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Where Is Dhakota Williams Today? Roberta Williams Had 3 Children Before Husband Carl Williams

Roberta Williams is the infamous gangster Carl Williams’s wife. Carl Williams is a well-known criminal. She was found guilty of blackmailing the producer of a reality TV show and given a sentence.

On August 26, 2022, the infamous criminal’s widow testified in the criminal case she was involved in at the County Court of Victoria. She will serve her order in the community for a period of two years. In a court case that took place three years ago at the Collingwood, she was charged with blackmailing and recklessly harming her victim.

The claimed victim, Ryan Naumenko, was enticed to participate in Roberta’s schemes. During that time, he was subjected to physical violence and verbal threats.

The people who use the internet are curious about Carl Williams’ wife’s family history, especially the identities of her children. In particular, the public wants to know more about her children. The following is a list of the known information.

Where Is Roberta Williams’ Daughter Dhakota Williams Now?

At her residence in Melbourne, Dhakota Williams maintains an extravagant way of life. Recent events found her accompanying her mother on a trip to the County Court of Victoria.

Williams recently celebrated her 21st birthday on March 10th, which was also her birthdate. The gangland heiress had astounded her followers on social media with photographs from her lavish birthday party. Her get-together had a specialized beverage menu, food in a variety of offbeat hues, and a large wall decoration made of balloons.

According to the Daily Mail, Williams had inherited the $1 million townhouse on Primrose Street in Essendon that had previously belonged to her grandpa. Since 2008, she and her family had been calling that place home. However, George, her grandfather, also left behind a tax burden that was more than $900,000 in total.

Roberta Williams And Her Daughter Dhakota Williams

The family was unsuccessful in their fight against the Australian Tax Office in 2017. After that, there was a battle about who would get what share of the estate that was left over.

Dhakota has more than 39,000 followers on Instagram, where she offers glimpses into her life in Melbourne, including filthy photographs and expensive nights out. Dhakota’s posts include luxurious nights out and other extravagant activities. She is very active on social media under the username @dhakotawilliams.

Williams has stated that her connection with her father was completely typical. As she revealed in an interview with Seven’s Sunday Night in 2016, she has a nice feeling whenever she thinks back on the time she spent with him.

Dhakota said: “We only know our dad as our dad, regardless of what the press say about him. Therefore, we know him to be a humorous, loving, and caring individual. He never failed to make us content.”

“If you talked to him and got to know him, you would think he is not that kind of guy, like, and you can tell he did it for his family because he was all for us, all for us family.” “If you spoke to him and got to know him, you would think he is not that kind of person.” It was nothing out of the ordinary for me; in fact, that was all I ever really known.

Roberta Williams & Carl William Children Whereabouts

The year 2001 marked the wedding year for Roberta Williams and Carl Williams. Their sole biological kid is a girl named Dhakota.

Roberta was previously married to Dean Stephens, her first husband, prior to her marriage to Carl. Together, they are the parents of a daughter who goes by the name Danielle Stephens.

Danielle Stephens
Danielle Stephens

Kat Stewart was the one who played Roberta in the critically acclaimed television series Underbelly. Her father was killed in a car accident when she was still a young child and passed away shortly thereafter.

Williams has asserted that she was subjected to severe physical and emotional abuse at the hands of both her mother and her mother’s boyfriends. Her first husband, Danielle Stephens, maintained the pattern of abuse that she had experienced from previous partners, which ultimately led to her divorce from him.

Roberta claims that Carl Williams was the one who rescued her from all of the tribulations that she endured during her formative years.

What Happened To Carl Williams?

Since Carl William’s passing away on April 19, 2010, his family has become increasingly visible in the media.

When he was beaten to death by another convict, Matthew Charles Johnson, he was serving a sentence of 35 years in prison for the murder of three men at the time of his death. His death occurred not long after he provided information to the police in exchange for favors from the government.

Before being sentenced to prison, Carl was a well-known character in the conflict between rival gangs in Melbourne. He oversaw a narcotics enterprise that was responsible for the deaths of thirty-six infamous gangsters between the years of 1998 and 2010.

Who Is Dakota Williams? Her Wiki, Biography

Dakota Williams was born in Australia, and her father, the notorious felon Carl Williams, is the reason why she has gained a lot of notoriety. He was an Australian who had been convicted of murder and was also a drug trafficker from the city of Melbourne. He was not just the final victim of the Melbourne gangland killings but also the primary leader in the murders.

