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Where Is Ex-Commando Pen Farthing Today? Founder Of Nowzad Dogs Charity Wikipedia Details

Formerly serving as a commando in the Royal Marines, Pen Farthing is also the person responsible for establishing the Nowzad Dogs charity in the United Kingdom.

During the fall of Kabul in August 2021, the former commando made the decision to wait until it was safe for his Afghan staff colleagues and their family to evacuate. More than two hundred thousand pounds sterling was donated by well-wishers in order to charter an airplane that would transport his workers, their families, and the animals that were being housed by the charity.

On August 27, members of the British Armed Forces assisted Pen and his animals in traveling to the airport.

Farthing left Afghanistan with them on August 28 as the only traveler on a private jet capable of evacuating another 229 people, but the British government refused to accept his offer to evict more people using those empty seats. As a result, Farthing was forced to leave Afghanistan alone on the plane.

Where Is Pen Farthing Today?

Pen Farthing just announced that he will be taking a break from his many social media accounts by posting a photo of himself on Instagram and explaining his decision.

He added that he has come to the conclusion that his continued use of social media is most likely the root of the issue, and that he will be fine if he takes a vacation from it.

Pen Farthing is a British former Royal Marines commando and founder of the Nowzad Dogs charity

The former commando has not provided any further information regarding his goals or plans for the future. In the year 2021, he was in Kabul, but he was able to get his rescue animals through security at the airport.

According to reports, the evacuation flight took place on August 28 and landed in Kabul with the private plane that had been rented for the journey.

He said in an interview with The Sun that it was just too depressing to leave them behind and that there were “plenty of tears” as he walked away from them as he said goodbye.

It was planned for Farthing to fly to Tashkent, and then continue on to the United Kingdom, where his animals would be quarantined until the holiday season.

Pen Farthing Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Given the amount of money that Pen Farthing spends on his business, his personal wealth most likely ranges between $500,000 and even more.

Nowzad Dogs is a nonprofit that focuses on animal welfare and he is the organization’s founder. According to the information provided by Nowzad Dogs, for the financial year that ended on March 31, 2021, the company had a total income of £838,078 while their total expenditures were £727,913.

The charity trust, which is supported by Pen’s efforts to raise money and donations, is the primary contributor to Pen’s financial well-being.

An ex-commando is a humble man who, with the money he has earned up to this point, aspires to lead a respectable life for himself and his family.

CNN dubbed him “CNN Hero of 2014,” and the RSPCA Animal Hero Awards considered him a deserving candidate.

Pen Farthing Family Details

1969 saw the arrival of Paul Farthing into the world in Essex, England, to his parents. At the end of this year, he will turn 53 years old.

It would appear that Farthing is a Christian and that he is of Caucasian heritage, just like his parents. It appears that his parents are also citizens of the United Kingdom.

In a similar vein, they cannot contain their happiness at witnessing their son engage in such admirable and helpful action.

It would appear that Farthing comes from a financially stable household and that he had a happy childhood.

It would appear that his family is a source of inspiration and motivation for him, as they have consistently supported, encouraged, and prayed for him to achieve positive outcomes in his life.

The fact that his parents raised him to be kind to others and modest is mostly attributable to them.

Who Is Pen Farthing’s Wife? Meet Their Children

Pen Farthing has tied the knot with Kaisa Markhus, and the couple has been basking in wedded bliss ever since.

As the country director for Ascend Athletics, an organization that worked to inspire Afghan females to get involved in sports, Kaisa was instrumental in achieving this goal.

In addition to that, she has contributed to the charitable organization Nowzad Dogs and has helped her husband in his job to the best of her abilities. She was born in Norway, and both of her parents brought her up there.

The couple has a lot of fun going on vacations together and even shares images of themselves on various social media platforms. She uses the username @kaisahelene on Instagram, and while she has over 2500 followers, her account is now switched to private mode.

There has been no mention of the couple planning to start a family, and it seems as though they have come to view Nowzad Dogs as their home and the canines as members of their family, which is a very kind gesture on their part.

Pen Farthing Personal life

Paul Farthing was born in the county of Essex, which is located in England. He worked his way up through the ranks of the Royal Marines and eventually became a sergeant. His wife, Kaisa Markhus, is the country director for Ascend Athletics, an initiative that encourages young women in Afghanistan to participate in athletics. He is married to Markhus.

