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What Happened To Gabe Rygaard (Ax Men Cast)? Death Cause And Obituary Details- Rygaard Logging

Reality television star Gabe Rygaard is best remembered for his part in the television series “Ax Men,” which aired on the History channel. Tragically, Gabe was involved in a car crash that ended his life.

Rygaard made his debut on “Ax Men” during the second season of the show, which aired in 2008, and he continued to appear on the show up until the time of his passing. Rygaard took over as chair of Rygaard Logging in the same year that his father made the decision to retire from the company.

What Happened To Gabe Rygaard Of Rygaard Logging?

At 9:22 in the morning, on United States Route 101, a quarter mile east of Laird Road, west of Port Angeles, a collision involving three vehicles claimed the life of reality television star Gabe Rygaard.

His father, Craig, has confirmed that his son was killed in the accident. According to information provided by Clallam Fire District No. 2, the driver of a Ford Bronco, Assistant Chief Dan Huff, passed away at Olympic Medical Center as a result of injuries sustained in the collision.

According to Huff, there were seven injured parties spread across three vehicles as a result of the collision. The other individuals involved sustained relatively minor injuries and were attended to on the scene.

The State Patrol was able to positively identify Gabe as the driver of the Bronco later on. The State Patrol reports that Gabe’s 1995 Ford Bronco was following a black Chevrolet Tahoe when it was involved in an accident on U.S. Highway 101 near milepost 243. The Bronco was travelling eastbound in the second lane of the highway.

According to the report, the Tahoe had begun to slow down before the collision, which caused his Bronco to veer to the left and hit the back of the Tahoe.

The Bronco lost control and collided with a Dodge Ram van that was travelling west in the lane to the opposite side of the road. Rygaard was not wearing a seat belt.

According to Huff, eleven firefighters and paramedics from District 2 were sent to the scene, along with an engine, two ambulances, and a command vehicle. Highway 101 was closed until approximately 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and a detour was set up near Laird Road.

Obituary Of Gabe Rygaard And Death Cause Ax Men Cast

On Friday, Gabe Rygaard, a former star of the television show “Ax Men,” was one of three people who perished in a car accident that occurred outside of Port Angeles, Washington.

There were approximately 300 people who attended the memorial service for reality star Gabe Rygaard that was held at the King’s Way Foursquare Church in Sequim. The service was held after the reality star passed away.

Katy, his wife, wrote on Facebook over the weekend, “Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my husband and father to my children.” The post was made in reference to her husband’s passing. This was by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever attempted to do.

“Gabe was a pillar of support for us. I’m still having trouble finding the right words to say, so I’ll just type them instead. The outpouring of love from our community has completely taken me by surprise. People have asked about the requirements that we have.

Everyone here would be grateful for a great deal of prayers. That is what will get us through this difficult time. Please accept my gratitude, and my warmest wishes go out to everyone. Katy.’ Later, his wife showed off a photo of her husband working on a building by posting it online.

When Did Gabe Rygaard Die? Which Year Was It Exactly?

The death of Gabe Rygaard occurred on September 16, 2016, and he was 45 years old. Within the past decade, he was the third member of the cast of Ax Men to pass away.

Jimmy Smith passed away in 2012 due to complications from his battle with cancer, and William Colantuono passed away in 2013 due to injuries sustained in a helicopter accident.

The objective truth The television star started appearing on the show during the second season, when he also took over Rygaard Logging, the logging business his father had started.

Rygaard continued to make appearances on the show up until the airing of the ninth and final season in 2016.



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