Dhakota carries a teddy bear at her father’s funeral
Dhakota carries a teddy bear at her father’s funeral

Even before she married Carl Williams, her mother had already established a reputation as a drug dealer in the community. Carl Williams was killed by Jason Moran on October 13, 1999, after Jason Moran shot him in the abdomen because Carl Williams owed the Moran family $80,000. Regarding the details of her educational history, she has not provided any information about it up until this point. On the authorized Wikipedia article, her complete biography is not yet presented in its entirety.

Dhakota Williams, the daughter of the late Melbourne drug king Carl Williams, is just 17 years old, but she is already showing signs of the defiant attitude that characterized her late father. Dhakota Williams is the heiress to the GANGLAND empire.

In the beginning of this year, Dhakota Williams and a teenage companion went undetected into the high roller section of the Melbourne Crown Casino and posed for pictures there.

According to reports, the casino is looking into how she managed to get past their security measures.

However, her convicted felon father spent a lot of time at the casino, and it was also the location of her christening reception in 2003.

Dhakota wrote the words “made it” on the snapshot she took inside the inner sanctuary earlier in the year when she broke the rules and sneaked in.

Although Dhakota’s mother, Roberta Williams, a gangland widow, believes that her lovely brunette daughter could be a model, the adolescent appears intent on pursuing a legal career instead.

And now, in year 11, the student is suing the authorities for a piece of her million-dollar gangland inheritance, eight years after her father was killed in a Melbourne prison by another criminal.

Dhakota and Roberta Williams, the widow of a drug lord, are engaged in a battle with the seemingly unstoppable Australian Taxation Office over their mansion, which has had an interesting role in the conflicts that have taken place in Melbourne’s underbelly.

Dhakota’s drug-trafficking grandfather, Carl’s father George, who was a figure in Melbourne’s amphetamine production trade, bequeathed the mansion to Dhakota. George was Carl’s father.

When Dhakota was still a young child, her father was sentenced to prison for the murder of four members of the Moran crime family who were competitors of the Moran crime family during Melbourne’s infamous gangland warfare.

Carl was shot in the stomach by Jason Moran, two years before to the birth of his daughter. Carl would go on to kill Jason Moran on his 29th birthday.

That day, he stumbled his way to his parents’ house, which was located on Primrose Street in the Essendon area in Melbourne’s northern region.

Dhakota and her mother have moved into that house, which is the same place where Carl’s mother committed herself after learning that her cherished son was sentenced to life in prison. Dhakota and her mother now live there.

The property has been shot up and set on fire, and the ATO has issued an order that the house be sold off, with the revenues being used to pay off the tax obligation that belonged to George Williams, who passed away.

How Old Is Dakota Williams? Age, Birthday

The 10th of March, 2001 was the day that Dakota Williams entered this world, making her current age 21. On March 10 of each year, Dakota Williams and her family and friends gather to celebrate her birthday. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. She has stated on numerous occasions that one of her goals in life is to pursue a career in law in order to assist both her and her mother in recovering the legacy that their late father, Carl Williams, bequeathed to them.

Dhakota Williams
Dhakota Williams

Speaking of her father, Carl Williams, he was born in Australia on October 13, 1970, but he was given a death sentence on April 19, 2010, when he was 39 years old. He is currently serving his sentence in Hm Prison Barwon, Lara, Australia. When his birthdate was examined, it was determined that his zodiac sign was Libra.

How Tall Is Dakota Williams? Height, Weight

Although Dakota Williams’ height and weight are not currently available, judging on the photo of her, she appears to have a typical height and weight for her body type. Along with her dark brow eyes and hair, she has a wonderful body figure that is both thin and voluptuous, which contributes to her overall attractive appearance.

Dakota Williams Instagram

On Instagram, Dakota William is known by the handle @dhakotawilliams. She has 35.9 thousand followers and has posted sixty times. Having said that, her account is kept behind closed doors. As a result, we are unable to get any additional information regarding her Instagram.

Who Is Dakota Williams Boyfriend Now, Is She Single Or Dating?

Since Dakota Williams has not divulged any information about her romantic life, there is no information that can be inferred regarding her dating life or lover. She is a lovely and fascinating young lady, and she has inherited some of her father’s riches; yet, she has not said anything about her romantic involvement at this point.

How Much Is Dakota Williams Net Worth 2022?

The actual amount of Dakota Williams’ net worth is unknown; however, considering that her father was a former drug lord, he most likely amassed quite a bit of riches for himself. Before Carl was given a death sentence, his estimated net worth ranged from $3 million to $5 million, as reported by a number of different sources. The majority of which was confiscated by the Australian Taxation Office, and Dakota seems to want her inheritance back for which she wants to become a lawyer in order to fight for it in the near future. The Australian Taxation Office grabbed the majority of what she inherited.



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