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Susie Verrill is the wife of Greg Rutherford, With Athlete Hubby & Children, Her Wikipedia Bio

Susie Verrill is a well-known social media influencer and the wife of Greg Rutherford, a British track and field athlete.

Susie created Me and My Milo because she could not relate to other parenting websites.

Let’s learn more about Greg Rutherford’s wife, Susie Verrill, including her age and children.

Susie Verrill is the spouse of Greg Rutherford. Wikipedia

Susie Verrill is a well-known influencer and blogger who writes a blog about motherhood. Susie wed Greg Rutherford, an additional famous personality she met in 2012, in 2013. After the London Olympics, Susie and Greg met for the first time in London through a mutual friend.

They were smitten with one another and began dating quickly. On 10 May 2019, the couple announced their engagement via Susie’s Instagram account. She is the mother of three beautiful children, including two boys and a girl.

As a journalist and social media manager, Susie is not a newcomer to the blogging industry. Shortly after working as a social media and feature editor for a number of magazines, she launched her own blog, which quickly attracted a large fan base.

Susie employs her prior professional experiences to create engaging blogs on her website. Her son Milo and her husband’s travel schedule were the driving forces behind her decision to launch a website. She was previously a freelance writer for publications such as NUTS and LOOK. As she desired to accompany her husband on his travels, working independently and as a freelancer gave her the flexibility she required. She published her first blog in July 2015, titled “So Now I’m Vlogging…”

Susie is a multitalented mother, social media manager, and blogger at My Milo & Me.

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Age of Susie Verrill: How Old Is She?

Susie Verrill was born in England on April 3, 1988. At the age of 34, she is one of the successful social media influencers.

She engages in multiple clothing brands and beauty products and has a strong passion for fashion. She connects with people on multiple platforms and shares her life experiences.

She has also documented her candid journey through pregnancy and motherhood on her social media sites to provide people with insight and a raw sense of how pregnancy and motherhood function and all of their ins and outs. Her followers on Instagram are also impressed by her authenticity and positive vibes.

Susie Verrill’s Children

Susie Verrill began her journey as a mother in her early twenties, when her first child with Olympic athlete Greg Rutherford was born.

She is currently a mother to three adorable children. Milo is seven years old, while Rex is only four. In April 2021, she gave birth to her youngest daughter.

Although Verrill enjoyed her career, she never considered herself a career woman. When asked as a child what she wanted to be in the future, she would always say a mother.

She claims that one of the most fascinating things to observe is the experience of another mother. Observing how much love your children want to show you and how they can find joy in the smallest things is her favorite aspect of motherhood.



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