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Where Are Boxer Johnny Famechon’s Kids Paul And Danielle Today? How Did The Boxer End Up In A Wheelchair Before Death?

Australian featherweight boxer Johnny Famechon competed in the sport. Famechon was the third person in 2012 to be given Legend status.

Throughout his 20-year career, Famechon the boxer had a reputation as a talented fighter whose defence was his strongest point.

With 56 victories, six ties, and five defeats, Johnny concluded his career. He beat Les Dunn in 1964 to win the title of Victorian Featherweight.

His victory against Scot John O’Brien in 1967 earned him the Commonwealth Featherweight championship.

On January 21, 1969, in the Albert Hall in London, he fought Cuban José Legrá on points to win the Lineal and WBC featherweight titles.

Where Are Johnny Famechon Children Paul And Danielle Now?

Paul Famechon, a boy, and Danielle Famechon, a girl, are the two children that Johnny Famechon is the father of. He welcomed his children together with his wonderful wife, Elise.

Paul, their first child, was born in 1972, and Danielle, their daughter, was born in 1974. The boxer has always been a devoted parent to his kids.

A year before his 1991 automobile disaster, the late boxer went on a blind date with Glenys, his second wife.

After the incident that forever altered his life, he was still committed to getting married to Glenys, but he wouldn’t take the plunge until he reached the altar. Famechon put it off until finally finishing it by himself in 1997.

More To Know On Famechon’s Children

Jonny and his wife, Elise Famechon, have been married for more than 50 years. They have two children together, a boy and a girl.

Paul and Danielle Famechon are famous children and the offspring of Jonny and Elise Famechon.

Little is known about their personal lives since they have made the decision to live them regardless of their rank.

Paul is the parents’ first child and their son. He is 50 years old right now. His parents welcomed their first kid, Paul, in 1972.

Danielle, on the other hand, is Jonny’s lone daughter and last child. She is 48 years old and was born in 1974.

The boxer’s wife, Elise, was a good caregiver who looked out for her family and had a positive outlook on life.

Why Was the Boxer in a Wheelchair Before His Death?

Following the passing of Johnny Famechon, a cherished boxing great, the Australian athletic world is in grief. The 77-year-old former world champion was a male.

Following a valiant fight to recover from a dreadful accident that left him in a coma, Johnny Famechon passed away at the age of 77.

Before his death, a wheelchair was seen with him. The referee gained notoriety after quitting boxing in 1970 and kept healthy by running marathons.

Famechon was renowned for his precise glove work, but he also showed his grit outside of the ring by battling back in 1991 after being struck by a vehicle close to Sydney’s Warwick Farm racecourse.

The athlete suffered a brain damage and a stroke when he awakened from a coma 10 days later, but he fought back to enjoy what he termed a “great life.”

Johnny Famechon Has A Statue Devoted To Him

Famechon is recognised as one of the nation’s finest boxers and was elected into the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1997.

In 1969, he defeated José Legrá of Cuba on points in London’s Royal Albert Hall to claim the lineal and WBC featherweight belts.

A monumental bronze statue of boxing champion Johnny Famechon rises tall in Ballam Park as a tribute to the legend who achieved so much in his career.

Rob McCarthy, the Australian Boxing Hall of Fame, and Frankston City Council hired Sydney-based artist Stephen Glassborow to create the 2.5-meter-tall monument.



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