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Tessa Prieto opens up about breakup with husband Dennis Valdes

Tessa Prieto and her spouse, Dennis Valdes, were married at one point. After celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with an extravagant ceremony to rekindle their vows, Tessa and Dennis filed for divorce on June 24, 2019.

Tessa explained that only her side of the story may be heard, so she did not go into further depth regarding the reasons why they got a divorce. According to her, the romance between Prieto-Valdes and Dennis moved at a breakneck pace.

The couple tied the knot following a courtship that lasted for a total of six months. The columnist admits that when she started a new chapter in her life, she became increasingly upset with how quickly she was recovering.

Prieto-Valdes was aware of the fact that she was trying to exercise more control over circumstances that “only God could handle.” The breakup of the couple was widely reported in the media across the country, and it quickly became a hot topic of conversation among the followers of the band.

Who Is Dennis Valdes?

PhilWeb Corporation is led by Dennis Valdes, who serves as both the company’s president and executive director. It is regarded as one of the most important providers of gaming technology in the Asia Pacific Region.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family at the beach, especially on the weekends. In addition to that, he is an avid photographer.

Because Valdes does not make a significant amount of public appearances, there is a very limited amount of information on him that can be found on the internet. He was once in the spotlight as a result of Tessa’s public announcement that she was divorcing her spouse of more than two decades.

After having an extravagant celebration for their 25th wedding anniversary, Tessa Prieto’s relationship with her ex-husband, Dennis Valdes, began to deteriorate, which ultimately led to their divorce. Prieto and Valdes had been married for a total of 22 years before they decided to divorce.

She never went into specifics about the circumstances behind her divorce when speaking to the media. The year 2014 was the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary, and to celebrate, they held a ceremony with a Game of Thrones theme where they renewed their wedding vows.

Tessa does not wish to talk ill of her partner in any way, and instead desires to only say wonderful things about him. In addition to this, she continued by saying that she and husband had a lovely married life together.

What Occurred Between Tessa Prieto and Her Husband, Dennis Valdes, During That Time?

Tessa asserts that she and Dennis are still in contact with one another since they share parental responsibilities for their child. Tessa admitted that despite their 26 years of happiness together, she is unable to move on from the love she has for Dennis.

Prieto-Valdes did not wait to finish that chapter before moving on to the subsequent one. She also added that her mindset for the year 2020 is one in which she is searching for possibilities and determining the path that she wants to take.

Who precisely is this Tessa Prieto?

Tessa Prieto is a multi-talented lady who has positions as an interior designer, columnist, TV host, triathlete, businesswoman, and mother of four children.

Who is Tessa Prieto’s husband, if anyone knows?

Tessa Prieto and her now-estranged husband, Dennis Valdes, were previously married.

Is Tessa Prieto already taken or single?

Following his breakup with Dennis Valdes, there have been no rumours or speculations of Prieto marrying anyone else.



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