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What Happened To Him? ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ Documentary Of Missing Child

Anthony Templet, who at the time was only 20 years old, is a resident of the state of Louisiana. In June of 2019, he carried a firearm into the home they shared and fatally shot his father, Burt Templet.

The information provided by WAFB9 indicates that Templet was initially charged with murder in the second degree. After years of being beaten by his father, the manslaughter charge against him was eventually reduced to one of manslaughter after his family testified that he had resorted to violence as a means of protecting himself from the abuse.

In the previous year, he entered a plea of no contest to a charge of negligent murder for the death of his father. This charge related to the circumstances surrounding the death of his father. Due to the fact that he entered a guilty plea, he was given a sentence of five years of supervised probation with credit for the time that he had already served.

Wikipedia Of Anthony Templet

Anthony Templet, who was only 17 years old when he murdered his father, recently opened up about the traumatic experience he went through.

On June 3, 2019, he was taken into custody after the shooting of his father at their home in Baton Rouge. The shooting occurred earlier that day. Anthony is said to have admitted his guilt while speaking on the phone with an operator from the 911 service, as reported by a local news station known as WAFB9.

Burt passed away just a few days after the event that saw him being shot. Anthony reported to the operator of the 911 hotline that he and his father got into a fist fight because Anthony’s father made an attempt to hit Anthony. He admitted to himself that he had fired three shots at his father’s body in total.

According to what Anthony reported to the authorities, the argument about Anthony’s phone was what sparked the beginning of the conflict between them. According to WAFB9, Burt is said to have attempted to rummage through Anthony’s phone in order to determine whether or not Anthony had been in communication with Burt’s ex-wife, Susan Templet. This information was allegedly sought by Burt. Anthony said that his father was drunk and tried to attack him before the elder man ran to his room, where he grabbed a revolver from the nightstand and returned.

Anthony Templet Missing

In an effort to protect himself, Anthony Templet fired three shots at his father. Nevertheless, a startling discovery was made as more reports came in from various sources.

Someone who had not been expected to get in touch did so, and it turned out to be Anthony’s long-lost half-sister Natasha who had been looking for him all this time. She revealed that Burt had abducted Anthony ten years ago, which meant that he had been reported as a missing person for more than a decade at the time of her disclosure.

In 2008, Natasha revealed to that Burt had abducted Anthony, then five years old, from his home in Texas and taken him to an unknown location. Anthony had been missing since 2008. She stated that she had waited eleven years before finding out if her brother was still alive or not. She continued by asserting that all throughout Anthony’s childhood, his father engaged in a pattern of abusing him and isolating him from the rest of the family.

She described in great depth the activities that took place in their home on a regular basis before Burt took Anthony away from them. Her story suggests that Burt and her mother were together for close to ten years during their time together. Nevertheless, an unsettling level of aggression characterized the entirety of their relationship with one another.

After Anthony was taken by Burt, his mother, Teresa, and his sister put up missing child posters; however, their efforts were never followed up on, nor were they given any hints as to what had happened to Anthony. As soon as Burt had Anthony in his custody, he wasted no time isolating him from the rest of the world and steadfastly refused to put him through school. As a direct consequence of this, Anthony had an extremely limited amount of contact with the outside world.

According to The Advocate, Anthony’s attorney, Jarrett Ambeau, stated that his client frequently abused and isolated his father. Jarrett Ambeau’s comments were reported by The Advocate.

Where Is Anthony Templet Now?

At this very moment, it is not entirely clear where Anthony is located. Given that Anthony only recently started serving his probation in 2021, it is highly likely that he will still have to finish it.

Anthony is required to finish his high school education and take part in counseling sessions, as stated by Distractify’s recommendations. To fulfill the requirements of his sentence, he can either find a job that requires all of his time or enroll in a full-time educational program. Imagine for a moment that he is successful in accomplishing those things without running into any kind of trouble. If this is the case, then his criminal record might one day be wiped clean. It indicates that there will be no trace of it left.

Since his release from probation, Anthony is said to have repaired his relationships with both his mother and the rest of the members of his mother’s side of the family, according to Decider.

In the documentary, an earlier version of Anthony struggles to control his feelings as he watches an old interview video of himself being played. The video was taken from when he was younger. Before giving an affirmative response to the question of whether or not he believes he can lead a normal life, the version of himself from the past pauses for a moment of reflection.



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