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Where Is Brandi Worley Today? Murder Of Children- Divorce With Husband Jason Worley

Brandi Worley, who was convicted of killing two people, will spend the rest of her life behind bars. The woman who was convicted of murdering both of her children and is currently serving a sentence of 120 years in prison in Indiana.

Brandi Worley, a native of Darlington, Indiana, is an American woman who was found guilty of murdering her two children and was sentenced to life in prison.

After her husband Jason Worley had filed for divorce, Brandi admitted to killing both of her children, her son Tyler and her daughter Charlee.

Jason, a software engineer by trade, found out that his wife was having an affair with their next-door neighbor. Even though he made an effort to patch things up with Brandi, the fact that she continued to cheat on him compelled him to file for divorce.

Brandi took the extraordinary action of murdering her son, who was seven years old, and her daughter, who was just three years old because she was afraid of losing custody of her children.

Where Is Brandi Worley Now? Prison Sentence And 2022 Update

Brandi Worley, who was found guilty of murder in 2022, is currently serving her sentence at the Indiana Women’s Prison, which is situated in the city of Indianapolis in the state of Indiana.

Brandi was given a sentence of one hundred and twenty years in jail for the murder of her two children. For the murder of her son Tyler, she received a sentence of 55 years in jail, and for the murder of her daughter Charlee, she received a sentence of 65 years in prison.

Tyler Worley and Charley Worley lost their lives at the young age of seven and three, respectively

During this time, Brandi’s ex-husband Jason Worley maintains his career as a software engineer while living a reclusive existence in Indiana. He has sworn that he will never speak to or see his ex-wife ever again.

In addition, there have been no rumors of Jason getting remarried after his first marriage ended in divorce. It appears that he is still grieving the loss of his children and is filled with regret that he could not have saved them.

Why Did Brandi Worley Divorce Jason Worley?

In point of fact, it was Jason Worley who submitted the initial petition for divorce rather than Brandi Worley.

Since Jason discovered that his wife had been having an affair with a neighbor, the future of the couple’s relationship has been in jeopardy. He had every intention of leaving her right away, but he was compelled to reconcile with her after Brandi threatened to use the fact that he had attempted suicide when he was in high school as evidence that he is unable to be a parent.

After being together for approximately a year, Jason finds out that Worley has been cheating on him again with another woman. At this point, the software engineer has come to the conclusion that he needs to end his relationship with his adulterous wife.

On November 15, 2016, Jason called an attorney and submitted a divorce petition, alleging that Brandi had been unfaithful to him. The terrible acts of murder that Brandi performed against her children occurred the following day.

As her murder weapon, Brandi employed a Kabar combat knife that she had purchased from a Walmart. On the evening of the murders, she pleaded with Jason to sleep with her on the couch, but he declined and instead went to sleep in the basement. Then, under the guise of a sleepover, Brandi brought her son Tyler, who was 7 years old at the time, into Charlee’s room.

At that location, she began by killing Tyler by repeatedly stabbing him in the neck. Charlee was startled awake by the sound of the stabbing, but Brandi admonished her to go back to sleep. When Worley had finished with Tyler, she turned her attention to her own daughter and used the same method to end her own life by stabbing herself in the neck.

Before Brandi committed the killings, she had summoned her mother to come to the house, but she hadn’t revealed anything about her intentions to kill anyone. The horrified shrieks that Brandi’s mother let out when she discovered the bodies of her deceased grandkids ultimately roused Jason from his sleep.

The only reason Brandi committed these heinous acts was to prevent her husband from gaining custody of their children and taking them away from her. She initially entered a plea of not guilty to the charge, but she later modified it to a plea of guilty.

Regarding Jason, he continues to feel guilty about the choice he made to spend the night of the homicide in the basement. He believes that he would have been able to save his children or at the very least perish beside them if he had slept on the couch.

A Post on Jason Worley’s Reddit Account That Led To The Murder Of Children

In a post on Reddit, Jason Worley, who is married to Brandi Worley, revealed that he discovered his wife was having an affair and that she had been cheating on him. The essay quickly gained a large number of readers, and many people left comments on it.

When he questioned Brandi about her romance with the neighbor, she categorically denied it, which led him to conclude that she was telling the truth.

Jason was able to provide her with proof that she had been texting the neighbor and he did so. She acknowledged it, and then she told him that this was the first time that the situation had escalated to this degree.

Later on, he also exhibited the images that she had sent to him, which was also something that she had confessed to him, and she informed him that the pictures had been deleted accidentally.

After that, he and Brandi got into an argument about it, and then they subsequently chose to temporarily separate from one another as a result of the argument.

In the original plan, Jason was going to continue living in his house, and Brandi was going to take the kids and move into her own place. However, their son sobbed, which made the situation even more difficult. Therefore, Jason pleaded with her to remain with them so that they could raise their children together.

Brandi Worley Convicted Her Children

On November 17, 2016, a mother named Brandi Worley from Darlington, Indiana, was arrested for the murder of her two children. The fatalities were identified as Charlee Rose Jean Worley, who was born in 2013, and her brother Tyler Daniel Clinton Worley, who was born in 2009. In Montgomery County, Indiana, the United States, Tyler attended Sugar Creek Elementary School, where he was enrolled in the first grade. As a young child, Charlee was enrolled at the Willson Early Learning Center’s Crawfordsville facility. She was just three years old, while he was seven years old.

After watching their daughter perform in a dance recital, Brandi Worley went to the Walmart in Crawfordsville, Indiana, under the premise that she needed pipe cleaners for a school project that her son, Tyler, was working on. On November 16, Brandi Worley is said to have acquired a Kabar combat knife at a Walmart, according to the information provided by Joseph Buser, a prosecutor working for the Montgomery County government. When she got back, she went straight into Tyler’s room with the knife. Jason declined her invitation to sleep on the couch, opting instead to take a nap in the basement as opposed to their bed or the sofa in their apartment.

While Jason was sleeping in the basement of their house, Brandi persuaded Tyler to Charlee’s room by promising him a sleepover. Charlee’s room was located on the second floor. She then stabbed herself in the neck after she had successfully killed the children by stabbing them in the neck. First, Brandi murdered her son, and then she murdered her daughter. The daughter’s first question upon waking up to the sound of her brother being repeatedly stabbed was, “What are you doing?”

After greeting her, Brandi urged her to return to her sleep and left the room. After that, she repeatedly stabbed her own daughter before dialing 9-1-1 to report the deaths of both of her children. Brandi said that she had had a large quantity of Benadryl. Throughout the entire 9-1-1 conversation, she kept her composure and did not show any signs of distress.

She informed the operator that she had dialed her mother’s phone number and that she was currently en route to the location. Her mother was unaware of anything that was going on around her at all. Because the 9-1-1 operator suspected or hoped that the call was a hoax, she contacted Brandi Worley’s mother, who is also the children’s grandma, and requested her to check on the kids’ health first. Jason’s grandmother jumped out of bed and started screaming after she found out that her grandkids had died. Brandi responded to him by saying, “You can’t take my kids away from me now.” The police arrived at approximately 4:30 in the morning.”

At the Terre Haute Regional Hospital, located in Terre Haute, Indiana, the autopsies were carried out. In the beginning, Worley sought medical attention for injuries he had caused to himself at the Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.



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