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Where Is Catherine Greig Now? Whitey Bulger Girlfriend Prison Time Details- Is She Free Now?

The fact that Catherine Greig dated Whitey Bulger is mostly responsible for her notoriety. Whitey was the head of the Winter Hill Gang in Somerville, Massachusetts, which was located in the state of Massachusetts.

On December 23, 1994, after his former FBI handler John Connolly notified him of an upcoming RICO charge against him, Whitey fled the Boston region and went underground. John Connolly had informed Whitey of the impending indictment.

He evaded capture for a total of sixteen years. Based on information provided in court by Kevin Weeks and other former colleagues in the criminal underworld, federal prosecutors tried Bulger for a total of nineteen murders following his arrest in 2011.

Where Is Whitey Bulger’s Girlfriend Catherine Greig Today?

Catherine Greig has completed her time in prison for the many years she was sentenced for refusing to testify in front of grand juries and aiding fugitive mobster James “Whitey” Bulger in his efforts to evade capture.

According to the website of the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, Catherine finished serving her nine-year term on Thursday. During the final year of her sentence, she was placed under house confinement and was subject to electronic monitoring. She utilized to reside with Bulger’s relatives in Hingham, but she has now relocated to South Boston in order to be with her twin sister.

Whitey Bulger And His Girlfriend Catherine Greig

After hearing that her sister, Margaret McCusker, was “thrilled” that she had completed her term, federal authorities reportedly deactivated her GPS tracker on Thursday morning. This came after Margaret McCusker told WBZ-TV that her sister was “thrilled” that her sister had finished her sentence.

On October 30, 2018, Whitey, who was serving a life sentence for 11 murders, was beaten to death by fellow convicts at a West Virginia jail. Whitey had been sentenced to life in prison. Nobody has been charged with helping in the killing, which took place less than a day and a half after he was transported there under questionable circumstances. The circumstances behind his transfer were also questionable.

In 1995, she decided to become one of Bulger’s accomplices when he was on the run from a federal racketeering indictment that he had evaded by fleeing Boston. In 2011, when the two of them were caught, he was a mainstay on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list. At the time, he was residing in a rent-controlled apartment close to the beach in Santa Monica, California.

How Long Was Catherine Greig In Home Prison? Is She Free Now?

Kevin Reddington, the attorney for Catherine Greig, stated on Thursday that his client is “an great woman” and that he is pleased that she is no longer incarcerated now that she has been released.

She was given a sentence of eight years in jail for supporting Bulger in fleeing arrest, and she was given an additional 21 months in prison for refusing to testify in front of grand juries examining whether or not other people assisted them while they were on the run.

Catherine Greig spent the better part of the previous 16 years hiding out with Whitey Bulger. She was his defender, she rode for him, and she loved him.

She served more than eight years in prison for him, and she REFUSED to testify against him in order to get her sentence reduced.

Whitey sent vehement letters from prison to a number of friends, who then distributed those letters to the Globe, lamenting the severe treatment Catherine had at the hands of the prosecutors. At the same time, several of his former friends who had collaborated with the government were granted reduced sentences for murders for which they were responsible.

Catherine was given a sentence that was longer than that of one of Whitey’s former colleagues, despite the fact that she was not involved in any of Whitey’s violent offenses. In addition to that, she was ordered to pay a fine of $150,000 and sell her home at her own expense.

Catherine “did what all the cops, prisons, and courts couldn’t,” according to a letter that Whitey sent in the 1950s to a buddy who had spent time with him in Alcatraz. “She should get an award for keeping me out of jail for the past 16 years without committing a single offense.”

Catherine Greig Wikipedia Bio And Latest Updates

Catherine Greig’s father was a machinist from Scotland, and her mother was from Canada. She was born in Boston. At the age of 20, she wed Robert “Bobby” McGonagle, who worked as a firefighter in Boston.

Robert came from a family with significant ties to the criminal underworld of Boston. They were associated with the Mullen Gang, which operated in South Boston. Her husband died in 1987 of a heroin overdose. The gunfight that took place between Bulger’s Killeen crew and their Mullen gang resulted in the death of both of his twin brothers, Donald and Paul.

