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What Is BBC Journalist Zoe Ball Illness? What Happened To Her And Where Is She Now?

Zoe Ball, a presenter on English radio and television, created history at the BBC by becoming the first woman to host either Radio 1 Breakfast or The Radio 2 Breakfast Show. She also made history as a presenter on English radio and television. She was born and raised in the United Kingdom. However, as of late she has been absent from the shows, which has given her loyal following reason to be concerned about her well-being.

Because of the regularity with which she is absent, her admirers and supporters are becoming increasingly agitated. They do not know Zoe’s current health status or any sickness from which she may be suffering, presuming that she does have a condition of some kind.

She and Jamie Theakston were the co-hosts of the children’s programme Live & Kicking in the ’90s, which aired from 1996 until 1999 and was on the air for a total of seven years.

The third season of Strictly Come Dancing had Ball as one of the contestants that took part in the competition. She took over as host of the spin-off programme Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two on BBC Two in 2011, and she continued in that role until her departure in 2021. In 2011, Claudia Winkleman passed the hosting reins of the show to her. Zoe served as the host for both the 2011 and 2015 Strictly Come Dancing Live Tours. Both of these tours took place in the United Kingdom.

Ball took over hosting duties for The Radio 2 Breakfast Show in January 2019, succeeding Chris Evans in the role that he had been appointed to fill in 2018. Ball was given the replacement role in 2018.

What Is Zoe Ball Illness? Her Health Update

A short while ago, Zoe Ball became infected with the COVID virus, and as a result, she was had to take some time off from the programme.

Due to her illness, Zoe was not able to continue working as the host of the breakfast programme on BBC Radio 2 at the beginning of the previous month. After Zoe arrived abnormally late to the central London studios, listeners were informed by travel presenter Ritchie Anderson that she had a flat tyre on the way to the studios. Anderson then began Zoe’s breakfast programme, which he had previously hosted.

When she did finally take control of the programme, though, listeners became concerned because she appeared to struggle while reading out the Radio 2 WhatsApp number. When she did so, several listeners even commented that she had a “shaky” quality to her voice.

After another song, she “disappeared,” and Richie Anderson was able to recover control of the situation in a little under a quarter of an hour’s time. After a while had passed, he spilled the information to the audience that Zoe had been feeling poorly and had gone back to her house. He said that she had been feeling ill for quite some time.

Zoe Ball

Zoe was told to quarantine herself after she tested positive for COVID-19, but she disappeared just a few weeks later, at the beginning of the month before that one. It was planned that the radio and television celebrity will participate in some rehearsals prior to her impending role as the host of Red Nose Day on the BBC in the month of March. Despite this, she was unable to continue working as a presenter since she had a positive test for Covid the morning of the event, which was induced by the illness. This prevented her from continuing her work.

Due to the fact that Ball observed the fifth anniversary of the passing of Billy Yates, who was her lover at the time, she was unable to see the episode that aired on May 5 because she took time off work to do so. On the other hand, while she watched the sun set over the moor, she posted a picture of herself and a few of his closest pals chilling out at Darwen Moor and Darwen Tower on social media.

The radio and television presenter does not seem to be in an excellent medical state for a considerable amount of time, as she was replaced in the show in October 2019, reportedly due to some illness. This provides evidence that she has not been in an excellent medical state for a considerable amount of time. This lends credence to the notion that her physical health has not been particularly good for a lengthy amount of time now.

What Happened To Zoe Ball And Where Is She Now?

After a positive test for cocaine earlier this year, Zoe Ball made the decision to step away from her career for a while. In addition, she was unable to participate in the breakfast programme between the months of May and September since she was ill during the month of May and the following month of September. Gary Davies was the one who covered for her during both of those times when she was out on vacation. He was her substitute.

Vernon Kay stood in for Zoe while she was recovering from a covid infection, and it is not yet clear whether or not he will be drafted for this round.

During the course of the previous two years, Zoe has been hosting both It Takes Two and her programme on BBC Radio 2, so she has had to divide her time between the two. On the instances when she was unable to be on live, Rylan has stepped in for her as a replacement host. Having said that, she ultimately arrived at the verdict that she would not be continuing on as the host of It Takes Two.

