the mid-coast area of Maine.

Family members of Melaine Ciccone The name of Madonna’s sister’s son is “Levon Henry.”

Melaine Ciccone’s family consists of her, her husband Joe Henry, their son Levon Henry, and their daughter Lulu Henry. They live in a modest home in New Jersey.

Her daughter, Lulu, received her education at both Pasadena City College and California State University. It has been determined that she was the one who initially created the Sensitive Skin Society Page. She also demonstrates that she is interested in music, politics, and the economy by frequently publishing her thoughts on these subjects on various social media platforms. She is also interested in learning more about issues relating to mental health and raising awareness about them. In addition to this, she is quite particular about maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as her skincare procedures.

Her son Levon Henry, who also works in the music industry as a musician, is carrying on the legacy of his musician father. He was born on August 22, 1991, and is now in his early thirties. His birthday is August 22. He has a lot of fun doing shows and experimenting with new music with his friends and bandmates.

Where can we find Melanie Ciccone at this time?

Melaine Ciccone is making the most of her life in their home on the mid-coast of Maine, which she shares with her husband. The couple moved to a number of different locations, but they remained in Los Angeles for the longest period of time—roughly ten years. They have decided to make Maine their permanent home.

Melaine has started a little business through which she creates works of art out of ordinary, quotidian materials by embellishing them with embroidery, machine sewing, or anything else, and then converting them into something else entirely.

How Much Money Does Melanie Ciccone Have in 2022?

There is currently no information available regarding Melaine Ciccone’s wealth. It hasn’t been that long since she launched her own company; previously, she had positions in large corporations.

Through her consistent participation in art shows and partnerships with other creatives, she ensures that her body of work is seen and appreciated by people all over the world.

But the specifics of her fortune continue to be obscured, despite the fact that many people have become interested in her company.



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