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Raymond Goh Death Cause: What Happened To The Veteran Broadcaster Raymond Goh? Obituary Explored

Raymond Goh Death Cause: What Happened To The Veteran Broadcaster Raymond Goh? Obituary Explored Raymond Goh’s Death Cause He was one of Malaysian journalism’s admired figures who died due to stroke effects in 2012 at just 51. This marked an end to an impressive 30-year career that created a lasting legacy – most prominently as anchor of television3 Nightline News Bulletin for over three decades where his unfaltering dedication earned respect from viewers and colleagues alike. Goh was not only an accomplished journalist; his expertise also proved indispensable in cultivating new media talent. Serving as both instructor and mentor, Goh helped individuals expand their communication abilities while finding their voice within broadcast media.

Raymond Goh Cause Of Death

Raymond Goh Cause Of Death

Raymond Goh’s loss will be felt immensely within Malaysian media circles, yet his work continues to influence younger journalists within this industry. We take a look at details surrounding his illness which ultimately caused his passing away as well as explore his lasting contributions to Malaysian media. Read Related Articles On Apna Newz.

Raymond Goh’s story quickly turned tragic following his sudden stroke which ultimately led to his untimely demise. Although Goh began as a reporter for 7oclock news bulletins on TV3, Nightline news bulletin on TV3 really established him with Malaysians through their energy, humor, professionalism, and revered personality in Malaysian society at large.

Raymond Goh Obituary And Death Reason

His final years brought renewed recognition through his battle against stroke. A stroke, caused by disruptions to blood flow to the brain, can have severe and life-threatening ramifications; such was unfortunately evident with Raymond Goh.

Raymond Goh’s condition became extremely serious when he fell sick due to illness which made him extremely fragile and at risk. Not only was this stroke detrimental to Raymond’s personal life, but also affected all who knew and respected Raymond throughout his long and distinguished professional career.

Who Was Raymond Goh?

Abdullah Pak Lah was among Mr. Goh’s students and took to Facebook to inform everyone of the unfortunate event of Mr. Goh’s stroke. Abdullah paid his tributes and called Mr. Goh one of “the kindest souls he’s had the pleasure of meeting”.

Many who had worked or known Raymond Goh have expressed similar sentiments. Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi was among his former colleagues who expressed her concerns and asked everyone for prayers for his health in an emotional message about their time as TV3 news anchors together, recalling some of their struggles during broadcast times of different broadcast channels.

Raymond Goh Family And Networth

What Happened with Raymond Goh? Following Raymond Goh’s grave condition and eventual demise, there have been discussions about the health issues he endured. Most reports focused on his battle with strokes but it’s important to consider any health concerns which might lead to such devastating circumstances.

Raymond Goh’s stroke was an unfortunate health event that ultimately claimed his life, emphasizing the necessity for awareness and preventive measures against such illnesses.



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