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What Happened To Helen Rhodes? Midwife Of Husband Simon And Mother Of Two Died On The Plane

As of August 5, the entirety of the internet is mourning the loss of Helen Rhodes after learning of the news of her passing.

She was looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life until she passed away during her journey from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom. The fact that her two children and husband were there with her when she passed away quietly in her sleep is the part of the news that has caused the most emotional distress.

This horrific event has crushed the hearts of many people throughout the world, and as a result, people from all around the world have stepped forward to offer their assistance to the devastated Rhodes family.

Midwife Helen Rhodes passed away without showing any signs of illness before she could return to the United Kingdom.

After boarding the trip to her home in the United Kingdom, the British midwife remained unresponsive on her flight seat, according to a report from The Guardian.

Helen and her family had been residents of Hong Kong for the past fifteen years at the time this sentence was written. Due to the fact that the family intended to make Great Britain their permanent home, moving back there would have represented a start of something new and exciting in their lives.

Helen did not regain consciousness even after her children discovered that her was unresponsive and unconscious. Instead, her body was left in the seat where she was sitting for the full eight hours of the flight.

Her lifeless sleep went on, and her body was found in Germany while the rest of her family was in the process of flying to the United Kingdom.

It is extremely heartbreaking to learn of someone’s passing, especially when hundreds of people have responded to the news.

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Helen Rhodes Is Survived by Her Husband, Simon, And Their Two Children After Her Passing

Helen’s children Nathan and Emma, together with her husband Simon, are currently residing in the United Kingdom. They are making plans to bring their deceased mother to their native land so that she might be laid to rest in an appropriate manner.

The children described the experience of losing their mother as traumatic; yet, they were able to stay with her throughout the entire journey and communicate with her about the important matters that arose.

Helen was a devoted midwife in the village of Tung Chung, where she worked, and she was well-known among the residents of that area. In addition to that, she was a member of an organisation known as Tung Chung Mums, the mission of which is to offer assistance to the women in the community.

The late midwife who was famed for her work in Helen and Tung Chung also had her own business, in which she created beautiful bows and other decorations.

Because of her closeness to her family and her persona as a member of the family, the Rhodes family was recognised as an influential immigrant family in their town.

The death of Helen Rhodes and the subsequent GoFundMe campaign have made headlines throughout the world.

Helen had such a profound influence on the people in the Tung Chung community that many people in Hong Kong have taken to the internet to remember her and pay their respects.

They have also offered the grieving family their heartfelt thoughts and condolences. Jayne Jeje, a close friend of Helen’s, has created a GoFundMe campaign for the benefit of Helen’s husband, Simon, and their children, and all of the money raised will be given to them.

Jeje was moved by Helen’s upbeat perspective on life, and she wants to make sure that the husband and children of her late friend won’t have to deal with any unforeseen financial difficulties during this difficult time.

The page has raised more than it had intended for in order to reach its target of 20,000 pounds. The organiser of the fund has indicated that she has made the decision to keep the fund open as a result of the growing number of donors who are eager to assist the family.



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