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What Happened Between Amber Massey And Nanny Dana Schutz? Reddit Discussions On Their Drama

It would appear that the relationship between influencer Amber Massey and her baby nanny and caretaker Dana Schultz has reached a stalemate. Both of them are involved in an ongoing conflict, and people on the internet are quite interested in learning more about it.

Amber is a mother of five children, in addition to being a blogger and an online influencer. Exactly in this manner does she present herself to others.

Amber Massey And Dana Schutz Drama

Do you remember the times when Dana Schultz was able to spend time with Amber Massey’s children? Oh, how the times have changed, and with those changes come both highs and lows. Danny’s Instagram account has been inactive since the 30th of June, when she published her most recent post. On the other hand, Amber has removed her as a follower, and thus, her photos are no longer accessible through Amber’s Instagram account.

This topic is causing a commotion on Reddit, Twitter, and a number of other social media handles. Everyone is interested in learning what might have gone wrong between the two of them; yet, despite the many discussions that have taken place, the same level of bewilderment has emerged. The fact that many people claim that they might have signed an NDA explains why nobody has stepped forward to explain the icy relationship between the two parties.

It is believed that Dana Had quit her nursing program in order to look after Amber’s children, and it is said that she did everything in her power to bring up the children. The fact that Amber was frequently seen leaving her children in the care of a babysitter in order to hang out with other Instagram influencers was something that her fans could not help but notice. The fact that Dana is no longer a member of the Massey family is mysterious, despite the fact that several of them had correctly identified it. In point of fact, as of right now, she has fully severed all ties to her social media accounts.

Reddit Discussions On Amber Massey And Dana Schutz Issue

A random person initiated the topic by inquiring what had happened between Amber and Dana on one of the threads that they were reading. He was interested in learning the reason why they were no longer interacting with one another on the website. He goes on to add that Dana left nursing school to work full-time for the Massey family and that she used to do everything with them, but that they have now severed ties with each other and no longer follow each other.

There was a lot of participation in this, but the vast majority of the comments have been removed. In response, one of them says “Regarding this topic, nobody has expressed a single word. I’m curious to know if she agreed to a non-disclosure agreement.”

A similar Reddit thread mocks her for going out to have a good time with her friends while her children are in the care of their babysitter. A social media influencer by the name of Madi Nelson was subjected to scrutiny because it was alleged that she did not have any online friends and did not go out to bars or clubs. In response to this, she stated that she liked to spend time with her children and that she did not feel it was appropriate to take her children on vacations without her. The Reddit user shares the screenshot with the question of whether or not Amber could make a note of that.

What Happened To Amber Massey? Arrest Reports

Amber Massey has been accused of committing domestic violence on May 3, 2021, according to a post that has been published on an Instagram account with the same name. It has been shown through a collection of pieces of evidence that she has been attempting to cover up the crime that she committed.

Amber Massey And Nanny Dana Schutz

Additionally, the person in charge of the account makes an effort to hold the companies that collaborate with her to account, but several of those companies have obstructed her attempts. As a result, the news has not been confirmed yet, and the person who was attempting to bring it out into the open appears to have abandoned up.

Wikipedia, biography, age, family life, children, and profession

Amber Massey’s birthday is September 28th, and she was born in the United States of America. Amber is a whole new and distinct individual. Because Amber Massey usually maintains the confidentiality of her family background, she has not brought up either of her parents until now. Since she was a little child, Amber has always maintained a strong connection to her relatives. Her love for her family is the most important aspect of her life.

Amber Massey had a great upbringing as a result of the love and attention that she received from both of her parents. They were very attentive to Amber’s requirements at all times, allowing her to lead her life exactly how she desired. To put it another way, Amber’s accomplishments up to this point were significantly impacted by her upbringing.

Wish to discover the pleased, wholesome, and really busy Texas mother?

As it turns out, Amber Massey is the chic, jazzy, happy, and generally mushy mother of five lovely children. She is also a sappy person. There is always something reassuring about the life of a very American mother that looks to be so planned out and ideal, such as the notion that she and her family would always be happy and sunny. This is one of the reassuring aspects of an incredibly American mother’s life. This is the primary factor that contributes to the challenging management of huge gatherings of high-energy people. Masseya is more of a role model and an inspiration to many mothers than she is a show-off, despite the fact that her articles are consistently of the highest quality. Because she is genuine and because she is able to keep her cool despite the chaos surrounding her throughout the day.

