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What Happened To Francoise Littlejohn & His Kids? Details About The Murder Suicide Case

Francoise Littlejohn was the father of three children, all of whom he was later responsible for killing before taking his own life.

Every day, we are exposed to an abundance of strange news and accounts of people’s activities. The case of Francoise Littlejohn, on the other hand, has everyone throughout the world shaken.

The fact that Francoise Littlejohn, who was the father of three children, became enraged at the woman who had given birth to his baby and believed she had cheated on him and given him an STD led him to take the lives of his three children as well as himself.

Who Exactly Was the Oklahoma Native Francoise Littlejohn? Murder & Suicide Case

The name Francoise Littlejohn has been traced back to an Oklahoma man by the police. Francoise vented his frustrations over his wife via Facebook Livestream in order to reach a wider audience.

He asserted that she was unfaithful to him and that she transmitted an STD to him as a result. Because of this, Francoise had been so distraught that he ended the lives of his own three children.

Friends and family of Francoise watched the livestream and immediately reported her disappearance to the authorities. Fortunately, he was able to stop the livestream before he killed both of his children as well as himself.

Before beginning a more thorough search for the children, officers were initially called to Littlejohn’s home in the northwest part of Oklahoma City to check on the welfare of the family and determine whether or not they were missing. But Francoise ended up taking his kids to the 11300 block of Treemont Lane and shooting them all to death there.

After some time had passed, a jogger came across the bodies, at which point they called the authorities.

When Francoise Littlejohn Died, How Old Was She?

When he passed away, Francoise had reached the age of 29 years old. It is not quite apparent what motivated Francoise to take the lives of his children, but it is known that he did so. On the other hand, it would appear that he was angry at his wife for having an affair.

It was determined that none of his children were older than seven years old at the time. Trinity Littlejohn, who was three years old, Aliyah Littlejohn, who was four years old, and Kyren Littlejohn, who was six years old, were his children’s names. Kyren Littlejohn was the oldest.

Before turning the gun on himself, Littlejohn shot and killed his children with it. He then used the same gun to kill himself. The members of his family and friends who were watching the Livestream were aware that he was frustrated, but they were unaware that he intended to do some severe actions as a result of his anger.

The man who was a father to three children ended his stream before he killed himself and his children and then took his own life.

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Who Is Francoise Littlejohn’s Husband, Anyway?

There is currently no information available regarding Francoise’s wife. There have been no reports about her. However, the one piece of information that is public knowledge is that she cheated on Francoise with another man and gave him an STD.

According to surveillance footage reviewed by the police, the vehicle driven by Littlejohn arrived at the scene at 4:11 in the morning and was located in a neighbourhood located to the north of W Hefner Road between North Council and County Line Roads at that time.

It is not quite apparent why Francoise decided to end the lives of his children at that particular area. People in every region of the country have been left shocked as a result of the event. People have been expressing their prayers to various religious leaders through the various social media sites.

People were able to put two and two together and discover Francoise’s identify as well as the identities of his children before the authorities ever publicised the information. This was made possible since Francoise broadcast his final moments on Livestream before taking his own life.

Despite this, there has been no information released regarding Francoise’s wife or her identity. She has remained mute about the entire event, therefore it is likely that she is grieving the loss of her children.



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