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What Really Happened To Megan Thorton At The Coreus Group? Accident Causes Death

Tragically, Megan Thornton, an important member of the Coreus Group team, passed away unexpectedly recently. On July 31, 2022, she was engaged in a terrible accident that took place on Sunday.

The Coreus Group is an internationally renowned, innovative, and adaptable construction consultant, and Thornton works for the company. It is headquartered in Exeter, which is located in England.

Megan Thornton, an employee of Coreus Group, Passes Away After an Accident

Megan Thornton was just 23 years old when she passed away. A tragic accident left her with life-threatening injuries, and she ultimately died tragically as a result.

Several online news outlets have reported that Megan’s car was involved in a high-speed collision with another vehicle. However, the news sources have not provided exhaustive details on the circumstances behind her death.

In a similar vein, numerous news websites have expressed their alarm at the Bure Cornwall accident, with some users going so far as to speculate that Megan may be one of the victims.

The Coreus Group, Thornton’s place of employment, was the first to break the unfortunate news to him. They disseminated the information by way of their Twitter account.

7:04 AM On August 3, 2022, 10:0 @CoreusGroup posted: ‘We are sorry to relay the news that our amazing Assistant Marketing Manager, Meg Thornton, went suddenly at the age of 23 after a horrific accident on Sunday, July 31. She was tragically involved in.’ We ask that you be patient with us as we struggle to adjust to life in Coreus without Meg.’

It has not yet been made public by the police department’s formal report about the accident. On the other hand, it would seem that the authorities are investigating the occurrence that occurred at the spot;

Obituary: Colleagues React To Megan Thornton’s Death

Seniors and friends of Megan Thornton have provided their responses to the tragic news of her passing.

Andrew Clancy, the Managing Director of Coreus Group, noted in an email that, “The whole Coreus team is in a state of shock – I hope Meg knew how much we admired and loved her.” Meg passed away unexpectedly on October 19, 2018. Our deepest sympathies go out to Paul, Jacqueline, and Sophie on the loss of their kind-hearted daughter and sister.

‘We are heartbroken, and we are grateful to you for your patience and understanding as we try to come to terms with this terrible occurrence. Meg embodied Coreus in every way imaginable. On a more personal level, I am devastated, and ‘Meg, I’m going to miss you,’

Paul Thornton, Thornton’s father, has left a quick response on the post that Clancy has made. In the letter, he thanked Andrew very much for the information provided. In the midst of our suffering, it is a tremendous source of pride and comfort to hear such wonderful remarks.

In addition to this, he states, “From our side, I know Megan liked her work with Coreus and took enormous personal enjoyment in both her own and the Company’s successes.” I am certain that we will maintain communication, but in the meantime, Jaki, Sophie, and I would want to express our gratitude to her for the opportunity that you have provided to her.

Who Is Megan Thornton?

At the time, Megan Thornton was serving the Coreus Group in the capacity of assistant manager. Her responsibilities included overseeing the marketing and strategy department.

Thornton was promoted to the position of business manager at Coreus Group. In the year 2020, her employers were thrilled to have her on board, and she quickly won over the hearts of everyone she met. Prior to joining Coreus Group, she gained valuable job experience in the fields of public relations and social media while serving as an assistant for a teacher placement service in Cardiff.

Megan had only just started her Master of Science in Marketing program at Cardiff University. Megan attended the University of Exeter to get her Bachelor’s degree, and while she was there, she received a number of accolades and awards for her outstanding performance. She achieved such a high level of academic success that Exeter University Business School bestowed upon her the World Class Scholarship.

In reference to her parents, Paul and Jacqueline Thoron, Megan was the only child in their family. In addition, she has a sister who goes by the name of Sophie.

A member of her family has said that she is an intelligent, youthful, and stunningly gorgeous lady. Bure is located in Cornwall, and the family calls that home.



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