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Rapper FG Famous, Brother Of Singer JayDaYoungan Got Arrested Today

FG Famous, who is the brother of JayDaYoungan, was just recently arrested on suspicion of taking part in a shooting that took place after JayDaYoungan had passed away. Recently, the report has been making the rounds on various websites across the internet.

FG’s brother Javarious Scott is best known for his singles “23 Island,” “Elimination,” and “Opps,” which, as of November 2020, had earned 49, 27, and 26 million plays on SoundCloud, respectively. Javarious Scott is professionally known for his rap songs.

In 2018, 2019, and 2019, respectively, Scott released the mixtapes Forever 23 (in 2018), Endless Pain (in 2019), and Misunderstood (in 2019), the latter of which peaked at number 43 on the US Billboard 200.

Recently, his brother FG has been the subject of a number of allegations and has been arrested on a number of charges.

Why Was Rapper FG Famous Arrested Today?

The famous rapper FG Famous was taken into custody on August 6, 2022, on the suspicion that he had taken part in a shooting that occurred shortly after his brother JayDaYoungan had passed away.

The well-known rapper was reportedly gunned down and killed in his hometown of Bogalusa, which is situated to the north of New Orleans, according to the police. The death of the musician, whose given name is Javorius Scott and who was 24 years old, occurred on Wednesday just after six o’clock in the evening.

On Wednesday evening, shortly after six o’clock, the officers reported that they got a call reporting a shot fired in the area. According to a report by Already Viral, one of the victims who was injured was transported to the emergency room of Our Lady of the Angeles.

While the original victim was still being shown on the screen, an additional victim who was also in critical condition was brought there by ambulance. The second shooting was reported to the police shortly after 7 o’clock in the evening and was located approximately 4 miles away from the first shooting.

FG Famous Is The Sibling Brother Of Rapper JayDaYoungan

Rapper FG Famous and his older brother JayDaYoungan were both born in Bogalusa, Louisiana, in the same hospital.

A terrible shooting took the life of his brother Javorius Tykies Scott, also known as JayDaYoungan, and took place outside of his home in Louisiana. Both he and his father were injured in the shooting; his father is currently in stable condition at the hospital.

On July 27, only about ten days after the incident, the police arrested Jaydayoungan’s brother for questioning in connection with the crime. The news that FG Famous had been detained initially broke on the Instagram page that Taphouse TV maintains.

They stated that the government had dispatched N.O.P.D. to apprehend FG Famous while he was out doing some shopping for the funeral of the deceased artist.

Charges Of Alleged Sliding Against FG Famous Explained

The New Orleans Police Department detained the rapper FG Famous as he was making preparations to attend the funeral of his late brother, JayDaYoungan.

The news of JayDaYoungan’s death hit the headlines after he had been involved in a number of serious legal issues over the course of the previous few years. In June of the previous year, he was released from jail after serving his sentence of seven months in prison.

Aside from Famous’s involvement in the shooting case that occurred on August 6, the authorities have not yet provided any further details regarding the reason for his arrest, nor have they outlined the specific allegations that he has made.

Even though the authorities have detained FG Famous on suspicion of possessing slides, the public does not have access to his photographs or any other official records connected to the arrest and charges at this time.

What Is FG Famous Real Name And Age?

The rapper known as FG Famous was born on August 1, 1998, making him 24 years old today. His real name has not been made public at this time.

His older brother Jaydayoungan, who was also 24 years old when he passed away, shared the same birthday as him, July 15 of the same year. According to the biography provided by Famous Birthdays, Famous’ mother passed away when he was only eight years old.

In addition to this, he is a well-known hip-hop musician, having released the album Against All Odds in the early months of 2018. A mixtape by FG Famous titled Head Young’N in Charge was made available for download in March of that same year.

He made a guest appearance in Legendary ZaE’s song “My Pole,” and more than 11 million people have watched all of the videos that he has uploaded to his popular YouTube channel. The young rapper has had multiple songs chart in the top 50 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.



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