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Roberta Williams Has How Many Children? Details To Know About Her Family

The current legal struggle that Roberta Williams has been involved in against a would-be reality TV show producer has caused her to dominate the news.

ABC News illuminated the fact that the wife of a convicted drug lord appeared in court on allegations of blackmailing and recklessly hurting Ryan Naumenko at Collingwood more than three years ago. The charges stem from an incident that occurred in 2013.

The lady, who is 53 years old, was given a sentence of two years of legal supervision by the court, which was presided over by Judge Fiona Todd. She is also required to complete any prescribed mental health treatment or offender programs.

In the meantime, the two of her acquaintances who had made the death threat on Naumenko were punished and also required to perform community service.

Roberta Williams Has Three Well Known Children- 1 Son And Three Daughters In The Family

Roberta, a formerly prominent player in the underground, gained a bad reputation for her involvement in drug trafficking in the past.

Because of their legendary confrontations with the media, three of her children have gained widespread notoriety in recent years.

Roberta Williams

After Carl’s passing, Mrs. Williams took on all of the responsibilities on her own and cut herself off from the criminal underworld in order to protect her children and keep them from becoming involved with illegal activity.

Since that time, Roberta’s children have made big public appearances for a variety of reasons. Even though each of her children has a different father, they are all very close to her, and they have strong relationships with each other and their other siblings.

It has been established by the Daily Mail UK that Roberta is, in fact, the mother of five children, four of whom are in their 20s and one of whom is in his tens.

Tye Stephens Is Roberta Williams’ Eldest Child

Tye Stephens, Roberta’s kid, is the first child she’s ever had, and he was born from a prior relationship.

Tye, who is currently 33 years old, has a well-deserved reputation for having served time in prison as well as community work. In 2016, he entered a guilty plea to the accusations that he was in possession of a handgun, ice, handling stolen items, and dealing with thousands of dollars that were alleged to be stolen.

Tye Stephens is also a convicted criminal, sharing the bond with his mother
Tye Stephens is also a convicted criminal, sharing the bond with his mother

He was sentenced to 135 days in prison for these offenses; nonetheless, he was released from prison earlier than the time required.

At that time, the Heard Sun stated that Tye had a prior record of violating the terms of his parole. According to the allegations, the son of the criminal organization’s matriarch got involved in these kinds of problems because of his troublesome family history in criminal activity.

Because of this, he began using drugs at an early age, and as a result of the situation, he also suffered from persistent post-traumatic stress.

Danielle Stephens Is The Second Child Of The Crime Family Once Charged With Attempted Murder

After Tye had already reached the age of five, Roberta gave birth to Danielle. Both the young woman and Tye have the same father as their biological father. As a consequence of this, they continue to have a strong bond with one another as siblings.

Danielle’s involvement in criminal activity was similar to that of her mother, stepfather Carl, and the rest of the family.

Danielle Stephens
Danielle Stephens

The second Stephens appeared in the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2015, at the age of 22, to face the accusation of shooting a man in Broadmeadows in November 2014. The incident allegedly took place in 2014.

In addition to her, the prosecutors charged her business colleagues Sanar Ghanim and Tugay Afacan of involvement.

The Daily Mail UK published an article about the incident, which stated that Roberta was devastated after learning the news. Despite this, she admitted that she had provided a nice childhood for her children and demanded that justice be served.

During that time, Danielle was reported to be pregnant, and Sanar was thought to be her de-facto partner. In 2016, Danielle blessed Roberta with the arrival of her first grandchild in the form of her daughter Santana.

Breanne Stephens Publicly Supported Carl Williams As a Loving Father

With the exception of Tye and Danielle, Breanne’s name has not been dragged through the mud in connection with any criminal incidents or stories.

However, she captured a lot of people’s attention when she gave an interview defending Carl Williams and his responsibilities as a father, despite the fact that he had a violent past as a drug king.

