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What Is Chris Wallace Doing After Leaving Fox News? Is He Leaving CNN?

It would appear that Fox News has at long last located a suitable replacement for their previous full-time moderator, Chris Wallace. On the network channel, Shannon Bream will now serve as the host in his stead.

Fox News’ flagship Sunday political news program will soon have a new moderator in the form of Shannon, who will take on the role on a full-time basis. The channel claims that she will make history by becoming the first woman to ever anchor “Fox News Sunday.” On September 11th, her debut show will be broadcast for the first time.

In addition to the additional responsibilities that have been given to her, she will also take on the role of chief legal correspondent. The previous year, CNN reportedly offered Wallace a salary of $9 million per year, and in response, Wallace resigned from his previous employer.

What Is Chris Wallace Doing Now?

Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace is a show that airs on CNN, and Chris Wallace is the host of the show. In addition to that, he works as an anchor for the channel. In addition to this, his show will also debut on HBO Max. In spite of this, his shows are scheduled to air on the network every single Sunday.

Recently, he made the transition away from Fox News, where he had been an anchor on FOX News Sunday. He put in more than 18 years of service for the business. Before he started working for CNN, he had already racked up more than half a century’s worth of experience in the broadcasting industry.

It was initially planned for him to host a show on the newly launched streaming service CNN+; however, the platform was shut down after he had only completed a handful of episodes and a little over a month of work. This transpired after Warner Bros. became the new parent company of the cable channel and took control of it.

Fans are thrilled to see the 74-year-old broadcast journalist appear on screen across a variety of platforms, as he is still performing admirably in his show.

Is Chris Wallace Leaving CNN News?

Chris Wallace joined CNN after being enticed by the channel’s offer of a salary of $9 million per year, which he used as motivation to make the move. After more than 18 years of service to the company, he decided to leave Fox News. While he was quitting his previous job, he explained that he could no longer maintain the lifestyle it required.

He moderated the Sunday edition of the political news program that airs on FOX in a full-time capacity. Additionally, Chris has worked for CBS, NBC, and ABC in the capacities of moderator, anchor, and correspondent. In addition, he was ranked as one of the most trustworthy TV news anchors in the United States in the year 2018.

Therefore, there is no evidence to suggest that the anchor will be leaving CNN any time in the near future. Instead, based on the statement he provided, it seemed as though he was not satisfied in his position at Fox, despite the fact that he had worked there for nearly two decades.

What Happened To Chirs Wallace After Leaving Fox News?

Chris is settling in nicely at his new place of employment and is enjoying his time there. In his role as anchor and host for CNN, despite the fact that he was moved from a four-night show to a weekly Sunday show, he appears to be happy in his position and is having a good time.

However, after he left his position as a full-time moderator at Fox News, it took them a considerable amount of time to find a new person to fill the role. In addition, his current talk show, which is titled Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?, is receiving an incredible amount of feedback from its viewers.

The broadcast journalist for the democratic party has already been honored with a great number of accolades on multiple occasions. These honors include Emmy awards, a Peabody Award, a George Polk Award, and a great deal more.



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