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What Is Anthony Fantano & Drake Controversy? Meet the Music critic who got clapped

Anthony Fantano, an American YouTuber and music critic, is in charge of The Needle Drop’s website and channel. Determine who Anthony Fantano is.

What happened between Drake and Anthony?

Drake and music journalist Anthony Fantano have engaged in conflict.

The Needle Drop, the YouTube channel of a 36-year-old with 2.6 million subscribers, includes conversations and reviews of a wide variety of musical genres.

Drake has acknowledged on YouTube that he is not the singer’s biggest fan and has openly criticized his most recent albums.

This week, the rapper made fun of the critic in his Instagram direct messages, and the critic responded with a video containing multiple examples of “fake” DMs.

Who is Anthony Fantano?

Anthony Fantano, the creator of the website and YouTube channel The Needle Drop, is an American music critic. On his blog and YouTube channel, he analyzes and discusses a variety of musical genres.

Born in Connecticut, Fantano is of Sicilian-American descent. Fantano’s tenure as music director at Southern Connecticut State University’s campus radio station began in the middle of the 2000s. In 2007, Fantano began working for Connecticut Public Radio and hosted The Needle Drop.

Anthony Fantano shares some fake Drake DMS

Thursday, September 15, the music critic uploaded a video titled “Drake Slid Into My Direct Messages” on his second YouTube account Fantano.

In the eight-minute tape, he disclosed multiple Instagram direct messages (DMs) that Drake allegedly sent him, as well as several screenshots.

He claimed he was lifting weights in the garage when he became distracted by a message from the lead singer of One Dance.

Drake, one of the most influential personalities in the music industry and a fiery Canadian, allegedly contacted him.

According to the Music Critic, Drake Sent a Cookie Recipe.

According to Anthony, the “odd and unexpected” letter stated, “Anthony! Drizzy is here. I am aware that we do not always agree on musical things and that the bulk of your albums are not your favorites.

The letter continued, “However, it is what it is, and I hope you enjoy the next one,” before taking an unexpected turn.

The music critic claimed that Drake sent him an email containing a recipe for vegan cookies along with a list of the ingredients.

I would very appreciate it if you could test this and let me know whether it’s worthwhile for me to tackle it myself. We value you! Drizzy, leave! The message has concluded.

Then, Anthony exclaimed, “It’s unbelievable that he messaged me,” before concluding, “You’re the best.”

Drake’s uploaded screenshots were fake, he asserted in a quick response to the video, his sarcasm making this quite evident.

Drake Reveals the True Direct Messages He Sent to Anthony Fantano

The music critic claimed Drake sent him a vegan cookie recipe through direct message.

Drake was ultimately trolled by Anthony Fantano into replying. Fantano uploaded a YouTube video in which he claimed that Drake DM’d him and released a purported screenshot of the message, despite his unfavorable opinions about Drake’s most recent albums, including Honestly, Nevermind. While one might anticipate Drake to attack Fantano for often critiquing his music, the Internet’s Busiest Music Geek asserts that Drake sent him a vegan cookie recipe.

The Internet reacted as if the video were real, but Drake immediately disproved this. The rapper posted a screenshot of the messages he wrote to Fantano on Instagram, which appears to be evidence that he reads TheNeedleDrop reviews.

“Your being is a bright 1. And the 1 signifies that you are alive. And because you married a black woman. I have a light to average impression of your existence,” the rapper replied to Fantano. The critic did not respond to Drake but had marked him as read by the time he published the screenshot with his 119 million followers.

As Drake got comfortable in his $400,000 bed, Fantano appeared thrilled with Drake exposing his own direct messages. “That woman sent the salty ass DM to over 100 million people,” he added alongside a W. “I forced him to release his own direct messages,” he continued, accompanied by a gif of Pusha T.

Fantano continued to assert that his “Rating system resides rent-free” in Drake’s head before engaging in a battle with supporters over who won the argument. After that, he tweeted an image of “Back To Back.”

Positively, he concluded the evening by writing, “I’m just being goofy. I will be the first to say that Drake has hit songs.

Later, Fantano utilized Instagram Live to address the conflict. He criticized Drake for texting him in the first place before criticizing the caliber of his attacks.

Thus, he employs ghostwriters. This is the level of insult you receive from a man working solo-dolo. “If he wanted to send me a decent insult, he would have had to pay someone else to do it,” he stated. Additionally, he clarified that he requested an interview with Drake after it was noted that he left the rapper on read.

“He leaked his own direct messages because he was so irritated at being left on read.” Leak his own direct messages! “How unfortunate,” he continued. That is regrettable. This is an unfortunate circumstance. That is a horrible state of affairs, that you couldn’t bait me in the DMs, so you had to show the whole world, you had to show the whole… “Look, I sent him a message…”



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