The first victim passed away in 1969, and the second was taken out in 1974. In 1974, a gang battle also resulted in injuries for Bobby McGonagle. Whitey Bulger was familiar with Greig’s other brother, David Greig, who worked as an associate. David eventually ended his life by taking his own life on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Since Greig McCusker was taken into custody by the FBI, her twin sister Margaret McCusker has been an ever-present figure in her ongoing legal fights. Margaret continued by saying that even though she kept in touch with Whitey while he was incarcerated, she did not play the role of an intermediary between her sister and Whitey. Whitey and Catherine were not permitted to have any kind of interaction with one another.

Greig has not disclosed what she is doing at the present time; nonetheless, it would appear that she is continuing to lead a happy and successful life.

Catherine Greig Net Worth After Whitey Bulger Death- Did He Gave Her His Wealth?

It is speculated that Catherine Greig’s net worth is in the millions of dollars, although the specific amount has not been made public as of yet.

Prior to his passing, Whitey had a net worth of approximately $25 million.

Whitey Bulger and his girlfriend Catherine Greig had been living together in an apartment in Santa Monica, California, prior to Whitey’s arrest. Cash was used for all of the transactions. In 2011, FBI officers conducted a search warrant on the residence and determined that Bulger had concealed all of the money within the flat.

The agents looked behind the walls of the residence and found heaps of cash buried there. The majority of the envelopes had denominations of one hundred dollars each. The total amount was 822,198 dollars.

While he was undercover in Las Vegas, Bulger allegedly continued to acquire cash, as reported by the Los Angeles Times at the time. On the flight back to Boston, he disclosed to the authorities that he enjoyed playing the slot machines and that, throughout the course of his life, he had “won more than he lost” at gambling.

Catherine Greig Relationship Status

At the present time, Catherine Greig does not have a romantic partner. Catherine Greig does not have a boyfriend at this time. Catherine Greig is not involved with anyone in a romantic relationship at this time. There is nothing that we know about Catherine Greig’s previous engagements or relationships, and we do not even know if Catherine Greig has ever been married before. Catherine Greig does not appear to be the parent of any children, at least not according to our records.

Catherine Greig Body Measurement

In the following paragraphs, we will move as swiftly as possible through the process of examining Catherine Greig’s bodily dimensions, including her height, weight, eye color, hair color, shoe size, and dress size.

Catherine Greig 178 centimeters (about 5 feet 8 inches) tall
Catherine Greig Weight – 72 Kg
Brown is the color of Catherine Greig’s hair.

Whitey Bulger’s Girlfriend Now Living With His Relatives in Hingham

Because she assisted Whitey Bulger in evading capture for 16 years, Catherine Greig is currently in the final year of an eight-year sentence that she is serving in home confinement.

Catherine Greig, who was James “Whitey” Bulger’s longtime companion, is currently serving the remaining length of her sentence in a residence in Hingham, Massachusetts.

This week, she was observed by a reporter from the Boston Globe. It has been verified by her identical twin sister, Margaret McCusker, that a member of the Bulger family resides at the house.

McCusker relayed the following: “He promised that he would always take care of her, and his family stepped in.”

McCusker claims that she has had two encounters with her sister since the latter’s return to Massachusetts from incarceration in the month of June. This week saw the most recent occurrence of this particular problem.

McCusker reported that she is making excellent progress. “She has a lovely appearance. She is far more slender than I am. I’m looking forward to our time together expanding even further.”

The family members of Bulger’s victims were informed by the Bureau of Prisons that Greig would be residing in a halfway house on Cape Cod, and that he would eventually be able to move into a private home.

Greig and the infamous mob leader had been living in hiding for sixteen years prior to their apprehension in the year 2011.

In October of 2017, Bulger, who was 89 years old, passed away behind bars. Greig was sentenced to time behind bars. She was found guilty of both identity fraud and harboring a fugitive during her trial.

She was also sentenced to an extra 21 months in prison because she refused to testify in front of a grand jury regarding who may have assisted the pair in evading law authorities.

McCusker claims that her sister does not have any remorse about disappearing with Bulger for such a lengthy period of time.

“No,” answered McCusker. “She had a deep and abiding love for him. We all did.”

It is anticipated that Greig will serve out the remainder of her sentence during the summer of 2020.

According to her sister, the two of them are planning to move in together in South Boston.

