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What Happened To And Where Is Audrey Lorber Now? What We Understand About The New York Teen Who Was Caught In Russia

Audrey Lorber, a resident of Staten Island, was transported to a prison in Russia following her arrest for cannabis possession.

At the Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, she was found to be in possession of 19 grams of illegal substances.
The Russian government did not accept the prescription that Lorber had written for the medication.
She entered a guilty plea and admitted that she attempted to bring the controlled substance into the country.

According to the Moscow District Court of St. Petersburg, a woman named Audrey Lorber, 19, was taken into custody by Russian authorities at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg after it was discovered that she was in possession of drugs that weighed 19 grams and had a street value of $375 in the United States.

Even though the length of time that Lorber has been held captive is unknown, the most recent images of her in freedom that have been uploaded to social media are from more than a month ago. Audrey Lorber, 19, from Staten Island was taken into custody by the authorities at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg in July and remained there for more than a month and a half.

Where Is Audrey Lorber Now? What Became Of Audrey Lorber. Where Is Audrey Lorber Now

Audrey Lorber is currently located in the United States and, despite the fact that she committed a crime, she is not being held in a correctional facility. On the other hand, the possession of illegal substances in Russia can result in a prison sentence of up to three years’ duration. Audrey, a student from New York, was released from Russia after being held there for a period of two months. In addition to that, the offense was committed in the year 2019.

Congressman Max Rose, who represents the district of Staten Island where Lorber currently resides, has pleaded with the government of Russia to release the adolescent and make it possible for her to travel back to the United States. During the time that Audrey was busted for illegally possessing cannabis, she and her mother, a retired schoolteacher from New York City named Rochelle Lorber, were on vacation in the country located in Eastern Europe.

According to a statement released by the Moscow District Court of St. Petersburg, Lorber was found to be in possession of 19 grams of the drug, which has a street value of approximately $375 and is sufficient to roll forty joints’ worth of marijuana. When Lorber was detained in July, she provided the Russian authorities with a copy of her medical prescription from the United States; however, a Russian court determined that the prescription did not cover the territory of the Russian Federation.

Staten Island Teenager Who Belongs To Audrey Lorber Is Taken Into Custody In Russia; Charges Detailed

According to the officials, a teenager from Staten Island who was arrested for possessing illegal substances while she was traveling with her mother was taken to a jail cell in Russia. According to a previous report by REVOLT, a judge in Russia handed down Griner’s sentence of nine years in prison on Thursday (Aug. 4). The WNBA superstar was also informed that she must pay a fine of one million rubles, which is equivalent to $16,400 USD. Griner’s legal team was planning to file an appeal of the verdict, according to a counsel for Griner’s side of the case.

After that, Lorber was given credit for the time he had already spent in jail as well as a fine of 233 dollars and 12,000 rubles. In spite of this, after serving for a total of two months, she boarded a plane in Russia and arrived in the United States approximately ten days later. Officials from Russia asserted that Audrey told them the drugs were for “personal enjoyment” and that they were purchased in the United States.

Audrey Lorber Instagram

Since the time of her arrest, Audrey Lorber’s Instagram account has been inactive. She might be using Instagram under a different name, which is a possibility. However, shortly after her detention, Audrey posted a picture on Instagram with a date of July 22 showing her traveling to St. Petersburg with her mother Rochelle Lorber, according to sources. The picture was taken while Audrey was being held.

Audrey, a student at Pace University in New York City, has spent a number of summers working at Waterside in between semesters at the university. Joey Guli, a retired school teacher from New York, has lauded Audrey as an excellent worker.

According to Guli, the student who majors in film maintains a perfect 4.0 grade point average while attending the university on a scholarship. He went on to say that she has a bright future ahead of her and aspires to work in the film industry. Guli continued by saying that he had never witnessed Audrey using drugs or appearing to be intoxicated, despite the fact that all of his customers adore her. She has a prescription, but it’s not clear what the reason for that is.



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