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What Caused Colleen Ritzer Death? Autopsy Report After The Murder Details- What Happened To Him?

On October 22, 2013, a math instructor named Colleen Ritzer at Danvers High School was killed by a student named Philip Chism, who was 14 years old and in the ninth grade.

After school on that particular day, Chism pursued Collen Ritzer into a bathroom, where he attacked her with a box cutter and then sexually assaulted her.

After that, he transported her corpse in a garbage can to the woods that were located behind the school. Chism was tried as an adult and found guilty of murder, rape, and armed robbery; he was then sentenced to life in prison for his crimes. After having served his sentence for forty years, he will be eligible for parole.

Colleen Ritzer Death Autopsy: What Happened To The Her?

Colleen Ritzer, a math instructor at Danvers High School, was murdered and sexually assaulted by one of her students, Philip Chism, on October 22, 2013. Chism was Colleen Ritzer’s student.

Ritzer was a teacher in the field of mathematics. Because she encouraged her students to seek her assistance outside of school hours, she garnered the respect and admiration of all of her pupils.

Colleen devoted every waking moment of her life to her husband and children as well as to her career as an educator. Her lifelong goal and primary motivation was to impart knowledge to those around her.

At three o’clock, Ritzer made his way to the restroom, and she eventually followed him there. Chism was wearing a hood over his head to conceal his identity.

After using the restroom, Philip Chism put gloves on his hands, pulled a sharp box cutter out of his pocket, slit Ritzer’s throat 16 times, and then raped her while she was being strangled. He then continued to slit Ritzer’s throat 16 more times.

Even though it was highly likely that someone would notice the attack, the student still had the thought that someone was getting ready in there.

He positioned her body in a sexually inappropriate manner by spreading her legs out under the pile of leaves, pulling up her shirt, and inserting a tree branch with three forks into her body while simultaneously staging her body in this manner.

Colleen Ritzer And Philip Chism Disappeared

After school on 2013, Colleen Ritzer did not come home, and her phone was not answered by anyone when it was called. After being reported missing alongside her, Philip Chism also vanished without a trace. There were two students from the same school that were reported as missing.

The bathroom stall, which was covered in blood when the police arrived, served as the initial location of the crime scene. With the assistance of the security cameras at the school, the police were able to identify Chism as a possible suspect in the crime.

Chism’s crime had a lot of flaws, but as one thing led to another, the police were able to put together the pieces of the puzzle, begin their investigation, and find Ritzer’s body in a nearby forest.

Following the removal of the body, an autopsy was performed on it. Philip Chism was the primary suspect in the investigation, and the search for him was initiated by the police as soon as possible.

Philip Chism Charges

In 2016, Chism was tried as an adult and charged with the first-degree murder of her algebra instructor Ritzer. The trial took place in an adult court. Philip Chism was charged with the felonies of murder, rape, and robbery in connection with the incident.

The criminal act was carried out by Philip Chism in the year 2013, when he was only 14 years old. The court decided against giving him the death penalty and instead handed down a sentence of forty years in prison.

Attorneys for Chism have stated that their client was not stable at the time of the attempt and that he or she was suffering from a mental illness at the time of the incident.

He was not alert at the time the crime was committed by him. Chism’s defense team brought forward the testimony of a psychiatrist who stated that the defendant was seeing visions and hearing voices during the entire commission of the crime.

Ritzer had been sexually assaulted with an item and stabbed 16 times in the neck, according to the autopsy report, which revealed the horrifying details of the crime. The report stated that Ritzer had been stabbed 16 times in the neck.

Because there were holes in Chism’s crime, the authorities were able to put the pieces together and start their investigation before they found Ritzer’s body in the nearby woods. An examination of the dead body was performed in a laboratory.



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