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What Did Xobrooklynne (Sofiiiiagomez Ex) Do? Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne Webb Drama Explained

After being accused of sexual assault, the former member of Sofiiiiagomez known as Xobrooklynne becomes a star on TikTok.

TikTok star Xobrooklynne is a well-known content creator, singer, and dancer, and she is also a social media phenomenon. Recently, she has emerged as a contentious topic.

Her fans are well aware of the fact that she is romantically involved with the well-known TikTok user and voice actress Sofiiiiagomez. In addition to this, their fans were cheering for them up until the most recent controversy broke out on the internet.

The feud between the two public celebrities has, without a question, taken their respective audiences and the internet by surprise. In the meantime, Brooklynne has just lately posted some remarks on the issue, in which she explains her perspective to the followers.

An explanation of the drama that has been going on between two well-known public characters is presented here. Keep an Eye Out!

What Did Sofiiiiagomez Ex Xobrooklynne Do?

Sofiiiiagomez and Xobrooklynne, both well-known users on TikTok, dated for some time before breaking up. On top of that, the drama that is going on between them has begun to reach over to their respective fan bases.

While Sofiiiiagomez was uploading some videos to TikTok, Xobrooklynne was allegedly assaulted, and Sofiiiiagomez has since accused her of the crime. The couple has since ended their relationship, leaving her followers perplexed until she uploaded a video with the title “Explanation.”

Xobrooklynne AKA Brooklynne Webb

Gomez vented her frustrations on TikTok, stating that she and Brooklyn were in the same place at the same time and that Brooklyn forced her to engage in sexual activity even though she was not in the mood for it.

She also mentioned that Brooklyn attempted to engage in several activities with her on that particular night, despite the fact that she repeatedly told him to “no,” “stop,” and that she only desired to sleep. After some time had passed, Sofia revealed that she had come to terms with what had occurred and severed all ties with her.

In an effort to address the allegations of assault, Brooklynne recently published a video in which she discusses the situation and offers her opinions. She stated that the intention of her TikTok posts “is not to victimize” either herself or “attack Sofia.”

In addition to that, she stated that the allegations that have been made against her are not true. In addition to this, she asserted that Sofia did not say that she was uneasy at the time, and yet the two of them continued to visit each other.

In addition, she mentioned in the video that she had apologized numerous times to Gomez when she phoned her after a few days to split up with her and explain why they were breaking up.

The Drama Between Sofia Gomez and Her Ex-Girlfriend Brooklynne Webb Explained

The feud between Sofia Gomez and her former flame Brooklynne Webb began on the internet when Sofia uploaded a video with the title “relationship over” and the remark “I’m done with you.”

“I don’t even know what to say about the situation, so I apologize for not producing a sit-down talking video, but a lot of you have been asking, and humor is how I deal with it,” the speaker said.

Her inquisitive fans continued to enquire about the matter while insisting that she provide an answer. Almost immediately after that, she uploaded a second video of herself singing a song, in which she said, “I truly really wish I could tell you guyz that this isn’t about Brooklynne but it is.”

Then, she posted a third post to her account with the subject “explanation,” during which she also accused Brooklyn of having assaulted her.

Brooklynne brought up the events of that night once more a few days after Sofia posted about them, and she clarified that the allegations made against her are untrue. In addition to that, she stated that they were in a “romantic and sexual connection that was mutually consented upon.”

After Sofia remarked that she was getting fatigued earlier in the evening, Webb mentioned that they had been affectionate to each other, but Sofia chose to keep it to herself and did not touch Webb’s girlfriend.

At the end of the video, she stated that she would make no further comments on the subject and that she hoped to resolve this situation behind closed doors.

Age Difference Between Sofiiiiagomez And Xobrooklynn

Sofiiiiagomez was born on the 30th of June in 2002, and she has now reached the age of 20. In the meantime, Xobrooklynn entered this planet on March 31st, 2004, making her currently 18 years old.

There is approximately a two-year age difference between the two of them, with Brooklynn being a few years younger than Sofia.

Sofia Gomez accuses Ex XOBrooklynne of Sexual Assault

TikToker A sexual assault allegation has been made by Sofia Gomez against her former partner Brooklynne Webb, better known as XOBrooklynne.

Gomez, who has more than 5.6 million followers on TikTok, posted a video on Wednesday titled “Explanation,” in which she alleges that Webb, 18, “tried to do things with me while I told her ‘no’ and’stop’ and that I just wanted to sleep.” Gomez has more than 5.6 million followers on TikTok. According to Gomez, she broke off her relationship with Webb “a few days later, when I learned what had transpired.”

