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What Is Lisa LaFlamme Net Worth & Salary? Veteran News Anchor Leaves CTV National

Fans of Lisa LaFlamme were taken aback when they learned of her unexpected departure from CTV, as no one anticipated that Bell group would terminate her contract so soon. In the meantime, a lot of her followers are curious about the amount of money she makes and how much she is worth right now.

Lisa LaFlamme is a Canadian television journalist who has been working in journalism since 1998. She has won multiple journalism awards during her career. In particular, she was given a Canadian Screen Award for Best National Newscast and Best News Anchor for CTV National News. Both of these honors were for her work at CTV National News.

In addition to this, the Canadian Cable Television Association has presented her with the Galaxi Award and nominated her five times for the category of Best News Anchor. In addition, she received the honor of being appointed an officer of the Order of Canada in 2019.

Over the course of more than ten years, beginning in 2011 and continuing until 2022, she held the positions of chief Anchor and Senior Editor at CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme. In addition to that, she spent seven years working as the national affairs correspondent for CTV National News alongside Lloyd Robertson.

In a similar vein, she was an officer in the Order of Ontario in the year 2016. In 1988, she began her career in journalism at CKCO, where she worked as a copywriter and script assistant. In addition to that, she reported the news on the radio for a number of different programs, such as CFCA, CKCO, CTV NEWS NET, and CANADA AM.

What Is Lisa LaFlamme’s Salary? Net Worth 2022 Details

As of June 2022, it is anticipated that Lisa LaFlamme will earn somewhere in the range of $300,000 to $350,000. As a result of Lisa’s long and fruitful career in journalism over the past several decades, she now has a respectable amount of money that contributes to her current net worth.

It is estimated that her current net worth is between $2 million and $4 million. On the other hand, the estimated number has not been validated yet because there are not enough reliable sources available on the web. She was a journalist who won awards and had years of experience, so it is not surprising that she made a good living from her career.

She began her career in broadcasting in 1989 when she was hired by the Kitchener affiliate of CTV, CKCO, as a copywriter and script assistant. Subsequently, she held positions as a co-host anchor, reporter, and foreign correspondent.

In addition, she has conducted interviews with a number of well-known political figures from Canada and around the world, including a former Prime Minister named Paul Martin.

Lisa LaFlamme New Job Details

Since Lisa LaFlamme left her position at CTV earlier this month, her devoted following has been preoccupied with the question of what she will do next. Despite this, Bell Canada informed her that her position at CTV would be eliminated in June of 2022.

With her new job, a lot of her fans are wondering if she will switch over to another network in the next few days. Despite this, she has not disclosed her strategy for entering the new networks or field at this time.

In particular, Lisa has expressed her profound gratitude to her followers and viewers via her tweet for the overwhelming love and support they have shown her throughout this difficult time. She also described her marvelous journey on CTV, which she describes as being the center of her life.

Her devoted followers have been holding out hope that she will soon debut in a new film or television project. Thousands of people who care about you have expressed their hopes that your next adventure will be filled with even more success than the last one.

Lisa LaFlamme Canadian TV Journalist Husband, Is She Married?

Due to the fact that Lisa LaFlamme is still a single woman at this point in time, it is highly likely that she does not have a husband.

Over the past few years, neither her marriage nor her partner have been the subject of any reports or updates. In addition, she has never come to terms with anything associated with having a married relationship.

From what can be gleaned from her activities on social media, it does not appear that she has been involved in a romantic partnership within the past few years. She devoted the majority of her life to journalism rather than pursuing a romantic relationship during that time.



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