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Where Did Zoya Hashmi Go? About the TikTok Star Who Went Viral

Zoya Hashmi is a popular TikTok star with millions of fans who follow her on social media. Also, a video that went viral on social media recently went viral again.

A well-known TikTok user made a video that went viral. In it, she was harassed and forced. Zoya is one of the best-known social media stars and TikTok stars in Pakistan.

She has a lot of fans, and when the video went viral on social media, a lot of people posted it on many different sites. But according to Hashmi’s Leaked Video, three people seem to have linked the famous TikTok user to the crime.

Where Did Zoya Hashmi Go?

The popular video shows that Zoya Hashmi is trying to get rid of the men who are bothering him. But it’s not clear who put this video on social media or where it happened.

From the video, it looks like she is both at the hotel and somewhere else. Unfortunately, newspapers and other media in Pakistan haven’t talked about this video and haven’t taken any more legal action against those who made it.

Many people who make videos on YouTube talk about this issue, and some of them are speaking out. So, keep up with what we’re doing. If we find out anything new, we will add it to this post. So, please keep coming back to see if we have any new news or information.

Zoya Hashmi Viral TikTok Video And Wikipedia

Zoya Hashmi is a popular Instagram and TikTok star who does not yet have an age on Wikipedia.

There, in just a few days, she got a big group of fans. She is a famous person from Pakistan, and more than 2.5 million people follow her on Instagram. She goes to a university in Pakistan to get her first degree.

It is not clear when she was born, but she is said to be 25 years old. We know for sure that she is from Pakistan, so she is a Pakistani citizen.

Find Out Who Zoya Hashmi Is Dating

Zoya Hashmi is a famous tiktoker, but no one knows her real name or much about her.

She has never shared anything about herself on her social media account. So, we think she might not have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

But after people saw the leaked video of this social media star, they think she might know the person in the video, whom she calls “Hamza.”

We couldn’t find her Twitter account, but there are many tweets about her there. Zoya has 591 Instagram posts and 540k followers.

She has posted many photos and videos of herself and other things, like nature. Her fans seem to love and adore them.



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