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What Does He Do? Age and Net Worth of Cherie Gil and Leo Martinez’s Son

He is the son of Filipino actors Leo Martinez and Cherie Gil. Jay Eigenmann Martinez was born in the Philippines. People are curious about the Martinez couple’s one and only child in the wake of his mother’s passing, and they want to know more about him.

He lost his mother to cancer on August 5th, and he is currently in a state of mourning over her passing. According to rumors, the only kid between the legendary Filipino actor and his wife works in the audio engineering industry. Nevertheless, at this time, fans of Cherie, who has since passed away, are investigating the private life of her son.

How Old Is Jay Eigenmann Martinez, The Son Of Leo Martinez And Cherie Gil’s Son

Cherie Gil Eigenmann, whose passing occurred on August 5th at the age of 59, is survived by her oldest son, Jay Eigenmann. The Martinez family’s eldest child is a well-known figure in the world of music, and he is the Martinez couple’s oldest child. In addition to that, he is active in the field of music production.

It is believed that he is the audio engineer as well as the tour and production manager. He received his bachelor’s degree in Arts and Recording from Full Sail University and graduated with honors.

Jay is well known in the industry for the high quality of work he has been producing as a musical engineer, which contributed to his rise to fame. Despite the fact that he was a star child, it appears that he has kept this matter under wraps. He has more than a decade of experience working in the industry.

After helping to found the company Sonic Boom Philippines between the years 2005 and 2008, he launched his professional career. The organization operated as a standalone concert production company.

As a result of the passing of his mother, the veteran actress Cherie Gil of the Philippines, there is increased interest in finding out more about him.

Net Worth Of Leo Martinez Son Jay Eigenmann

Jay Eigenmann is an experienced sound engineer who works at Poisson Rouge as both the Chief Audio Engineer and the Director of Production at the moment. Because of his nearly two decades’ worth of experience, it is estimated that he has a net worth of almost one million dollars.

According to data provided by Glassdoor, audio engineers make an average annual salary that is greater than $80,000. As a result of all of the work experience he has gained across a variety of platforms, it is reasonable to anticipate that he will have a career earning of more than $1.5 million.

According to what was written on his LinkedIn profile, he had been self-employed as a freelance Recording, Mix, and Mastering Engineer since 2007. In addition to that, he worked for the company as a FOH Engineer. At the same time, he was successful in getting a job for himself as an audio engineer in Poisson Rouge in the Greater New York City Area in the year 2011.

In addition, in the year 2016, the son of two well-known people in the media was elevated to the position of Director of Production and Chief Audio Engineer. As a result, he has developed tremendously over the course of his career and performed exceptionally well.

What is the total number of his brothers and sisters, Jay Eigenmann Martinez?

Jay Eigenmann is the son of Leo Eigenmann, a Filipino actor, and the late Cherie Gil, also an actress. The couple does not have any other children besides him. But in the end, they parted ways. In addition, he has step-siblings who are the product of his parents’ previous relationships.

His mother was Gina Valenciano, a sister of Gary Valenciano, a Filipino entertainment industry personality who possesses a wide range of talents. His father was married to Gina Valenciano. He had a daughter together with her and named her Lesley Elvira Valenciano Martinez.

On his mother’s side of the family, his grandmother was already wed to Rony Rogoff, a successful violinist. Bianca and Raphael were his mother’s previous children from a previous relationship, both born before Jay.

Therefore, he is the only child of his parents when they were all together. It must have been difficult for him, as it is for any child, to watch his parents part ways and begin new lives of their own.



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