Pen Farthing Is Founder of The Nowzad Charity

Farthing is the creator of the nonprofit organization Nowzad Dogs in addition to being the author of a number of other publications, including the book “Wylie: The Brave Street Dog Who Never Gave Up,” which is one among the numerous books that Farthing has authored. In 2006, Farthing was dispatched to Afghanistan, where he became involved in breaking up a dog fight that was going place in the middle of the street in the town of Nawzad. During the course of his tour of duty, he was joined by one of the dogs, who later received the name Nowzad. When Farthing’s tour of duty came to an end, he determined that it would be his responsibility to get the dog back to the United Kingdom. This encounter served as the impetus for him to establish the charitable organization Nowzad Dogs.

Evacuation of animals from Afghanistan (2021)

During the fall of Kabul in August 2021, Farthing made the decision to remain in the city until all of his Afghan employees, along with their family members (for a total of 71 persons), were given permission to leave. This decision required Farthing to remain in the city for the duration of the conflict. Over 200,000 pounds worth of donations were collected in order to charter a flight for the aim of evacuating the personnel of Nowzad, their families, and the animals that were held in the sanctuary operated by the charity.

In the midst of the siege of Kabul, according to Farthing, the British Ministry of Defense blocked an evacuation flight from touching down at Hamid Karzai International Airport. These assertions have been refuted by Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who stated that his department was unable to get its workers as well as their dogs through the checkpoints set up by the Taliban and the crowd that surrounded the airport, and that the jet would have had to wait for a number of hours. He went on to say that in his process of making decisions, he would never put “dogs over people” as a higher priority than people.

On August 23, the government of the United Kingdom granted visas to 68 of the 71 employees and family members of those employees. These visas allowed the individuals to enter the country. However, the authorities did not grant authorization for the animals to be evacuated through the charitable organization. The request for permission was finally approved on August 25.

On August 27, members of the British Armed Forces assisted Farthing and his animals as they traveled to the airport. This support was supplied by the British military. Because the British government denied Farthing’s offer to evacuate extra individuals using the empty seats, he was the only passenger on the private flight that left Afghanistan with them on August 28. This occurred because the British government declined Farthing’s offer. Despite the fact that the jet had the capacity to save an additional 229 people, no one was allowed to board. At an airport checkpoint, the Taliban refused to allow the Afghan employees of the organization to enter the country on the grounds that they did not have the appropriate visa stamps in their passports.

Pen Farthing Controversy

During the time that the United Kingdom was pulling out of Afghanistan, Farthing became the focus of several newspaper briefings that were written against him by members of the ruling Conservative party as well as their allies. These briefings were written against him by members of the Conservative party as well as their allies. Farthing was accused by Ben Wallace, the defense secretary for the United Kingdom, of interfering with efforts to evacuate British citizens and Afghan friends from Kabul. Wallace was the one who made the accusation. In addition to this, Wallace asserted that Farthing and those who supported him were participating in tactics of intimidation and were fabricating the events that had place.

The Sunday Times managed to get their hands on the tape of a threatening voicemail that was delivered by Farthing to Peter Quentin, who works as a special adviser to Ben Wallace. In the voicemail, Farthing accused Quentin of preventing him from boarding his flight and warned that he would “destroy” Quentin if the flight was not approved and if travel documents were not immediately granted to Farthing’s employees and their family members. He also said that he would “destroy” Quentin if the flight was not approved and if Quentin did not immediately grant travel documents to Farthing’s employees and their family members Those who believed Farthing should be believed leveled accusations on the Ministry of Defense for engaging in a malicious attempt to slander him through the release of the audio recording. After some time had gone, Farthing issued an explanation for the voicemail and explained that he had left it out of exasperation. He said that he had left it because he was frustrated. After that, the press accused Farthing of using his contacts to try to persuade the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, to personally intervene in the situation. Later on, Farthing was accused of leveraging his contacts to persuade Boris Johnson to personally intervene in the situation, despite the fact that there is no evidence to suggest that Farthing had any capacity to directly influence the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in this fashion.

Pen Farthing may have been made a scapegoat by government politicians responsible for the failed Afghanistan pullout and those briefing to undermine Boris Johnson, who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time. There is evidence to suggest this. This data debunks a sizeable chunk of the contention that has been raised.

Awards Reveived By Pen Farthing

Nominated for the RSPCA’s Animal Hero Awards, which are given out annually (2013).

CNN has bestowed upon them the title of “CNN Hero of 2014.”



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