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What Caused Alexander Sutherland Death? Body of Lord Strathnaver Found at Bottom of Cliff

Alexander Sutherland, a Scottish aristocrat who was also known as Lord Strathnaver, was discovered lately dead at the base of a nine-meter high cliff in Thurso East, which is close to Thurso Castle since the 19th century.

The deceased body of Alexander Sutherland was discovered on September 3rd, according to the accounts that have been seen so far. Immediately after the information about Alexander was made public, a life rescue boat was dispatched in the direction of Thurso East. Alexander could not be saved despite the efforts of the emergency medical personnel, who performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on him along with other life-saving measures. Last week’s “Tunes in the Dune” music event was attended by the Scottish noblemen who were spotted there. He travelled to the Dunnet, which is located in the northern portion of the British mainland. It was discovered that he was a passionate surfer by the people who were closest to him. The unexpected and tragic news of his demise has left his loved ones, including his family and friends, in a state of profound disbelief and devastation.

Who Was Alexander Sutherland?

Alexander Sutherland was a fantastic surfer and he was 40 years old. He was the countess of Sutherland’s 24th and final son and heir. In 2019, with the passing of her grandmother Elizabeth, he was given the responsibility of filling this post. When Elizabeth passed away, she had reached the age of 98 years. Alistair Sutherland, who became the 25th Earl of Sutherland, had only one son, Alexander, who became the 25th Earl of Sutherland. The news of his unexpected and untimely death has left his family in a position of complete and utter devastation at this time. A second terrible event has befallen the family in the space of just three years. When the fifth Duke of Sutherland passed away in 1963, Elizabeth was able to receive the castle of Thurso from his estate. Due to the fact that the fifth Duke of Sutherland had no living heirs, the castle of Thurso was bequeathed to her.

One of the noble houses and clans that may be found in Scotland is the Sutherland clan. The majority of Alexander’s grandmother Elizabeth’s trust and will was left to the castle, along with an amount of money for her children, grandchildren, and other relatives. Following Alexander Sutherland’s passing, his family is in a state of utter devastation at this time. No one could ever have fathomed the possibility that he would pass away at the tender age of 41 and in such a sad manner. The unexpected news of his death has been quite distressing to hear this past week. According to the reports, a large number of people have taken to social media in order to express their sincere condolences and respect for Lord Strathnaver. They have all prayed for the eternal rest of his soul and for the comfort of his family, who are suffering greatly because of his passing. There have been no new developments regarding him from his relatives. We will keep you informed if they issue any official statements regarding this matter.

What Happened To Alexander Sutherland?

An individual of Scottish aristocratic descent has been found dead following a fall into rocks in the vicinity of Thurso Castle in the Highlands.

Alexander Sutherland, Lord Strathnaver, was discovered at the bottom of cliffs that were thirty feet high at Thurso East, in Caithness, close to the ruins of a nineteenth century fortress.

On Saturday night at 11.30 p.m., in response to reports of a person on the rocks, the Thurso Lifeboat was launched.

It arrived immediately at the scene, where trained members of the crew performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and aided the Scottish Ambulance Service and the local Coastguard in dealing with the issue before the Police Scotland assumed command.

The Scottish aristocrat, who was 40 years old, was the son of the Earl of Sutherland of Clan Sutherland, whose clan seat is located at Dunrobin Castle.

The Golspie Village Council issued a statement saying that everyone in the community was “shocked” after hearing the news of the tragedy.

It said that the entire town was surprised and grieved to hear of Alexander Sutherland’s awful passing.

“On behalf of the community, the Golspie Community Council would like to express our most sincere condolences to Alexander’s family, his many friends, and everyone who loved him,”

A representative from Police Scotland stated in a statement, “We were made aware of concern for a 40-year-old man near Thurso Castle soon after 11.20pm on Saturday, September 4.”

“Despite the presence of emergency personnel, the man was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.”

His death is being treated as unexplained at this time, and investigations into the entire circumstances surrounding his passing are still underway.



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