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What Happened To AFL Champion Eddie Betts? Wife & Family

Eddie Betts, a former AFL champion, wrote a biography titled “The Boy from Boomerang Crescent,” which contains a chapter on the contentious 2018 Adelaide Crows preseason training camp. This chapter was written after the Adelaide Crows suffered a devastating loss to Richmond in the 2017 AFL grand final. The following are some essential details about him:

Betts is a retired Australian rules football player who was a member of the Adelaide Football Club and Carlton Football Club while playing in the Australian Football League (AFL).

Betts was the first player to be picked by Carlton in the 2004 Preseason Draft, and they did so with the third overall choice. He spent the first nine years of his career playing for Carlton until being picked up by Adelaide at the conclusion of 2013 as a free agent.

After the conclusion of the 2019 season, he made the decision to return to his hometown of Carlton, where he would finish up his career by playing a total of 350 games and kicking 640 goals.

Betts is serving in his role as a development coach with the Geelong Football Club at the present time.

An eye-opening story of the former Adelaide football player’s time spent at a preseason camp with the Crows in early 2018 was just shared by him. Disgust was generated throughout the AFL community as a result of this.

What Happened To Eddie Betts? Camp Experience

Eddie Betts, a former AFL champion, has spoken up about his time spent at the infamous Adelaide Crows camp. He said that the “strange” and “disrespectful” environment at the camp caused him to lose interest in sport.

Betts, who retired last year after a sparkling 350-game career, recounts the huge repercussions of the Crows’ 2018 preseason camp in his memoirs. Betts retired last year after a glittering career.

Even though the much-anticipated book “The Boy from Boomerang Crescent” is set to be released on Wednesday, parts from the book have already been published in the Nine newspaper.

Betts, a legendary Indigenous player and one of the best small forwards in AFL history, has said that the organisation in charge of the camp mishandled sensitive personal data. Betts was one of the best small forwards in AFL history. He said this even though the organisation in question was not specifically named in the book.

Betts said that the activities that took place during the camp on the Gold Coast and the group’s participation with the club negatively impacted both his mental state and performance throughout the 2018 season.

When talking to the playing group about how unsafe and unpleasant the camp made him feel, three weeks later, according to Betts, the leadership group of the Crows reportedly let him leave after he expressed those feelings to them.

In 2019, he continued to play for the Crows until requesting a move to his previous club, Carlton, where he had started his career.

In addition, Betts continued his career with the Blues for another 36 games following the end of the previous season and then retired.

The camp in question was conducted after Adelaide suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of Richmond in the grand final of 2017.

Eddie Betts Wife And Family

Anna Scullie and Eddie Betts have been married for a while now. She established and served as managing director of the natural cosmetics brand Frankly Eco, which is based on plant ingredients.

In addition to that, she is responsible for the management of special initiatives at Eddie’s Lill, a nonprofit organisation that teaches youngsters about equality and acceptance.

The fact that she is married to Eddie Betts, a professional player in the sport of Australian rules football, is largely responsible for her internet notoriety.

The pair is parents to five kids together: three boys and two sets of identical twin girls. Lewis, Billy, and Eddie Betts IV are the names of their boys, while Alice and Maggie are the names of their twin daughters.

According to 7 News, in the year 2020, AFL champion Eddie revealed that he was expecting his fifth kid.



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