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What Caused Lois Chartrand Death? Missing Saskatchewan Mushroom Picker Found Dead

Lois Chartrand was an experienced mushroom picker who had been in the business of selling mushrooms, fiddleheads, and wild berries for a very long time. She has thirty years of experience in the harvesting industry.

Nevertheless, Lois vanished without a trace while she was foraging for mushrooms in the woods to the north of Smeaton. On August 4th, she was last seen foraging for mushrooms in the area of Hanson Lake Road.

Several teams from the Saskatchewan RCMP, including the Smeaton Detachment, Police Dog Services, and Search and Rescue, are currently searching for Chartrand. According to the description, Chartrand has a height of approximately one meter and weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of ninety kilograms. A person who picks mushrooms was seen wearing blue jeans and a jacket the previous time they were seen. The location she found is approximately 219 kilometers to the northeast of Saskatoon.

The search for Lois Chartrand has been called off after the RCMP in Saskatchewan said that they discovered her death on Sunday (August 14). The location of the body was around one kilometer distant from the rural area in which a mushroom picker was last seen.

Lois Chartrand Obituary- A Mushroom Picker Cause Of Death

Lois Chartrand was last seen on August 4, 2022, while she was foraging for mushrooms in the northwestern part of Saskatchewan.

When the woman’s body was found on Sunday, the search for the 74-year-old woman who had been reported missing in the woods to the north of Smeaton, Saskatchewan, in Saskatchewan was called off. However, the specific reason for her passing is not yet known for certain.

According to the woman’s relatives, who confirmed the finding to CTV News, the body of Lois Chartrand was found on Sunday afternoon next to the RCMP mobile command center. This information was provided by the woman’s family. According to the RCMP, she spent one night by herself in the woods, but a search team was unable to locate her there. However, to their dismay, they discovered her dead body in a wooded region.

Missing Saskatchewan Mushroom Picker Lois Chartrand Found Dead: What Happened?

Lois Chartrand, an experienced mushroom picker, was last seen in a heavily wooded region located around 32 kilometers northeast of Smeaton and close to the Hanson Lake Road. The last time Chartrand was seen was on August 4 about eleven in the morning when he was mushroom hunting northeast of Smeaton in Saskatchewan, according to the police.

In order to go mushroom picking in the forest, Chartrand and a friend drove a quad into the path that led into the woodland. They were able to lose visual contact with one another while they were gathering mushrooms.

According to the Saskatchewan RCMP, the search was carried out with the assistance of a number of police K9 units, a helicopter belonging to the Alberta RCMP, and the Saskatoon Police Service. In addition, there is the Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers in Search and Rescue, the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, Heli Recon, and the Civilian Air Search and Rescue Association. All of these organizations are located in Saskatchewan.

The search in the woods was carried out with the assistance of other people from the neighborhood. In addition, local people and business owners contributed by sending food and materials to those helping with the search. Cell phone coverage was not available at the site where Chartrand was last seen, although the RCMP had their most recent radio contact with him on August 5 at around six in the morning. In the aftermath of that, they were unable to get in touch with Chartrand.

Tragically, the body of Lois Chartrand was found by rescuers on Sunday in the woods about a kilometer away from the location where she was last seen.

Lois Chartrand Family Details

Lore Terry was Lois Chartrand’s husband, and Lois Chartrand’s maiden name was Terry. Lois Chartrand was a married woman. There is no other information available about any of her other family members than this.

Lorne Terry, Chartrand’s husband, told Chartrand’s friend Lorne that his wife was a seasoned picker and was quite familiar with the area where she went missing. Terry claims that his wife is “very private” and that she would be overwhelmed by the amount of attention that the incident has brought about as a result of it.

The two individuals were able to turn a profit by foraging for wild berries, fiddleheads, and mushrooms. But sadly, Lois has died away, and the RCMP has stated in a press release that they have informed her family and that they are thinking of them at this difficult time. The statement was issued on Monday.

The family is grateful to everyone who helped throughout the 11 days that they spent looking for their loved one.



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