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What Caused Jessica Audrey Wallis Death? Steve Wallis Wife Death Cause And Obituary Details

One of the most popular YouTubers in Canada, Steve Wallis, recently suffered a devastating loss when his wife, Jessica Audrey, passed away. He disseminated the information about her passing by publishing a video on his YouTube account, in which he stated that Jess had left him alone throughout the entire process.

People are interested in learning about the circumstances surrounding Jessica’s passing, as well as Steve’s family and their ages. Here you begin.

Steve Wallis Wife Passed Away – Death Cause And Obituary

Jess Wallis, who was married to Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis, has passed away. The social media influencer shared a video in which he confirmed the passing of his wife and paid thanks to her for being there for him through all of his successes and failures.

The first thing he said in the video was that the couple went to bed on Saturday night, and by the time he woke up on Sunday, his wife had already passed away. The YouTuber, on the other hand, broke the devastating news with a voice that was shaking and eyes that were brimming with tears.

He has just returned from a camping trip in the woods and will likely be back at his house in a week. He also admits that his wife is the source of all the brightness in his life, and he then abruptly abandons her on the journey that the two of them have been traveling together up until this point.

Twitter is already being inundated with a large number of messages of sorrow for Steve and his families, encouraging them to persevere in the face of an immeasurable loss and have hope for the future. Because of the recent tragedy, the influencer was viewed as being completely and utterly heartbroken.

However, Steve has not said what ultimately resulted in the passing of his wife. It is possible that she had been struggling with health issues in the past, or that she passed away abruptly and unexpectedly without showing any symptoms, just like Steve was shocked after discovering that his wife had passed away.

Jessica, who is married to Steve, is employed in the public school system as a teacher, but she prefers to remain out of the public eye. Even though there are a few online, we can see why she wouldn’t want her image to be widely disseminated despite the fact that they are there.

How old is Steve Wallis? What is his age?

Steven Wallis is a Canadian YouTuber who was born on September 10, 1981. He is most known for his videos relating to camping and other forms of outdoor leisure. As of right now, the influential person is forty years old (20220). He was born and raised in Vancouver, which is located in British Columbia, Canada.

Steve Wallis

Steve formerly held a job in television production until he decided to pursue a career as a full-time YouTuber.

When he was a younger man, he spent some time in the city of Victoria, British Columbia, living in a recreational vehicle. When reminiscing on this period of his life, he referred to the arrangement as “boondocking,” and said that it was a need rather than a choice for him to remain in that situation.

When Wallis first found out about YouTube, he was under the impression that it was a venue for the sharing of videos that made fun of popular culture. After posting a video of himself camping in temperatures as low as -32 degrees Celsius and seeing the favorable response it garnered from viewers in the comments section, he resolved to produce more stuff of similar nature.

Wallis has focused the content of his YouTube channel, which he started on April 19, 2010, on untraditional camping activities such as yard camping, urban stealth camping, gold panning, bushcraft, and boondocking. His efforts frequently center on “taking back camping for the people,” which means sleeping in parking lots, starting fires with hand sanitizers, and shunning expensive camping gear. He does all of this in an effort to make camping accessible to more people.

After he has finished setting up camp, he likes to relax with “Step Two,” which consists of drinking a beer or another suitable beverage. In July 2020, he started sharing short clips on Thursdays called “building up camp, making the fire, cooking his supper, going to bed, waking up, taking down camp, and leaving.” These films ranged in length from 15 to 25 minutes and were organized as records of specific activities.

Wallis spends all four seasons camping in some of the coldest spots in Canada where people live, where he shows his viewers how to complete do-it-yourself projects and concludes each day by sipping beer. Joe Robinet and Alexis outdoors, both of whom are Canadian YouTubers, admire his video editing skills and make videos that are similar to those of him.

Family Members Steve Wallis

The well-known YouTuber was brought into this world and nurtured in the city of Vancouver by loving parents who came from a rich family. He has many wonderful recollections of his youth spent with his parents.

Wallis and his wife Jessica Audrey Wallis live in the countryside outside of Edson, Alberta. Wallis refers to Jessica Audrey Wallis as his “Beautiful Wife” on his YouTube channel, despite the fact that she does not appear in any of the videos. The YouTuber’s wife died away not too long ago, and he is now living on his own.

The specifics of his wedding, including the date, the ceremony, and their children, are not open to the public. Because the influencer never mentioned his kids in any of his videos, we are unsure whether or not he has any children of his own.

He formerly called Edmonton, in where he now frequently engages in secret camping, home. Wallis is the proud proprietor of a successful heating company. On August 25, 2022, Wallis posted a video to his YouTube channel in which he discussed the sudden passing of his wife.

More than one million people subscribe to the insanely adventurous individual’s channel on YouTube. The YouTube user has been successful in garnering 151.8 million views across all of his uploaded content.

Steve Wallis YouTube background

Before he made the decision to join YouTube himself, he had a friend who ran a channel on the platform and had about fifty people subscribe to it. Steve was convinced that his shooting talents could be improved upon to a significant degree. It was in April of 2010 when he first published the first video on his self-titled YouTube channel.

After uploading one or two videos to his channel, he nearly completely ignored it and went on with his normal day-to-day existence instead. After a number of years had passed, he eventually logged into his account and discovered that the number of subscribers he had grown to approximately one thousand, at which point he made the decision to keep working on this channel.

At this point in time, he was enrolled in a school.

Steve began filming himself boondocking and participating in other types of camping and uploading the films to his channel. As time passed, his channel gained widespread popularity, which contributed to an increased level of consistency in this field. After achieving the well-deserved success he sought in boondocking, he decided to give stealth camping a shot, and he fell in love with it immediately.

Steve Wallis Career

In his younger years, he spent a significant portion of his life in Victoria, British Columbia, living in a camper vehicle. This lasted for a total of three years. When thinking about this time period in his life, he recalled that the living situation that he had set up for you, which he refers to as boondocking, was not an alternative for him but rather a requirement. In addition to working on establishing himself as a successful YouTube creator, he is also a self-employed businessman.

In addition to that, he is the sole founder of Hunker Down Heating, which is a business that provides heating and gas services.

After the year 2021, it appears that Steve is devoting a greater portion of his attention to the expansion of his YouTube channel rather than to the pursuit of his other careers.

The Wife of Steve Wallis

Jessica Audrey is Steve’s lovely wife, and they have a child together. He was working a summer job at a cemetery when he first laid eyes on her, and from that moment on, he was hopelessly in love with her. When he first spotted her, she was working at the graveyard where he was also employed. After that, she travelled to Hungary for the purpose of attending the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, where she spent the following year studying music teaching.

Additionally, Steve decided to accompany her to Hungary in order to show her how much he loves her there. Later on in 2016, he proposed to the woman he loved, and they went on to get married in the future. Outside of Edison, Alberta is where Wallis and his wife currently make their home. On his YouTube account, Wallis refers to his wife as “his beautiful wife.”

However, due to the fact that Jessica is never shown in front of the camera, his followers do not have any idea how she looks. Originating in the city of Edmonton Initially, he called Edmonton home, and it was there that he was frequently spotted engaging in covert camping activities.

Steve Wallis Facts

  • His devoted followers refer to him as the “Bob Ross” of the camping world.
  • Aside from going camping, some of his other hobbies include whitewater rafting, cycling, searching for gold, and fishing.
  • Steve has trouble distinguishing between colors since he has color blindness.
  • In addition to that, Steve is a talented guitarist and singer. Steve has a fantasy of going camping in the most northernmost part of the United States state of Alaska.



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