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What Is Katie Saro’s Relationship to The Art of Vintage? The Vintage Shop Owner and Designer

Katie Saro, an expert in antiques and a dealer in vintage art, debuted the first season of her show titled “The Art of Vintage.”

On September 10, 2021, Amazon Prime Video broadcast the pilot episode of Katie’s talk show for the first time. In addition, she disclosed that the premiere of the new episodes of the show took place on August 6th, 2022.

She is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the most promising artists and collectors of vintage art in the world.

Who Is Katie Saro, Appearing on the Show The Art of Vintage? Wikipedia And Age

Katie Saro is a well-known television personality who is also an experienced antique art dealer. She has worked in the industry for many years. Her television show, “The Art of Vintage,” has been instrumental in her rise to fame.

In addition to that, she is the proprietor of the website Katie Saro Studio, on which she offers for sale painted vintage furniture. In addition to that, she maintains a blog there. The art specialist appears to be in her mid- to early-forties at this point in time.

In the past, the artist has also dabbled in the fields of painting and interior design. At the moment, Saro makes her home in Dallas, but the majority of her work can be found on the internet. She maintains a sizable following on various social media platforms, which has been an asset to the growth of her online business.

Due to the fact that she was the oldest of seven children, her life back then was virtually identical to how it is now. She spent the majority of her life with her family in a run-down duplex that had been built sometime in the 1800s. They were poor, but they had a happy home despite their circumstances.

Despite the fact that her mother has a different taste in aesthetics than she does, she moved things around the house quite a bit. That must have been how she got it given that she has a lifelong disorder of constantly moving things around.

They spent their youth going to thrift stores and garage sales long before it was cool to do so.

How Rich Is Katie Saro? Profit or loss

Katie Saro, who works as an interior designer professionally, has amassed a staggering one million dollars in wealth. Through her successful online retailing of paintings and antiques, she has a very comfortable living.

In addition to that, she oversees the production of her television show, which can be seen on Magnolia Network and Amazon Prime Video. Since 2021, she has presided over the enterprise with great success.

By that time, antiques expert Katie Saro will have firmly established herself as a well-known television personality. When it comes to shopping for antiques, she believes the items should be as rare and old as possible.

While at the same time using her home as a showroom to sell antiques to customers, Saro transforms one-of-a-kind items like these into decorative accessories.

The owner is a painter who works in the expressionist style and has experience in interior design. He is based in Dallas. She is of the opinion that fashion is necessary for living, and that art is necessary for your home because it reflects goodness, beauty, and truth, most importantly. She also believes that fashion is necessary for living.

Who Is the Husband of Katie Saro?

Katie Saro, who works as an artist, has a family and lives in Dallas with her husband and their children.

According to Katie’s Instagram, she has a total of five children under her care. Once, she uploaded a picture to social media that featured her husband and all five of their children.

On her Instagram account, the collector of vintage art almost always posts pictures of her various artworks and collections, but she also frequently posts pictures of her family, including her husband and her children.

Because Saro does not want her spouse or her children to be involved in any controversy, she gives off the impression that she is uneasy about sharing private information about them.



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