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Where Is Ashley Schofield Now? Details About Daughter Of Leo Schofeild

With ABC’s ’20/20: Last Seen In Lakeland’ examining the 1987 murder of 18-year-old Michelle Schofield, we gain a thorough understanding of whether or not her husband is truly culpable. Despite the fact that Leo Schofield has been incarcerated as a convicted murderer since 1989, there may be evidence implicating an altogether different individual: lifetime criminal Jeremy Lynn Scott. But for now, if you only wish to learn the essentials about one of the biggest voices campaigning for his entire release – his daughter Ashley Nicole Schofield — we have the information you need.

Who Is Ashley Schofield?

Ashley Nicole Schofield is the adopted daughter of Leo and his second wife Crissie Carter, whom he met in 1991 while volunteering to teach life skills at his prison as a former probation officer. In 1995, they wed when she began to believe his claims of innocence after hearing his story, researching the court documents, and examining all the evidence herself. The couple subsequently happily adopted their daughter a few years later, and Ashley is still a “big daddy’s girl” despite him being imprisoned for her entire life; she also feels he is innocent.

When questioned about their relationship, Ashley told ABC’s ’20/20′, “Music is absolutely something that [my dad and I] share.” I believe that is how we are similar; it’s because of music… [We are] very close. It is therefore not surprising that she has been interested in Leo’s case since she was a teenager, going so far as to testify for him in front of the parole board in 2016, but to no avail. Ashley stated, “I’ve been training for the Olympics…we’re going to the 2020 Olympics together” despite the fact that she was still hopeful Leo would be released soon.

Ashley Schofield.

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Where is Ashley Schofield At Present?

Ashley continues to support her father despite the passage of time and the futile attempts to have him exonerated, since she is convinced he did not murder his first wife, Michelle Schofield. Leo’s rule, “tell the truth even if your voice shakes,” may also have played a role in all of this, considering that he has always instructed her to be truthful during their prison visits. Consequently, it upsets Ashley that she can’t have instant access to or be in her father’s presence like the rest of the world, but she is grateful to have him in her life, at least in some way.

“There have been occasions when, you know, I just wanted to contact him or speak with him… I adore my mother, to be clear. “But wow, I wish I had my father,” Ashley said while holding back tears on ’20/20. As far as we can tell, the athlete is no longer only a daughter; she is also a proud partner and mother, having given birth to her son Genesis Arthur in late 2020. The resident of Fort Myers, Florida, is sincerely and undeniably connected to her entire family, and we wish her pleasure and tranquility.

What is Going In Daily Life Of Ashley Schofield?

Despite the passage of time, Ashley continues to support her father because she does not believe she murdered his first wife. His rule is, “Speak the truth, even when your voice shakes.” Consequently, she is disappointed that she cannot call or visit her father whenever she desires, like other people, but she is pleased to have him in her life, at least indirectly.

Ashley discussed it on “20/20” while struggling desperately not to cry. From what we can tell, she is now not only a daughter, but also a devoted partner and mother. Her social media sites demonstrate that she is extremely close with her entire family.

This is a phrase that the majority of couples will be familiar with. A sign of being consistent and accustomed to one thing. How frequently had Leo Schofield uttered these words previously? In what number of occasions did the simple plan come out perfectly? Many persons who read it will be able to imagine what often follows: You would order Chinese food, a hamburger, or pizza to watch television at home. Regular.

When Leo Schofield uttered these words to his wife Michelle, he anticipated this consequence. He was unaware that these were the final words he would speak to her or that what should have been a normal Tuesday evening would turn into a nightmare.
24 February 1987, at 9:45 p.m., Leo and his band were practicing at the home of their mutual friend Buddy Anderson. When Michelle called him 90 minutes after her work at a local burger restaurant, he told her to pick him up at his friend Vince Rahner’s house down the street.

He walked to Vince’s residence and waited there for Michelle. Leo called his father at twelve o’clock midnight because he was worried about his wife. Leo Schofield, Sr. picked up his son, and the two of them followed Michelle’s footsteps in reverse. They looked into Leo and Michelle’s trailer but did not enter because they did not see her vehicle. Instead, they continued trying. After driving around for a while, Leo called local hospitals, police stations, and the sheriff’s office to see if he could locate Michelle. Nothing.

Leo and his father returned to his parents’ residence and made additional police calls. His mother brought him out again, and they traveled the same routes and stopped at Leo’s trailer once more. This time, he walked inside, turned on the lights, and scribbled a note to Michelle instructing her to stay put. He did this because he believed they had been indirectly missing one another.

Young Ashley Schofield
Young Ashley Schofield

What Exactly Happened?

At 2:20 AM, he and his mother finally arrived at the residence of Michelle’s father, David Saum. Leo awoke Saum by tapping on his window and inquiring whether or not he had seen Michelle. Michelle had been spotted earlier in the day, but not since.

Leo and his mother were leaving the home of David Saum when they observed two sheriff’s vehicles parked at a nearby gas station. Leo asked them if they had seen Michelle and provided more information about the vehicle she was driving.

After his mother’s search yielded no results, Leo returned to Buddy Anderson’s residence at 4:30 a.m. His friend urged him to try to sleep, so Leo did so.

In the morning, he met with a Polk County sheriff’s deputy at his trailer and provided him with a description and video of Michelle for the missing person report. Leo and his father spent the rest of the day making and posting fliers with information about Michelle’s disappearance, in the hope that someone, anybody, had seen her.

On Thursday, February 26, 1987, a friend informed the Schofields that he had spotted Michelle’s car at exit 44 on Interstate 4. The Schofields and the sheriff’s deputies met in a car that evening around 11:30. They observed that the rear door was unlocked, the rear audio system was missing, and hairs were stuck in the rear panel. The Schofields and the police searched the area, and Leo’s father discovered her body at 1:30 p.m. on Friday. She was stabbed 26 times before being tossed into a canal.

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