Whitey Bulger’s Girlfriend Sentenced to Additional 21 Months in Jail

A federal judge has sentenced a woman from South Boston to an additional 21 months in prison for her role in James “Whitey” Bulger’s criminal enterprise. The judge called the woman’s longtime companion “a monster” who was unworthy of her “love and affection,” and he referred to Bulger as one of the most notorious gangsters in the history of Boston.

Catherine Greig, age 65, is now serving an eight-year term for her involvement in assisting James “Whitey” Bulger’s escape and evasion of arrest in 1995, following the disclosure to Bulger by his rogue FBI handler that a federal indictment was pending against him. She appeared in court today wearing a black sweater and had her white hair cut short. She flashed a smile to her twin sister Margaret, who was also present in the courtroom and was seated opposite from the relatives of two people who had been murdered by Bulger.

Using the aliases Charles and Carol Gasko, the couple was apprehended in June of 2011, while they were residing in a rent-controlled apartment close to the Santa Monica Pier. The wall cavities contained a stockpile of cash totaling $822,000 and thirty high-powered firearms, which were discovered by the investigators. Their bedroom was adorned with bookcases that were stacked with Bulger’s most treasured works on organized crime. He was featured in many.

New federal criminal contempt charges were addressed during today’s sentencing. These charges stem from what prosecutors referred to as Greig’s “consistent, dogged, and tireless” refusal to cooperate with a grand jury that is still investigating who, if anyone, assisted Bulger while he was hiding from authorities.

According to Assistant United States Attorney Mary Murrane’s argument, “the public has a right to know who else had a hand” in the crime. The United States District Court Justice Dennis Saylor was asked by the government to hand down a sentence of 37 months to Greig.

Kevin Reddington, the defense counsel for Greig, stated that the only real crime his client committed was falling in love with the wrong man. He also claimed that the prosecution was overly eager to punish Bulger’s paramour because she refused to give over “her friends and family.”

In front of the judge, Reddington stated, “It is obvious that she is a kind, gentle woman who has literally done nothing bad in her life except fall in love with James Bulger and live with him for 16 years until his arrest.” “It is obvious that she is a kind, gentle woman who has literally done nothing bad in her life except fall in love with James Bulger and live with

The judge was unconvinced by the argument.

“Bulger is a horrible beast, “remarked the judge. “Ms. Greig is not remorseful. She does not offer an apology. She is not attempting to put some gap between themselves and Bulger. She does not exhibit any signs of being willing to alter her behavior. Since she is an adult, she is aware of the protocol. She is completely responsible for this situation.”

The judge continued by saying, “I barely know what to say to that,” in response to the statement that “her only offense here is being devoted to Whitey Bulger and that she loves him.” It’s difficult to think of something that’s less deserving of our love and care.

The court did admit that he was convinced by Reddington’s contention that the government had negotiated sweetheart deals with Bulger’s countrymen, notably John Martorano, who confessed to killing 20 people but spent only 12 years behind bars for his crimes.

A Defendant’s Sentencing Memorandum that was submitted to the court “suggests that the ‘cross reference’ to Bulger’s offenses involving murder and RICO violations is a severe violation of his due process rights.” “Greig has entered a guilty plea to the offense of contempt, which is a non-violent offence.”

In addition, the document contends that “even while the court may take into consideration an almost endless array of facts in deciding a fair sentencing, it may not impose a sentence that surpasses the’substantively reasonable’ level.”

Following his conviction in 2013 on 11 counts of murder, racketeering, and other federal offenses, Bulger is currently serving a life term at a maximum-security prison. He is 86 years old.

In the meantime, federal authorities will hold a public auction in the month of June at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to sell Bulger’s belongings that were seized from the Santa Monica hideout where the couple lived for more than a decade. This is part of a way to recoup some of the $25.2 million forfeiture judgment that came with Bulger’s conviction.

According to court filings, the profits from the weekend auction, which will include a coffee mug shaped like a rat, along with the $822,000 in cash found secreted in the walls of the hideout, will be divided among the families of 20 people killed by the gangster or his associates and among several people he extorted. The auction will include items such as a coffee mug shaped like a rat. According to the records from the court, the firearms will not be available for purchase at the event, which is scheduled to take place from June 24 to June 26.

These victims will also receive Bulger’s Social Security income, as well as any cash that was recovered from safe deposit boxes and bank accounts connected to Bulger that were found in England and Ireland.



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