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Was Zlaner Caught Cheating In Call Of Duty? Dr. Disrespect Uncovered The Cheating Of Streamer

Dr. Disrespect uncovered the cheating of Zlaner, a content creator for OpTic Gaming, while he was playing Call of Duty.

Call of Duty hacked the account of the player Drdisrespect, which led to the discovery of cheating by the esports player Zlaner in the game Call of Duty Warzone. The incident involving the cheating has become widely publicized across the internet, and users are posting critical comments about the player.

Was Streamer Zlaner Caught Cheating In Call Of Duty?

According to a number of videos found on YouTube, the most vicious and skilled competitor in the annals of video game history, DrDisrespect, uncovered Zlaner’s cheating in the game Call of Duty: Warzone. People upload the live video to YouTube in order to provide evidence that the streamer is dishonestly pursuing financial gain.

People expressed their opinion in the first clip that, as a result of watching the video, they believe that because the circle was so small, he may have been shooting at the tent in an attempt to protect himself. Since his fellow player was plainly visible outside of the structure, the going theory would be that the other player was lurking somewhere inside of it.

Even they added that if Zlaner had snapped onto a player, he would have caused damage because the tent wouldn’t have stopped the bullets if they had been fired at it. On the other hand, there are those who have always held the suspicion that he was the one who cheated. As a consequence of this, people are currently pointing the finger of blame at three different groups: Hacktivision, the professional streamers who cheat, and the group of idiots who follow them.

People also believed that Zlaner participated in a tournament on a local area network (LAN) at one point and that he performed poorly because he was unable to use his cheats during the LAN competition. Therefore, he is a very dishonest person.

Viewers point the finger of suspicion at the player for engaging in unethical behavior; if there were no cheaters, gamers would not require anti-cheat software. Even though Activision does not instruct them to cheat, it is ultimately the player’s decision to do so.

The followers of Zlaner were present in person at a real-life LAN event when they saw symfuhny and cloaks sit down on random setups. Someone mentioned that if Zlaner, the streamer, is cheating, then why not take him up on his offer to prove that he is innocent? Is there no way they could be honest even if they were guilty? Even he believed it was innocent until it was proven otherwise.

Reactions From Twitter Users To The Cheating Case

Twitter has been taken over by people discussing the cheating case, and viewers are giving their reactions. While there are those who accuse him, there are others who want him to demonstrate his innocence. After the player botched the Call of Duty mission, a number of people spread the hateful comment online.

A critical remark such as “he is trash at cod compared to a decent player and cannot admit there are a ton of much better players than you at a game,” which is an odd thing to be unable to acknowledge given that those players play the game for eight hours or more every day.”

Even viewers pleaded with the software company to do its duty and prohibit access to these hackers. They had the impression that software companies were covering up for dishonest streamers on YouTube, such as Biffle and Zlaner, among others.

A number of the user’s followers tweeted, “There are a lot of streamers that cheat.” When one of us found out, we immediately began accusing the others of doing the same thing. Even COS is carrying on with his activities. A number of individuals have viewed his video, some of which are extremely difficult to refute.

A while back, the popular Twitch gamer MissQGemini was busted for using her cheating software to gain an unfair advantage while playing the game CS: GO.

What Did Stremer Zlaner Do?

Zlaner was caught cheating in the game of Call of Duty: Warzone by a different streamer, who goes by the name DrDisrespect. As a direct consequence of this, his followers and viewers had the impression that he was dishonest right from the start.

People have also asked Call of Duty what the point of all the hacking they allow on the game is, particularly in light of the fact that certain YouTube streamers have been caught flagrantly cheating in the game, such as Zlaner, Nadia, Swag, Biffle, and the list goes on.

Also, viewers believed that Zlaner was still playing this game professionally after cheating for a number of years, which is a perfect example of how little can be done to stop cheaters. Raven Software was asked to assist with the investigation by the event.

Jacob Whiteaker, better known by his gaming alias yayster, used to compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These days, he is a professional VALORANT player competing for OpTic Gaming in the United States of America. yayster previously competed in Counter-Strike: GO.

Some Quick Information Regarding ZLaner

  • Zlaner’s real name is Zack Lane, but he goes by Zlaner.
  • He was born in Canada on December 23, 1997, making him 24 years old at the time of this writing. He is a streamer who broadcasts his gameplay online.
  • He is a member of the Optic Gaming team and he currently resides in North America.
  • In the past, he had been a part of La Guerrillas in the month of June 2021.
  • Zlaner replied to Twitch on July 21, 2021, but he did not give him permission to compete in any esports.
  • Zlaner is one of the players signed by Optic Gaming on November 12, alongside others such as CoD Hacker and Calls out.



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