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What’s the Latest on Thomas Webster? Is Anton Black In Prison For The Murder He Was Sentenced To?

It has been four years since the murder of Anton Black, but despite the efforts of Dateline NBC to bring attention to the case, justice for Anton Black’s soul has not yet been granted.

NBC’s Dateline with Lester Holt is rumored to be airing an investigation that has been going on for a year and is expected to yield new information regarding the case.

The report is scheduled to air on “Dateline NBC” on Friday night at 10 p.m., and it will be available to stream on Peacock beginning on Saturday.

The documentary will feature interviews with Black’s parents, the head of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, and an examination of the warning signs that were raised by the officer in question, Thomas W. Webster IV.

What Happened to Thomas Webster and Where Is He Now?

Even though he has been accused of committing serious crimes and is the subject of a lawsuit, Thomas Webster is still alive and most likely not behind bars.

In point of fact, the family of the deceased person fought for the man to be arrested even after they had sued the authorities who had pursued him outside the rural Greensboro home of the victim’s family.

He was hired by the Greensboro Police Department on Maryland’s Easter Shore despite the opposition of a number of influential people, including La Mar Gunn, who served as president of the Central Delaware NAACP chapter at the time.

After the Maryland State Police opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Anton’s death on September 15, 2018, Webster and two off-duty police officers restrained, he was fired from his street duties just a few months after he was hired.

At the beginning of 2019, officials in Maryland stated that it was possible that Webster had not been subjected to a comprehensive investigation there. As a result of the investigation conducted by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, it was determined that Webster did not commit the act of assault that was alleged to have occurred in 2013.

Is Thomas Webster, who received a sentence for the murder of Anton Black, Currently Behind Bars?

Thomas Webster was charged with assault in the second degree by a grand jury in the year 2015.

During the roughly ten years that Webster worked as a police officer in Dover, he reportedly generated 29 use-of-force reports, all of which were found during hearings that took place before his trial. These documents were submitted to the court by the prosecution.

According to a report published by Delaware Online, the federal civil rights complaint was resolved with a payment of $300,000 being made to Dickerson. This occurred in December 2015, after a jury found Webster not guilty of the assault charge.

Webster agreed to never work for the Dover government again in exchange for a $230,000 guarantee spread out over the next six years. His previous salary of $68,398 per year represented approximately half of the six-year contract’s total value.

Late in the year 2020, Black’s family brought a claim in federal court, alleging that their son’s death was caused by the officers’ excessive use of force and that government authorities connived to shield the police from the consequences of their conduct. The family also claimed that their son’s death was caused by the officers’ excessive use of force.

Thomas Webster Wikipedia & Age

Thomas Webster, a former member of the Dover Police Department, was taken into custody in 2018 in connection with the murder investigation of Anton Black.

It is currently unknown how old he actually is; however, based on his appearance, he must be somewhere between the ages of 50 and 56.

The fact that he admitted he had a history of prejudice despite being a contentious member of the Greensboro Police Department was a pivotal moment in the investigation.

A previous case against him was dropped after it was discovered that he had been hostile toward an African-American defendant who was under his supervision.

The Wife of Thomas Webster: Does He Have a Wife?

As a result of the investigation into Anton Black’s death in 2018, Thomas Webster is currently making headlines. Black was 19 years old.

Aside from that, no additional information regarding his private life has been disclosed to the general public. He must have a wife, but nobody knows who she is. His marriage status is a mystery.

There is no information about his family to be found anywhere on the internet. As a result, the information that he has on his wife and children is not available to the present day.



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