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Where Are Ashley Reeves Parents Now? Meet Michelle And Tracy Green Koenig- Sam Shelton Survivor Update In 2022

Many people are inspired by the name Ashley Reeves to never give up hope and to fight for their lives till the very end.

She had just turned 17 years old when she overcame challenging obstacles in her life because of her crush on a teacher who had previously worked with her. Their love affair was doomed from the start when Sam Shelton abandoned her in the woods to perish.

It is a marvel that Ashley was able to survive the attempts to strangle her three times and is still able to go about her normal life today.

In addition, having the support of her family allowed her to heal and continue to defend herself in court.

Ashley Reeves Parents Father Michael & Mother Michelle Are Still In Illinois

When April 2006 came around, the unexpected occurred for the Millstadt couple Michael “Mike” and Michelle, who were happily raising their two teenage children, Ashley and Casey.

The Reeves pair demonstrated that they are the kind of doting parents that would stop at nothing to protect their kid and did not leave any stone unturned in their efforts.

As soon as Ashely was reported missing, Michelle contacted the authorities and forced them to check more thoroughly into the disappearance investigations.

As a result, Ashley’s lifeless body was discovered in the woods close to thirty hours after she had been reported missing. The Reeves pair stood out as an example of what it means to be a devoted and dedicated parent in their community because of the level of devotion and dedication they displayed.

While Michelle was in charge of the public answering and the prosecution, Mike took care of Ashley by standing by her side the entire time.

Ashley, who had been strangulated, had suffered a fractured neck and other bodily traumas; as a result, she required assistance around the clock to complete even the most basic of duties. The Reeves couple is proud that they were able to raise their two girls in their community to become independent and responsible individuals.

Sam Shelton Survivor Ashley Reeves Update In 2022

Ashley Reeves overcame the attempt at murder made by her lover Sam Shelton in that year, but the following year she was confronted with the mind trick of Sam Shelton’s being on the run from the law.

While Sarah was making slow but steady progress with her recovery, the potential killer Sam was making numerous attempts to flee from the authorities by fabricating his own suicide and the causes for his deteriorating mental health.

The Reeves family came to the conclusion that they did not want Ashley to have to go through the ordeal of hearing about what had happened again. As a result, they coerced Samson into agreeing to a plea bargain, which results in him doing time in prison for the crime he committed.

In the meantime, Ashley, one of the people who survived the attack, made a remarkable recovery from it. Vizaca affirms that after relearning how to communicate, eat, and drink, she went on to complete her high school education and graduate a year later.

Even further, she gave her time at a center for the prevention of violence, where she encouraged others to stand up to their oppressors. She is currently in the middle of her 30s and is a mother to two children.

Ashley Reeves And Family Live In Privacy Today

Ashley Reeves and her family have made the decision to avoid the media and any unwanted attention because they already have a lot going on in their lives.

Samson had consented to the terms of the plea deal, which included serving a prison sentence of twenty years. His expected date of release from the Illinois Department of Corrections is on April 22, 2024, as shown in their records.

According to an article published by Voxbliss, the victim’s family has not stopped talking about the tragedy to famous crime media outlets and documentary filmmakers.

They have high hopes that Ashley’s struggle will motivate somebody, somewhere, at some time in their life, to triumph over life. The incident that occurred between Sam and Ashley has been the focus of extensive media coverage, including reenactments on television.

As Ashey was still a child at the time, the two were engaging in a sexual relationship that was outside the law for a period of a few months while they were former teacher and student.

After Sam discovered that she was obsessed with him, he made an effort to end their connection, but Ashley did not agree with his choice. The much older Sam had repeatedly choked the younger girl out of rage, the first time while they were in the car, the second time with his belt, and the third time to make sure she was dead.

In spite of this, the courageous Ashley was discovered alive and breathing through her broken neck in the woods while it was raining heavily and she was covered with insects.



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