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What Happened To Sylvain Tesson? Philippe Tesson Son Accident And Disaster Type Explained

Let’s have a comprehensive discussion about the accident case involving Sylvain Tesson in 2014.

He is a writer and traveller from France and was born in the city of Paris.

Two of his most well-known works are titled The Consolations of the Forest (2011) and The Art of Patience (2019). The former is about an expedition to spend six months alone in a cabin in the Siberian forest, and the latter is about an expedition to seek for snow leopards in Tibet.

He was awarded the Prix Renaudot for the book that came out later. In the year 2014, author Sylvain Tesson was involved in an incident that came dangerously close to taking his life. Find out more information regarding the improvement in his health.

The author and the traveller both have French citizenship. He uses the experiences he has gained on these extensive and one-of-a-kind travels and excursions as the foundation for his writing.

Two of his most well-known works are titled “The Art of Patience” and “The Consolations of the Forest.” Between May and June of 2022, he made an appearance in the Revue des Deux Mondes issue.

Recent Developments Regarding the Accident That Left Sylvain Tesson Paralyzed

In 2014, Sylvain Tesson was involved in a bizarre accident that threw him into a coma for ten days. The event caused him to lose consciousness. When he was scaling the façade of a residence in Chamonix in 2014, he had a fall of several metres.

As a result of the accident, he suffered 20 fractures and was forced to spend two months in bed at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. During his stay in the medical facility, he claimed to have had a period of around four weeks during which he had partial amnesia.

In spite of the fact that he had positive memories of his time spent in the hospital, he was in a great deal of discomfort when he was discharged. He had multiple fractured bones, screws in his brain, and rib parts in his heart. He also had screws in his head.

He realised from the accident that the worst kind of misery is the kind that causes physical pain. Because of the fracture in his skull, he was unable to close his eyes, and the discomfort was caused by the fact that the nerve that leads to the brain is directly attached.

Where Did Sylvain Tesson Go and What Became Of Him?

Although Sylvain Tesson seems to be doing well and has recovered from his accident, he continues to talk about how horrific it was, particularly because it rendered him a paraplegic and placed him in a coma for ten days.

The author put himself through virtually daily therapy sessions by climbing all 422 steps to the top of Notre Dame in Paris on his own. He set his sights on getting well so that he might travel to France.

After he had recovered from his illness, he resumed his travels and made his way to the Himalayas in search of the snow leopard. Then, when he was driving through a frozen lake in Mongolia during the dead of winter, his desire to explore the world was reignited.

Where Can I Find the Writer Right Now?

The adaptation of Sylvain Tesson’s novel, “Les Chemins de Pierre,” into a film is currently in the production phase.

In a role comparable to this one, he will play an assistant to photographer Vincent Munier in the upcoming film The Red Velvet Queen: The Snow Leopard. Munier is attempting to picture the notoriously evasive snow leopard.

Sylvain Tesson’s father, Philippe Tesson, was a journalist and the founder of the French daily newspaper Le Quotidien de Paris. Sylvain’s mother, Marie-Claude Tesson, was a journalist as well.

His sisters include Stephanie Tesson, a well-known actress, and Daphne Tesson, a well-known art critic. His educational background is in geopolitics, and he has a background in geography.

Travel and Writings of Sylvain Tesson and His Biography

In 1997, Sylvain Tesson and Poussin made a second trip across the Himalayas on foot, this time journeying from Bhutan to Tajikistan across a distance of 5000 kilometres in the span of five months.

After that, in the year 1998, he and Poussin collaborated on the writing of the book La Marche Dans le Ciel, which is about their journey of 5000 kilometres on foot through the Himalayas.

During the years 1999 and 2000, he and the photographer Priscilla Telmon rode horses across the steppes of central Asia. Their journey took them from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan.

Tesson is the author of two of the volumes that are part of the radio broadcast and book series “Un été avec.” In 2017 he released Un été avec Homère about Homer, and in 2020 he published Un été avec Rimbaud about Arthur Rimbaud.



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