Sofia Gomez
Sofia Gomez

Gomez, who is 20 years old, claims that the reason she posted the TikTok is because she does not want anyone else to become injured. In a video that she uploaded earlier this week, she stated that the couple’s relationship was “finished,” but she did not elaborate on the specifics. In addition to that, she shared an acoustic song on her page with the following comment: “I truly really wish I could tell you guys that this isn’t about Brooklynne but it is.”

Webb, who has over 10.8 million followers on TikTok, has not responded publicly to the claim as of yet. However, a significant number of her admirers and Gomez’s fans are encouraging her to do so, both in the videos they have uploaded themselves and in the comments section of Webb’s most recent TikTok.

Webb grew to fame thanks to her videos promoting body acceptance and her identity as a princess, but she has also been polarizing. Earlier this year, she was accused of cultural appropriation after she pulled off a hair extension that had been worn by a Native American woman.

What did Sofia Gomez say in her latest video?

In the most recent video that Sofia Gomez has uploaded to her channel, she has revealed to her 5.6 million subscribers that she was a victim of sexual assault at the hands of her now-ex-girlfriend, Xobrooklynne, who is known online by that name. She stated the following in a video that was named “Explanation:”

“I really didn’t want to have like post about this breakup because of the way it ended, I just don’t want anyone else to get hurt the way I did, cuz that’s just not cool. Brooklynne did multiple times in one night try to do things with me while I told her “no” and “stop” and that I just wanted to sleep and then I broke up with her a few days later when I realized what had happened.”

Sofia Gomez
Sofia Gomez

The influencer continued by expressing gratitude to her audience for the support they had shown. She added that she was currently going to treatment and that she wanted to come forward with her tale in the hopes that it may prevent anyone else from going through the same experience. In the video, she may be heard saying:

“For everyone who was worried about me, thank you, I have really good friends surrounding me. I think I’ll be fine. I’m talking to a therapist. So, that’s good. I’ve just seen it happen before where something happens to someone and they don’t say anything and the pattern continues and I don’t want the reason for that to happen to someone else. I know it wouldn’t be my fault.”

Brooklynne Webb responds to sexual assault allegations

After the claims were brought to light, Brooklynnne, who is 18 years old, went on her own TikTok account to refute the allegations.

The influencer walked their audience through the events of the night the incident occurred and notified them that the situation will be dealt with confidentially. In the video, she may be heard saying:

“On the morning of Sunday, August 14, we had just gotten back to my apartment from a small get together with a few of our friends when me and Sofia were being affectionate with each other. Then she went to her bag and pulled out an adult toy which she had consensually brought. We were in a consensual romantic and sexual relationship and I did not touch Sofia with the toy. Once we got back, we continued to be affectionate when Sofia said-“I’m tired, I’m going to sleep.” And after that, I kept to myself and did not touch her.”

Xobrooklynn explanation on accusation
Xobrooklynn explanation on accusation

The influencer continued by informing the audience that Gomez did not express to her girlfriend that she was “uncomfortable” with what had occurred the previous evening and that she had continued to connect with her girlfriend. Gomez called Brooklynne on the 21st of August to break the news that she was splitting up with Brooklynne due to the fact that she made Gomez feel uncomfortable.

Brooklynne asserted that she “immediately apologized” to Gomez for making her feel that way, despite the fact that she had never planned to do so. She also mentioned that she did not address the matter sooner because this was her first breakup, and she did not submit any content online, which would be considered a “emotional reaction.” This was expressed in an online post of hers.

At the end of the video, the influencer stated that she would not be making any further comments on the issue and pleaded with her audience to refrain from sending any negative messages to Sofia Gomez.

Everything to know about Sofia Gomez and Xobrooklynne

Following the publication of a number of lip-sync videos, which in turn served to draw fans to Sofia Gomez’s platform, the singer and actress Sofia Gomez became a viral sensation on the video-sharing network. In recent days, she has started sharing funny videos, videos of her dancing, and shorter forms of material in which she updates her followers on her life.

The Florida native currently has over 129.7 million likes on their Facebook page and over 690 thousand followers on their Instagram account.

In a manner comparable to that of Sofia Gomez, Brooklynne has amassed a tremendous following of 10.7 on TikTok. The Canadian native became popular on the internet for her point-of-view films and her beauty how-tos. Additionally, she is the owner of her own YouTube channel, which currently has more than 63,600 subscribers.



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