According to Yahoo News, Breanne is the last of Roberta’s children and was born to her previous partner in the Stephens family. Breanne is Roberta’s daughter.

Nevertheless, Carl had adopted each and every one of them, and now the entire blended family lives together as a step-family.

Breanne and her younger sister Dhakota are practically inseparable whenever they are seen together in public because they are almost always spotted together. During their conversation about their late father, the two step-sisters were seen together again in Melbourne gangland figure George Williams’s death in 2016. This took place in 2016.

The step-sisters lamented their step-passing father’s and carried images of him whereas Roberta had been the one to carry his casket.

Dhakota Williams Is The Only Child Of Roberta And Carl Williams

Dhakota Williams, the couple’s only child, is the one person who will carry on the love that Carl and Roberta shared. She entered this world on March 10, 2001, and she is now 21 years old.

It is common knowledge that she gets along well with all of her step-siblings, but especially Breanne. In contrast to her siblings, Dhakota has not been into any legal issues, but she has become a prominent figure on several social media platforms.

Nearly 40,000 people are following her body image commentary on Instagram, where she first shared her thoughts on the subject.

When that happened, internet users began criticizing her for the enormous size she displayed in her images. At this time, the Instagram account is set to private.

Similarly, the youngest member of the Williams family was accused of using her phone while operating a motor vehicle and consequently faced charges.

In August of 2021, she was driving down Alexandra Avenue in Melbourne in her black BMW when she was pulled down by a police cruiser. The officers had seen Dhakota using her phone earlier in the day.

According to what was written in The Australian, Williams defended herself by claiming that she was looking at maps on her phone while using it.

In 2011, Roberta Williams gave birth to a son named Giuseppe who has autism

After suffering the loss of her husband in 2010, the matriarch of the Williams family had her fifth child and second son, Giuseppe, in the beginning of 2011.

At the time, she was 41 years old, and her then-fiancé, Robert Carpenter, was the father of her son. It has been established by Adelaide Now that Giuseppe was conceived on April 18, one day before to Carl’s passing.

As a result, Roberta considers the birth of her son to be the beginning of a fresh chapter in everyone’s lives, and she sees her son’s younger self in the child.

Giuseppe, on the other hand, was given a diagnosis of autism when he was only two years old. The prognosis came as a significant blow to Roberta on an emotional level because she had recently said goodbye to many significant people in her life, such as her ex-husband Carl, her sister, her niece, her mother, and even Carl’s mother.

Today, her primary focus is on being a doting mother to her youngest child. Furthermore, the particular requirements that her kid had in 2022 helped her avoid a prison sentence in connection with the Naumenko case. This was one of the primary factors.

Nine News can confirm that the court has considered the fact that Giuseppe needs Roberta at home in her capacity as his sole caregiver. As a result of this, the observation accusations against her were dropped.

Roberta Williams’s former husband Carl Williams was killed in a fight with an inmate

Before his arrest and subsequent conviction for a number of criminal offenses, Carl Williams was unrivaled as Melbourne’s reigning drug king.

In the Supreme Court of Victoria on February 28, 2007, he entered a guilty plea to the killings of fellow crime leader Lewis Moran, his son Jason Moran, and Mark Mallia.

His other alleged transgressions include multiple acts of violence within the criminal organization that he helped build. Carl had been found guilty of multiple crimes and was currently serving time for three life sentences and two sentences of 25 years each.

However, while Carl was being held at Barwon Prison, a fellow convict named Matthew Charles Johnson assaulted him by hitting him in the head with a piece of an exercise bike.

On April 19, 2010, he succumbed to the severe brain injuries that he sustained. His funeral was held on April 30, 2010, at St. Therese’s Catholic Church in Essendon, and he was laid to rest in a golden coffin during the service.

On the other hand, the last resting place of the gangster boss is still a mystery to the general public. According to The Age, his gravesite currently has no monument to mark its location.

Even though he passed away in 2022, Roberta, their daughter Dhakota, and several of his stepchildren continue to remember him.



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