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Where Is Gregory Owens Today? Five Shocking Facts About Rachel Owens Murder

Gregory Owens, a resident of Londonderry, was taken into custody for the attempted homicide of his wife, Rachel Owens. This crime led to his imprisonment. Where is he at this time?

NBC’s Dateline will cover the home invasion that occurred in Maine in 2014, when a man tried to kill his wife’s friend by breaking into the residence of her buddy. According to reports, Gregory Owens shot his wife a total of three times, while also wounding her friend with a gunshot to the arm.

New information pointed to the possibility that Gregory was leading a double existence. Using a different identity and name, he carried on an affair with a woman named Betsy for almost five years while they both kept their secret identities secret. After finding out about the convict’s wife, the convict’s girlfriend decided to stop their relationship. Because of this, the man made an effort to take the life of his wife.

Dateline: Where Is Gregory Owens Now?

Gregory Owens is currently serving a life sentence for the attempt on the life of his wife, which led to him being convicted of the crime.

Owens was found guilty of trying to murder his wife, who was in the early stages of dementia, throughout the course of his trial. A jury also convicted him guilty of interstate domestic violence, as well as using a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence. These convictions came as a result of an investigation that took place in many states.

This coming Friday, the episode of NBC’s Dateline devoted to Rachel Owens will premiere. According to the reports, the woman’s head is reportedly pierced by a bullet to this day. It was a miracle that she made it through the ordeal in 2014 unscathed.

Even after being found guilty, her husband continued to protest his innocence. Even though he broke down in tears and apologized to his wife, the jury was persuaded that the evidence that had been provided was more than sufficient to find him guilty.

What Happened To Rachel Ownes? Gregory Owens Attempted Murder Timeline

What Ended Up Taking Place With Rachel Ownes? Gregory Owens Attempted Murder Timeline

Rachel and Gregory Owens had been married for a total of 36 years when Gregory opened fire on Rachel and attempted to kill her.

Rachel Owens

On December 18, 2014, Gregory, who was born and raised in Londonderry, New Hampshire, broke into the home of his wife’s friend in Saco, where she was staying at the time. When he shot his wife and the homeowner, Steve Chabot, three times each, he hid his identity by covering his face with a mask.

To our great good fortune, both of them made it. When Rachel was transported to the hospital, her condition was critical and she needed immediate medical attention. However, she managed to live. The victim’s family claims that a fragment of the bullet can still be seen in the patient’s brain.

Gregory Owens’s dual existence served as the impetus for all of this to begin. Betsy was the name of the woman he was having an affair with while he was still married to his wife of 36 years. He had kept his true identity a secret from his girlfriend, despite the fact that they had been together for over five years.

Betsy eventually became convinced that Gregory was lying to her and made the decision to put an end to their relationship as a result. After that, he went on to kill his wife in the state of Maine. At the time, his wife was going through the early stages of dementia.

Rachel Owens Son And Children: Where Is Her Family Now?

Rachel Owens and her former husband are the parents of a child together. It is known by the name Wayne.

During the trial of his father, Wayne spoke up and offered a few statements. He expressed his opinion that “I think this has brought us together, sadly, it had to be under these conditions that made us, I think, tighter as a family.”

“I believe that we have emerged from this situation stronger, and we are going to continue to be there for one another as we just move on with our lives and put this past experience behind us. It is a blessing that she is still here with us.” Wayne added.

The family has made an effort to move on from the terrible events of the past. However, something similar to that keeps coming back to torment you, doesn’t it?

Who Shot At Rachel Owens And Why?

The alleged home invasion and attempted murder of Rachel Owens in Saco, Maine, in 2014 brought to light a web of falsehoods that her husband, Gregory Owens, had created in order to conceal his double life and affair that had lasted for five years from the rest of the world. Nevertheless, secrets started to leak out, and a number of other people found themselves caught in what appeared to be a confusing love triangle.

Their narrative will be the focus of the forthcoming episode of NBC Dateline, which will air this coming Friday. Andrea Canning will be reporting on the topic in great detail. On August 19 at 10 o’clock Eastern Time, the episode with the working title The Intruder will be broadcast.

Up until the point where the woman was viciously shot while visiting her friends in Saco, the couple from Londonderry, New Hampshire, appeared to be having a regular life. Rachel Owens and Steve Chabot, both of whom were purportedly shot during the assault, managed to survive; however, it is believed that the former still has a bullet lodged in her head to this day. Chabot, on the other hand, was able to escape unharmed.

