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What Happened To Denise Golgin From New York? Woman Passed Away After Battling Cancer

Denise Ann Golgin, who worked as a polysomnographic technician for a living, passed away at the age of 48 as a result of issues with her health. In addition to that, a cancer diagnosis was made.

People all around the internet are looking for information regarding the deposed Golgin. Even though she passed away in September 2015, many people are keen to find out more information about the circumstances surrounding her passing as well as her personal history.

What Was It That Caused Denise Golgin’s Death And What Became Of Her?

The obituary for Denis Schumacher Golgin was published in 2015, after her passing on September 5th of that year. After three days had passed since her passing, Pastor Scott Fulkerson officiated at her funeral service, which took place at the Mueller-Pagani Funeral Home in LaSalle. Her death caused the publication of her obituary after it.

Everyone admired her and thought of her as a highly charismatic woman. She was the centre of attention wherever she went. It was common knowledge that individuals had a tendency to form attachments to her quickly. She enjoyed a wide variety of activities, such as going camping, participating in motor races, making crafts, and many other things. In addition to that, she had a soft spot for cats and frequently spent time near the water.

She received her high school diploma from LaSalle-Peru in the year 1985. In addition to that, she worked as a polysomnographic technician at St. Margaret’s Hospital in Spring Valley.

After her passing, many people expressed their sorrow and offered their prayers to the people she left behind. At her final farewell, which began at 5 pm and continued until 8 pm in the evening in the Mueller-Pagani Funeral Home, a large number of her friends and acquaintances were present.

The cause of Denise Golgin’s death has been determined to be cancer. How old was she?

At the time of her death, Golgin was 48 years old and was waging a battle against cancer. She was born on the 11th of July 1967, and she breathed her last on the 5th of September 2015.

Due to the fact that she was afflicted with the persistent illness cancer, many people connected it to her passing. It was common knowledge that she was dealing with a myriad of health problems and consequences. But her family has remained silent about the nature of what ultimately led to her death. A few short months ago, she had celebrated another year of life.

We have reason to assume that she was surrounded by her family at the moment of her dying. However, it was difficult for them to say their goodbyes to her.

Who Else Was in Denise Golgin’s Family? Denise Golgin’s Husband’s Name Was Terry Lee Golgin.

Terry Lee Golgin, Denise’s spouse, whom she wed on October 20, 1995 in Las Vegas. They began their life together as husband and wife. She had also begun her family with him, and the couple was blessed with three daughters: Cassie, who currently resides in LaSalle; Tanya, who currently resides in Jacksonville; and Tiara, who currently resides in Utica. The information was reportedly provided in 2015, however it is possible that they have moved on to a different location since then.

In addition, her father’s name was revealed to be Kenneth Schumacher, and her mother’s name was revealed to be Kathi (Dean) Gerard. In addition, she was one of four children; her sisters were named Angela Holloway and Karla Schumacher, and her brother was named Mark (Deanna) Gerard. Additionally, the deceased had a granddaughter by the name of Emma Radtke.

In addition to this, members of both her maternal and paternal families had passed away before she did. It would appear that her family and friends are still unable to shake the thought of her.



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