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‘Racist’ Who is Robert Bobby Price? Living Arts of Tulsa Director Twitter Allegations

Robert Bobby Price, a racist, served as a director for the Living Arts of Tulsa in the past.

On several social media platforms, a video of him racially assaulting workers has gained widespread attention.

Racism is one of the most touchy subjects, and online users often do not look kindly upon those that engage in racist behaviour. As a result, individuals who verbally or physically abuse others based on their race are frequently videotaped, and the videos of their behaviour are shared throughout various social media platforms.

Tulsa, Oklahoma was the location of one of the most recent occurrences that took place. A man called Robert Bobby Price was seen on tape using racially offensive language toward the employees in Tulsa, and a woman named Savannah posted the footage to Twitter. Already, there have been more than 12,000 views of the video.

Just who is this Robert Bobby Price, anyway? Racist Accusations Leveled Against the Director of Living Arts of Tulsa

Robert Bobby Price was born and raised in the city of Tulsa in the state of Oklahoma.

In addition to this, he has served on the board of the Living Arts of Tulsa both in the past and currently in the capacity of a participating artist. However, it has been established by the art centre that the aforementioned individual is no longer employed by them.

During the course of some construction work, Price may be seen on the video using language that is particularly degrading against the employees. Someone with the Twitter handle Savannah released the video that was taken by a woman and shows the entire event.

Additionally, the movie is being distributed throughout various other social media channels, such as Reddit and Facebook. We are all aware of the means by which these allegedly racist videos are distributed to a large number of viewers via social media.

In case you want to see the entire video, here it is for your convenience.

Is It True That Robert Bobby Price Is No Longer Employed At Living Arts of Tulsa? Statement On Facebook

After the racist film gained widespread attention, The Living Arts of Tulsa issued a statement, which they posted on Facebook.

“We cannot erase this individual’s prior participation, but we can go ahead,” Living Arts of Tulsa wrote in an email. “As previously indicated, he has never been hired by our organisation, and as of early Friday morning, he is no longer involved with our group.”

The business continued, “The video in question is not connected to our organisation in any way, and it does not reflect the core values that our employees or members of our community hold dear. We have never in the past, and we will never in the future, condone action that is motivated by hatred.”

The final sentence of the statement reads as follows: “Thank you for supporting our efforts to move forward and remove ourselves from hate in any form.”

Twitter users’ reactions to the racist video posted by Robert Bobby Price

Recently, the racist video posted by Robert Bobby Price has received a great deal of attention on Twitter.

One of the users, who goes by the name “Savannah,” performed a significant amount of research on him and posted a number of things that link him to Living Arts of Tulsa. Her unwavering commitment to removing bigotry from human interaction has been acknowledged by a significant number of people.

Because people on the internet take racial slurs very seriously, many of them want him to be punished for what he said. Some of them are pleading with others to refrain from making him famous online on the grounds that he “doesn’t deserve it.”



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