Zoe Ball, who currently serves as the host of the show It Takes Two, has declared that she will be leaving her position on the programme in order to seek other opportunities. She announced her departure from It Takes Two in an email to the publication’s subscribers and said, “Dance aficionados, after ten wonderful years, I am waltzing away from It Takes Two.” She continued by stating that it was “time for some new cha-cha challenges,” thanked “the entire Strictly clan,” and said that she will “miss you all profoundly.” She then left the stage.

Zoe’s working life got off to a good start in June 2009 when BBC Radio 2 engaged her to host the Saturday morning breakfast programme. She declared in January of 2012 that even though she would no longer be hosting the weekend breakfast programme, she would occasionally fill in for other network presenters. This was in spite of the fact that she would no longer be hosting the programme.

In March of 2017, Ball made a permanent return to the station so that he could begin hosting a brand-new show during the mid-afternoon hours on Saturdays. The show was named after him and was called “Ball in the Afternoon.” In addition, in 2019, Rylan Clark-Neal took over the hosting duties of Zoe Ball’s Saturday afternoon show, while Zoe Ball assumed her position as the host of the Radio 2 Breakfast Show. You may listen to both of these shows on BBC Radio 2.

Is Zoe Ball Married To Boyfriend Michael Reed?

Zoe Ball is currently dating Michael Reed, a former head of a construction company. Michael Reed is currently dating Zoe Ball. According to images that were obtained by the Daily Mail, the two were seen together for the first time in 2017 on a night out in Soho. At the time, the two of them were walking hand in hand.

December of 2017 marked the beginning of the couple’s romantic relationship, exactly one year after Zoe’s previous boyfriend Billy Yates was involved in a fatal occurrence.

The famous individual was very open and honest about the passing of her husband the previous year, and she also disclosed that she overcome her alcoholism with the assistance she had in rehabilitation after she stopped drinking.

She proceeded by saying, “Billy was my partner, and we got together after years of friendship between us.” This was expressed in relation to the fact that he had passed away. Unfortunately, he struggled with depression for a significant portion of his life, and as a result, it had a significant toll on him. When someone you care about and love is struggling with their mental health, it may be a very challenging experience to watch them go through it. It could very well be very challenging. Overcoming the anguish of losing him was by far the most difficult challenge I’ve ever faced.

Zoe Ball was previously married to Norman Cook, also known as Fatboy Slim, who is more renowned for his musical career. In 2016, following a marriage that had lasted 18 years, the couple reached the mutual decision to end their marriage and obtain divorces. Their son, Woody, is twenty years old, and their daughter, Nelly, is eleven years old at this time. The couple currently raises two little ones. In spite of the fact that they are no longer romantically involved with one another, the two continue to have extremely positive relationships with one another and have stated on multiple occasions in the past that they continue to have very strong friendships.

Recently, in honour of Michael Reed’s birthday, Zoe Ball shared a number of photographs taken by her family during the celebrations that took place over the weekend. The birthday party for Michael was attended by members of his family as well as friends who travelled from all over the world.

It would appear that the pair, who reside in Ashdown Forest, took a brief trip over the weekend to gather with Michael’s friends and family in order to commemorate the occasion of Michael’s birthday. Zoe penned an emotional message to her “beautiful boy” and shared it to Instagram after she had done so.

Zoe posted a birthday message to Curly Sue on Instagram with the phrase “Wonderful Birthday,” wishing her a happy day. “Wonderful weekend spent with some of my lovely boy @michaelreed99’s closest friends celebrating his incredible career. He frequently makes use of the expression “aren’t I lucky…?” in his conversations.

Zoe Ball Facts

  • Started off in the television industry working as a runner for Granada Television and afterwards as a researcher for BSkyB.
  • Between the years 1996 and 1998, he was a host on the television programme Top of the Pops.
  • In 1998, she made history by being the first woman to ever host the flagship BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show on her own.
  • In 2005, she was a contestant on the third series of Strictly Come Dancing, and in 2011, she succeeded Claudia Winkleman as the host of the sister show Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two.
  • Since March 2017, Zoe Ball has been the host of The Zoe Ball Show on BBC Radio 2.



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