The life of Amber Massey is packed with all kinds of interesting little tidbits. Amber Massey makes it a priority to maintain her audience’s interest by providing content such as healthy recipes, gift ideas, and blog entries on her everyday life and her children, which she posts on her website.

She began writing on this blog with the intention of letting other new mothers learn about her experiences. These mothers could be newlyweds trying to figure out what to eat for supper, when the baby will sleep, and what constitutes “regular” for a family, or they could be parents of twins searching for aid or advice. Either way, they could be in need of some kind of support or guidance.

Masseya is another name that is commonly used to refer to Amber. One young mother blogs about her children’s experiences, physical statistics, and other topics that she believes may help other mothers find balance and a means of being “regular.” Despite the fact that there is no one ideal method to raise children, there is one young mother who blogs about her children’s experiences. Amber’s Instagram feed, @masseya, which currently has more than 951 thousand followers, is more up to date than TheMasseySpot, so bear that in mind when you are looking for the most recent information. Visit her official page if you want additional information about her; it has all the details you need. On Facebook, where she also posts life updates with her more than 9,000 followers, Amber’s popularity continues to soar. Amber Massey is the name she gave to her account.

Amber Massey Height And Weigh

Amber Massey is a tall woman, measuring in at 5 feet and 6 inches in height (1.68 m). However, the particular numbers that reveal how big Amber is should not be known at this time. They are not yet available. Amber has the potential to be an extremely impartial judge. Her eyes are a darker shade of brown, and her hair is a lighter shade of brown; these two features work really well together to create a beautiful contrast. She is able to keep a curvy body while having a trimmer frame than most women her age. However, the particular numbers that reveal how big Amber is should not be known at this time. They are not yet available.

The Boyfriend, Marriage, and Relationship of Amber Massey

Amber is a remarkable model of what it means to be a human being. Her admirers cite the fact that she always seems to be having fun as a primary reason for their admiration. People look up to her because she has taken control of her life and demonstrated that she can make the most of it through the writing that she has created. This is something that garners a lot of admiration. In addition to this, her admirers are interested in her personal life and the choices that she takes. They have an obligation to look into her personal life and investigate it. Amber is already married, so her marriage status is no longer the only significant part of her existence. This is because her marital status is no longer the only significant aspect of her existence. Her husband, Jordan Massey, who also goes by the term “her buddy,” is frequently referred to in conversation. As a reward for putting out flames, he will receive money. They are a couple that has been together for more than 16 years at this point. They have everything that is required for a wedding to have, including the necessary items.

The two people share parental responsibilities for five offspring between them. Jolie and Parker have three children: their twin daughters named Baker Bree and Brandy, as well as another son and a daughter who are both younger than them. The organization and operation of a typical family home is fascinatingly demonstrated by the family home, which serves as an example.

How a lot cash Amber Massey makes and the way a lot she is value

Amber’s Instagram account, which has more than 906,000 followers, enables her to earn a set amount of revenue from advertising for each and every post that she makes on the platform.

10.08 percent of Amber’s followers engage in consistent collaboration with one another, taking into account the 15 most recent posts that Amber has made. As a consequence of this, she is able to arrive at the conclusion that the average amount of money she will make through sponsorships will be anywhere between $2,709.75 and $4,516.25.

It is general knowledge that Amber’s inherent skill in the field of blogging makes her an extraordinary blogger who has achieved a high level of success. People visit her website because she writes on a variety of subjects, such as pregnancy, traveling, and her own life. Her writing draws visitors for this reason. On her website, she touches on a variety of subjects, including her way of life and her travels, among other things. To earn this distinction, she put forth a lot of effort over the course of her career. According to estimates provided by, her annual pay may be as high as $40,201.

After taking into consideration all of the various ways that she has produced money throughout the course of her career, as was described before, it is believed that Amber Massey’s net worth is somewhere between $700,000 and $800,000 at this point in time.



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