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Tribute To South African Gospel Music Artist Sipho Kaleni dies aged 46

After a brief battle with illness, the talented musician Sipho Kaleni passed away on August 1, 2022, when he was only 46 years old. The precise circumstances surrounding Kaleni’s passing are unknown; however, according to the official statement about his passing, he passed away after a brief bout with illness. Since May 2022, Kaleni had ‘allegedly’ been pretending to be sick.

The tragic information was revealed in a statement released by the Crown Gospel Music Awards, which Kaleni had helped to found.

“The World Gospel Powerhouse is saddened to confirm that Sipho Kaleni, who was one of the founding EXCO members of the Crowns Gospel Music Awards, has passed away. Kaleni was a founding member of the Crowns Gospel Music Awards. Even though he showed signs of improvement over the past couple of weeks, Kaleni sadly lost the battle during the early hours of this morning, August 1, 2022. He was a gifted minister of the word, a musician, a renowned MC, a radio presenter, and a committed member of the SDA church. His illness began around May of this year.”

Know More Of Sipho Kaleni’s Life & Body of Work

Sipho Kaleni was a well-known South African musician who was particularly interested in Christian music. He was born on September 21, 1975, and his interest in the genre began at a young age. As a child, Kaleni went to Nkumbulo Comprehensive School and Umsobomvu Primary School; later in life, he received his education from Mbira School of Music and Arts and received a degree.

1998 was the year that Kaleni first began her careers as a producer and recording artist. Later on, he also began to dabble in other skills, such as composing, arranging, and identifying talented individuals. After that, Radio Pulpit entrusted him with the responsibility of evaluating newly released gospel albums.

After that, he established Parousia Communications and went on to work as the Director of Overeth Music Productions and Publishing. In addition, Kaleni was a member of the EXCO that was present at the beginning of the Crowns Gospel Music Awards. Additionally, he spent some time serving in the role of Radio Station Manager for Adventist World Radio.

In addition to hosting the music program Gospel Gold, the musician frequently gave speeches at various public events. During the course of his career, Sipho Kaleni collaborated with Lebo Sekgobela, Mabongi, and Bishop Benjamin Dube. He is known for his work as an emcee for a variety of concerts and gospel music recordings.

Kaleni served not only as a host but also as a musician for the program Spirit of Praise. In their statement, the Crown Gospel Music Awards acknowledged Kaleni’s exceptional skills as an award host and praised her for her work. They wrote that:

“Kaleni was not only our Spokesperson, but he also played a significant role in the planning and production of the show, which many people were unaware of. Kaleni was the engine that drove the Crowns, and many people were unaware of this fact. He was also the voice that you heard announcing presenters of the awards before they stepped onto the stage. Additionally, he was the voice that you heard announcing the names of nominees prior to the announcement of the winners.

Sipho Kaleni Is Remembered Fondly By Internet Users

People who used social media and fans of the musician took to Twitter to express their sorrow over the passing of the well-known musician. Aside from the fact that the musician is survived by his wife Brenda Kaleni, their children, and his mother, there hasn’t been much information released about the funeral services for the musician.



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