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What Disease Does Actor Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Have? Brain Hypoxia & Latest Health Status

Andrew Schimmer is a well-known actor who hails from the Philippines. Films such as Eskandalo, The Blind Side, Project X, and Green Paradise helped make him a household name.

The actor recently became overcome with emotion as he discussed the struggle that his wife, Jho Rovero, was having against a disease. Since the month of November 2021, he has been bringing his wife to the St. Luke’s Medical Center for treatment. How is his mistress doing at this time?

Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Suffers From Brain Hypoxia

The patient who is Andrew Schimmer’s wife, Jho Rovero, has been admitted to the hospital for the past thirty days. She had a severe asthma attack, which led to a cardiac event and brain hypoxia. Her condition was very serious.

Brain hypoxia is a condition that develops when the brain does not receive the adequate amount of oxygen. In most cases, it takes place when an individual is choking, suffocating, or experiencing cardiac arrest. In addition to these potential causes, the condition may also be caused by a stroke, carbon monoxide poisoning, or injury to the brain.

In April of 2022, Schimmer mailed a letter that broke his wife’s heart to an unknown address. He understood the anguish of being separated from the one he loved. In addition, the actor admitted that he was unable to bear the pain any longer by fabricating the fact that Jho was sleeping next to him on their bed.

In addition, the actor from “The Blind Side” asked his fellow celebrities and regular people for financial assistance so that he could assist his wife. He is confident that he will soon be in a position to bring Jho back to the house.

Schimmer expressed his feelings regarding their separation on his Facebook page, writing, “Sometimes the emptiness of being without you is more than I can bear.” I miss our regular conversations about everything from life to God to everything else.

“Nothing makes a home feel more empty than wishing that you were there…these days, our tiny bed seems to take up too much room. It is no longer effective for me to talk to myself and act as though you are still standing next to me while doing so.

He continued, saying, “If I had to describe how much I miss you, I would simply break down and cry.” It’s possible that without you, I’m nothing more than a shattered vessel that may never be complete again.’

Despite this, the famous Filipino actor is keeping his fingers crossed that his wife will be back soon. On his various social media platforms, he regularly posts updates about Rovero’s status.

According to the most recent post that Andrew has made on Tiktok, his wife’s condition is currently stable, but she is unable to move or speak at this time. Because of the cost of her care, he requires financial assistance.

Who Is Andrew Schimmer’s Wife, Jho Rovero?

Jho Rovero, who is married to Andrew Schimmer, is a well-known model and actress in the Philippines. She has been confined to bed for close to eight months at this point.

As can be seen on her Facebook page, Rovero has posted a number of lovely photos of her family as well as her works. She was just like any other ordinary woman in that she enjoyed traveling, cooking, and making Tiktok. On the other hand, ever since she became ill, she has been unable to move.

The eleventh of July is the day that Rovero typically honors as her birthday. Even though she is only in her thirties, she is currently in a position where she requires a great deal of assistance.

Does Andrew Schimmer & His Wife Have Children?

Andrew Schimmer and Jho Rovero, his spouse, have a son and a daughter together. They are the parents of both of their children.

On his Instagram account, the actor regularly shares adorable photos of his children and wife with their fans. Jho’s daughter, Andrea, has also made a request for assistance for her mother on a GoFundMe page. As of right now, Andrea has raised approximately $15,96. On the other hand, they want to raise a total of twenty thousand dollars.

The best part of the day for the actor is, in his opinion, when he gets to see his children sleeping next to their mother.



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