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What Did Roger Stone’s Wife Nydia Stone Say About The Picture From Alex Jones?

Roger Stone is a lobbyist and conservative political adviser who has worked on the campaigns of Republican lawmakers since the 1970s. Stone has been active in the political arena for decades.

In 1980, he established a lobbying firm in Washington, District of Columbia, in partnership with Paul Manafort and Charles R. Black Jr. In 1984, the business changed its name to reflect the new partnership of Black, Manafort, Stone, and Kelly after hiring Peter G. Kelly.

During Thomas Kean’s successful reelection campaigns for governor of New Jersey in 1981 and 1985, he served as Thomas Kean’s chief strategist.

Additionally, he opposed the growth of casino gambling in the state of New York and worked as a lobbyist for a casino corporation that was owned by Donald Trump for a significant amount of time.

What Did Nydia Stone, Roger Stone’s Wife, Have to Say About the Picture That Alex Jones Published?

Mark Bankston, an attorney for the Sandy Hook family, asserted that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones emailed lobbyist Roger Stone a picture of his wife in an undressed state. Stone was the recipient of the email.

Jones was shocked to learn that his counsel had inadvertently shared a treasure trove of communications to the attorney, and the obscene image was one of the texts that had been sent. He contends that Alex was being dishonest when he was testifying.

Jones has already stated that the texts in question contained a naked photo of his wife, despite the fact that his ex-wife Kelly Nichols has alleged that he is “truly mentally ill.”

On the other hand, Bankston verified to The Young Turks Network on Monday that Stone, a supporter of Trump, was the recipient of the picture in question.

The fact that Stone and his wife, Nydia, have already been called out for their extramarital affair makes the situation much more precarious.

In 1996, according to a report from Dailymail, Roger and his wife Nydia, sometimes known as Nikki, allegedly paid a visit to an undercover reporter when they were at a private swingers club in Washington, DC. When I was around, Stone was working for Bob Dole. I was around then too.

One man claimed that Stone had approached him at a Republican fundraiser on Capitol Hill in the winter of 1994 and asked, “Whether my wife and I like to have a good time,” and other club members indicated that they were regulars. Stone is said to have asked the man if he and his wife enjoyed having a good time.

According to the story, Roger gave him a picture of Nydia and asked if he may keep it. The man further asserted that he was requested to advise them to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

Stone posed the following question to the audience: “Now, do you believe that his disclosure of Jones’ text messages was “accidental” or a mistake?” while his wife Nydia is keeping her mouth shut for the time being.

A few days prior to the release of the private photo, Stone gave advice to Jones that he should take his own attorney to court for disclosing to Bankston two years’ worth of Jones’ text messages. Stone’s advice came just before the release of the private photo.

The text exchanges have at long last been delivered to the House Select Committee investigating the event that took place in the Capitol on January 6.

Nydia Stone And Roger Stone Age Difference

Roger Stone is 69 years old at the moment of this writing. On August 27, 1952, in the city of Norwalk, Connecticut, he was brought into the world by his parents, Gloria Rose and Roger J. Stone.

While he was still a young child attending elementary school, he entered politics during the election of 1960 in order to provide his support to John F. Kennedy’s campaign for the president.

On the same day, May 28th, 2022, Nydia Stone reached the age of 76 years old. She was born in Cuba in 1946, and her zodiac sign is Taurus. Her birth year was 1946.

When she moved to the United States with her family, she immediately began a career as a professional model. In addition, she appeared in commercials and marketing campaigns for the local area.

In the meantime, according to the information we have on them, Nydia and her doting spouse Roger have a six-year age gap between them.

Political Consultant Roger Stone The Happily Married Life of Nydia Stone

In 1992, Roger Stone and Nydia Stone became man and wife by exchanging wedding vows. His first marriage lasted from 1974 until 1990 and was to Anne Wesche. Prior to that, he had been married to another woman.

In a similar fashion, Nydia was married for a relatively short period of time before she began her career as a model.

It seems as though fate brought Roger and Nydia together when they were both working for President Ronald Reagan’s campaign. After a while, the couple had a child together, and her name was Adria.

The year 1996 was the first time the public became aware of the pair. There was a rumour going about at the time that the pair had published a racy advertisement in the September issue of Local Swing Fever.

Roger rejected the allegations and stated that an unknown “sick, disgruntled” person had been posting hot and provocative images of him and his spouse on mate-swapping websites for a number of years. Roger claimed that this person had been doing this for a number of years.



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