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Raphael Rogoff: Who Is He? Age and Bio on Wikipedia and Instagram: Cherie Gil Son

Raphael Rogoff is the devoted son of Cherie Gil, a Filipino actress who has won the FAMAS Award and has been inducted into the Metro Manila Film Festival Hall of Fame.

After a brave battle against cancer, the renowned actress lost her battle with the disease on August 5, 2022, and passed away. On Friday, Annabelle Rama, a Filipino actress and talent manager, took to Twitter to break the unfortunate news to her followers. The actress who had won numerous awards was 59 years old.

Her birth name was Evangelina Rose Gil Eigenmann, and she became a well-known actress in the Philippines under that name. Gil earned the nickname “La Primera Contravida” for her acting contributions to the Philippines as well as her acting prowess in those countries. She was the daughter of Eddie Mesa, a famous singer and actor in the Philippines, and Rosemarie Gil, an actress.

Raphael and Bianca were Gil’s children; he was married to the famous violinist Rony Rogoff and they had two children together. In addition, the actress is the mother of a second child named Jeremiah David (Jay), who she welcomed into the world during a previous relationship with the actor, comedian, and director Leo Martinez.

Let’s take a look at the gorgeous son that the beautiful actress has, Raphael.

How Old Is Cherie Gil’s Son, Raphael Rogoff, and What Is His Age?

According to his looks and overall demeanor, Raphael Rogoff, who is Cherie Gil’s son, is most likely in the middle of his 20s.

Raphael, also known as Raph, is the name of the second child that the actress had with her ex-husband, Rony Rogoff, who is a professional violinist. His primary residence is in the Big Apple. The young son of the actress is currently the subject of conversation on various social media platforms.

He was the living proof that their family is blessed with natural beauty; he took after his stunning mother and father in that regard. His irresistible charisma is impossible to ignore. Raphael has the most charming smile, and he also knows how to have a good time.

The fact that Raph looks like a movie star is impossible to ignore, and his pictures are currently being shared all over the internet. It is no surprise that his followers go crazy whenever they catch a glimpse of him on screen because he has captivating eyes, a perfect jaw, delicate lips, and a well-toned body.

Because of their naturally appealing appearance, the Eigenmanns have earned a reputation as royalty in the entertainment industry of the Philippines. Raphael is also interested in performing in stage plays; however, it is unknown if the handsome young man will make a career out of acting.

If You Are Curious About the Current Location of Rony Rogoff, Who Was Cherie Gil’s Ex-Husband,

A Concise Overview of Raphael Rogoff’s Wiki and Bio

Raphael Rogoff is the son of the late Filipino actress Cherie Gil, whose former husband Rony Rogoff is a well-known international violinist. Raphael is also an actress in his own right.

He received his diploma from Scarsdale Senior High School in New York in July 2016, where he was a student. After that, Raph enrolled in the Global Liberal Studies program at New York University, where he focused his studies on ethics, religion, and politics.

After spending their childhood in Israel with their father, Roni, Raph and his devoted sister Bianca moved to New York City when they were older. He enjoys going to new places and experiencing new cultures, as well as participating in sports such as football and wrestling.

He has traveled to some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations, including Cambodia, France, Spain, and Austria. On his various social handles, Paph frequently posts glimpses of his travels. While he is in the Philippines, he spends time having a good time with his celebrity friends Ylona Garcia and Inigo Pascual.

Raph is a gentleman who makes an effort to learn more about his Filipino heritage whenever he has the opportunity to do so by traveling to various locations throughout the country. In addition, given that he is enrolled at the esteemed NYU, you can frequently find him in the city of New York.

Is Raphael Rogoff Already In a Relationship? A Look at Their Dating History

Raphael Rogoff has a beautiful girlfriend who uses the name Solveig Martin on Instagram, and the two of them are in a committed relationship.

It appears that he and his significant other enjoy taking trips together very much, as evidenced by the numerous loving pictures taken during their travels. According to the caption of one of his Instagram posts, the doting couple has been together for more than four years.

Raphael Rogoff has a strong connection with the person he follows on Instagram who goes by the name Solveig Martin.

On February 25, 2018, Raphael marked the occasion of his and Martin’s relationship being together for 1.5 years by posting a sweet photo of the two of them to Instagram. “and I still can’t pose,” it says in her comment underneath the post she shared.

It appears that the two young people share a very close connection with one another. On Raphael’s Instagram account, all of their cute pictures can be found in one convenient location. Martin, on the other hand, has restricted access to her Instagram account for the time being.

As a result of the 427 high-quality posts he has produced, he has gained more than 36,600 followers. When Cherie Gil, the boy’s mother, posted a picture of herself and her son on her Instagram account, people couldn’t help but be enchanted by the young man.

Raph is a kind and thoughtful brother to his sister and brother, as well as a doting and supportive son to his parents. Bianca, his sister, is another stunning member of the family. She attended New York University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2019, with a concentration in drama.

Jay, the eldest of the three brothers, currently resides in New York City and is employed as an audio engineer there. He maintains strong ties of familial affection with his younger brothers and sisters. Renee is Raph’s half-sister and she is related to him through his father. Despite the fact that his parents divorced after 20 years of marriage, they continue to have a strong friendship.



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