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Since 2012, Dean Eagles has been his partner

Richie Anderson, who appears on BBC radio and television, is partnered with Dean Eagles, who is known as Dean Eagles. Continue reading this article if you would like to learn more about Richie.

The Sunday League team that Anderson used to play for was called Coombs Wood F.C. At the moment, he can be heard providing travel updates on BBC Radio 2 on weekday mornings.

In August of 2022, it was announced that he would be taking part in the 20th season of Strictly Come Dancing.

Since the beginning of the year 2019, he has been reporting on travel news for the mid-morning show on BBC Radio 2 called The Radio 2 Breakfast Show with Zoe Ball and Ken Bruce.

After Rachel Horne moved to Virgin Radio, he replaced her as the host of the show. The celebrity contributes occasional one-off programmes for Radio 2’s special Bank Holiday coverage.

Richie Anderson Partner Dean Eagles: Are They Married?

Dean Eagles and Richie Anderson have been working together as partners since the year 2012. After ten years of being in a relationship together, they recently celebrated their anniversary in Italy.

Although Anderson does have a boyfriend, the couple has not yet tied the knot. They haven’t shared any details about their wedding with the public up until this point.

A number of pictures of the celebrity and his partner can be found posted on various social media platforms.

He published photographs of himself and Dean engaging in cultural activities at the Colosseum in Rome, drinking cocktails while sitting on a massive bean bag, and dining on a boat while watching the sunset.

Is Richie Anderson Gay?

Richie Anderson has outwardly acknowledged his sexual orientation as being gay.

In 2018, after participating in a game of football for BBC’s The One Show, he revealed his sexual orientation to his teammates in an effort to highlight the difficulties associated with homophobia in the sporting world.

The presenter, along with fellow Radio 2 presenters Jo Whiley and Kate Bottley, participated in the Dare To Tri campaign in 2020. Their goal was to raise money for Sport Relief by competing in three events spread out over the course of three days.

Throughout the course of his appearances on BBC One’s The One Show, he has discussed a wide variety of topics. In addition to this, Richie has been a guest judge on the episode of Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two that airs on BBC Two.

It was on BBC WM, where he got his start in the radio industry, that he hosted his show from August 2015 until March 2020. Earlier in 2015, he had filled in for a variety of presenters, and he did so again in the beginning of this year.

Before beginning his role as a host on BBC WM, Anderson covered football for the channel during the matchday portions of the broadcast. Under the guise of “Roaming Richie,” he engaged in fan interaction before and after games by conducting interviews with them.

During this time, he became well-known for his “man on the street” interviewing style, which he referred to as “vox pop.”

Richie Anderson And Dean Eagles Age Gap

Richie Anderson and Dean Eagles have not revealed their ages to the general public on the internet; however, judging from their appearance, they are currently in their 30s.

There is not a significant amount of time that separates their ages. The radio personality is of British descent, and his compatibility with the groups of people of mixed race has been noted.

Following the completion of his education, he began working for the BBC as a moderator for both the television and the radio.

He is currently working as a host and moderator for the esteemed British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is a television network.



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