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What Caused Entrepreneur Dato Chevy Beh Death? Twitter Tributes To The Founder Of Med Tech

In his own professional experience, Dato’ Chevy Beh amply demonstrated both his financial acumen and his love of healthcare; however, he passed away today, and the true cause of his death has not yet been disclosed to the public. Dato’ Chevy Beh’s professional experience has provided ample evidence of both of these attributes.

After receiving his degree from Harvard University, he began his career in the financial industry as an investment banker for several prestigious American investment firms.

Soon after that, Dato’ Beh joined BP Healthcare Group, which is one of the leading leaders in the Malaysian healthcare industry, and eventually ascended to the position of Managing Director there so that he may pursue his passion.

Over the course of five years, Dato’ Beh was responsible for effectively expanding BP’s client base to include more than 2 million people, increasing the workforce from approximately 400 to more than 1,300 people, and significantly increasing the number of business units contained within the BP Healthcare Group from 101 to over 180.

More Information Regarding the Death Cause of Med Tech Founder Dato Chevy Beh

Dato’ Chevy Beh, who helped build BookDoc, passed away recently; yet, neither his family nor his acquaintances have discussed the circumstances surrounding his passing.

He developed an online and mobile healthcare platform that enables patients to locate and connect with healthcare providers, book transportation or lodging for their stay, receive health coaching, and earn rewards for remaining active. He also created the platform so that patients can earn rewards for remaining active.

Beh, who had previously worked as an investment banker in New York, relocated to Malaysia in order to lend a hand to his father at the BP Healthcare Group. Under his leadership, Beh introduced innovative strategies that enabled the company to provide high-quality healthcare at a competitive price. He also established new business divisions, such as the development of BP’s line of goods, medical equipment, and popular diagnostic facilities.

Entrepreneur Dato Chevy Beh

In 2014, Beh left BP to co-found the health technology company BookDoc with Joel Neoh, who had previously served as the CEO of Groupon Asia-Pacific. The online mobile and healthcare platform, which had the Midas touch and rapidly expanded, was supported in part by attracting a considerable number of partners, including organizations in the healthcare industry, the insurance industry, and the aviation industry.

One of the early investors was Prince Abdul Qawi, who is a member of the royal family of Brunei. Other early investors included the former international banker Datuk Yvonne Chia and a relative of the Chinese tycoon Stanley Ho. By the year 2018, BookDoc had more than 350,000 customers and had expanded its operations to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Dato Chevy Beh Wife And Family Heartbroken After His Death

Dato Beh’s excitement for playing polo grew as he was joined on the field by his four children: Chevy, Joey, and Garvy, as well as his daughter, Lovy. On the other hand, his wife and family are utterly heartbroken to learn of his passing.

Because polo is in their blood and flows in the family, the Beh family is known for their extremely competitive nature. The BP POLO team has earned a strong reputation on the international polo circuit.

The team or individual members of the team have competed in competitions in a variety of countries, including the United States of America, Australia, Brunei, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, England, France, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Spain, and Thailand. Other countries include Brunei, Chile, China, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. They have been victorious in a number of international competitions and garnered various honors.

BookDoc was founded in July of 2015 by the two of them, along with Joel Neoh. (creator of Groupon Malaysia and formerly served as CEO of Groupon’s Asia Pacific operations)

BookDoc is a platform that will connect individuals who are in need with those who are able to help whenever and wherever it is required, and it will do this by making the most efficient use of everyone’s time. Access to medical care in a timely manner and at an early stage offers various benefits.

Dato Chevy Beh Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

Through the use of BookDoc, Dato Chevy Beh was able to facilitate relationships between patients and medical professionals. Beh reportedly has a net worth in the millions and a substantial presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong thanks to the online healthcare platform it operates. The information was gleaned from the beam start website.

The following honors and awards have been bestowed to him. 2012 recipient of the Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award from the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA)

In addition to that, I was awarded the Great Entrepreneur Brand Icon Leadership Award in 2015 from the Brand Laureate. In 2016, MIT Technology Review considered Innovators Under 35 Asia a worthy candidate for the publication.



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