Gregg, who has been married to Rachel for the past 36 years, was found guilty over the course of the trial, and he is now receiving a life sentence in prison. However, what were his reasons for carrying out the assault on the woman who he professed to love and who he attacked? Continue reading to find out more about the motivations behind the attack that left the hitherto tranquil communities of Saco and Londonderry bewildered and perplexed.

Five shocking facts about Rachel Owens’ 2014 shooting case

1) There were at least four gunshots fired at Rachel Owens.

Reports indicate that Gregory Owens, clad in a mask, broke into the home of Steve and Carol Chabot in Saco, Maine, while Rachel Owens was there as a guest. Steve and Carol Chabot are the parents of Rachel Owens.

On the evening of December 18, 2014, the alleged offender, Gregg, went upstairs to the spare room where his wife was resting and shot her multiple times, totaling at least four. Rachel, who was 55 years old, was hit by bullets in the right arm, the right leg, and the back of the head. One bullet even managed to graze her abdomen.

2) During the course of the assault, one of the homeowners was also shot.

Gregory Owens, the convicted assailant and the spouse of the person who was supposed to be the victim, was also accused with shooting Steven Chabot through the door of the closet in the master bedroom, which was apparently where Chabot was hiding while the assault was taking on.

Three times, Chabot was struck by bullets: once in the arm, once in the shoulder, and once in the back. Carol Chabot, his wife, had retreated to a different room where she remained safe after locking the door behind her.

3) The authorities were able to locate Rachel Owens’ husband, Gregg, by following a trail of evidence.

The police had very little in the way of evidence, but they did have a footprint outside of a window, some used cartridge cartridges, and a hair that was wedged between two glasses of a window pane. The police arrived to the opinion that Rachel Owens was the predetermined pawn of the shooting assault and that it was a planned attack after inspecting the house for forensic evidence. This conclusion was reached after the police searched the residence for evidence.

Approximately one year after the incident, the legal process against Gregg Owens began in the courtroom. This marked the beginning of the legal process.

During the search of Gregg’s house, the police recovered a ski mask as well as bullets that were an exact match for the casings that were located at the scene of the crime. Gregg’s DNA was discovered to be an exact match with the DNA that was taken from the location of the attack. This finding was confirmed by further testing.

4) Rachel and Gregory “Gregg” Owens, Betsy, and the purported existence of a love triangle

Betsy, a local of Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, was having an affair with Rachel Owens’ then-husband, Gregg, while he was cheating on her with another woman. According to reports, the two became friendly with one another almost three years after first meeting on a flight.

After Betsy finalized the divorce from her first husband, the two of them began an affair and continued to see one other for around five years. Although she was aware of Gregg’s wife, this woman occasionally deceived her by telling her lies about his marriage.

The man, age 55, was caught lying in one occasion when he accidentally butt called his girlfriend when he was with Rachel. Rachel was the one who discovered his deception. Betsy approached him and ended their relationship, claiming that it was over until such time as he was willing to end his marriage to his current partner.

The authorities believe that this is what motivated Gregg to kill his wife so that he could spend the rest of his life with his lover from Wisconsin and have a happy existence.

5) The jury found Gregg guilty in the attempted murder case involving Rachel Owens.

While Gregg was serving time for the attempted murder of his wife, he made numerous attempts to get in touch with Betsy so that they might continue their relationship once he was released from jail. He went so far as to profess his undying love for her and reassure her that she was the one he was meant to be with. Betsy came to the conclusion that he was exploiting her emotions once more and decided that she would no longer believe his falsehoods.

The defense presented evidence to the court that demonstrated Gregg was not the perpetrator of the attack. They stated that Gregg’s emails appeared to have been sent around the time in question, that the gun that was used was never found, and that police were unable to locate Gregg on the highway that connects New Hampshire and Maine. This evidence was presented to demonstrate that Gregg was not the attacker. Because Gregg had been to the house in the past, the DNA that was found at the scene was easier to interpret.

It would appear that Gregg tampered with the time stamp on his computer in order to create an alibi for himself. Nonetheless, he was found guilty and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Betsy’s business was established with the goal of enhancing the position of women in society; hence, she freely admits that she is embarrassed by any affiliation she has had with Gregg. Rachel is currently living with her son and his family, while her ex husband and the person who attacked her is currently incarcerated and appealing the verdict.



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