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Where Is Journalist Ainsley Earhardt Today? What Happened To Fox & Friends Co-Host?

Author and prominent conservative television news journalist in the United States, Ainsley Earhardt is noted for her work in both fields.

Co-host of the morning show Fox & Friends is Ainsley Earhardt. Earhardt worked as a reporter for WLTX, the local CBS station in Columbia, South Carolina, prior to her graduation from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina.

Between the years 2000 and 2004, Ainsley worked as a morning and lunchtime anchor at a local news station. After the attacks of September 11, the anchor traveled all the way to New York City to report on the situation at middle schools in South Carolina.

She made a substantial contribution by giving firefighters a donation of more than $500,000 in order for them to buy a new fire engine to replace one that was destroyed at the World Trade Center site.

Where Is Ainsley Earhardt Now?

There were a lot of fans who were worried about Earnhardt’s location at the moment, but you can rest easy knowing that he is still working toward a career as a writer.

In addition to this, Ainsley’s television career may still be seen on Fox News. At the moment, the journalist and her family may be found living in New York City, in the United States.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Earnhardt had previously broadcast her Fox & Friends program from a satellite studio located in the basement of Hannity’s Long Island mansion.

Although Ainsley and her family made the move to the Foxcroft house in Charlotte, North Carolina when she was a child, they are originally from the city of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Her first marriage, to Will Proctor, who played quarterback for Clemson University, was successful in producing a child for her.

What Happened To Fox & Friends Co-Host?

Ainsley Earnhardt’s departure from her current show, Fox & Friends, has been the subject of numerous speculations. However, there has been no official confirmation that she has left the program, despite the fact that the same rumor regarding her departure has been circulating for a considerable amount of time already.

Ainsley Earhardt

There has been no response to the rumor from either Fox & Friends or the journalist in the form of an official statement. In addition, Earnhardt has been posting numerous updates from the sets of her current engagements, which has led to the elimination of the doubts.

As a consequence of this, it should not be assumed that she is going to be joining a brand new team, either at FOX or somewhere else. A recent episode of The Five included Ainsley, who also appeared in the show.

Even if the journalist has not been seen on recent episodes of Fox & Friends, there is no need for concern and there is no reason to be afraid that she is leaving the show.

It’s possible that the journalist from Fox & Friends is currently away on vacation, which would explain why we haven’t seen her on the show.

Where Are Ainsley Earhardt’s Ex-Husband Today?

Ainsley Earhardt, a journalist, has been through three marriages that have all ended in divorce. In April of 2005, Earhardt tied the knot with Kevin McKinney; however, the couple later decided to separate in 2009.

After ending her first marriage, Earhardt tied the knot with Will Proctor, a former quarterback at Clemson University, in October of 2012.

They started a family together and had a child. In October of 2018, Proctor submitted a divorce petition, ending his marriage of seven years.

Amidst rumors of cheating, the journalist went ahead and filed for divorce from his wife. They finalized their divorce in 2019.

His LinkedIn profile indicates that Proctor is still working at Neuberger Berman in the same capacity as before, namely that of Head of Sponsor Coverage and Managing Director.

As he makes the move from professional athletics to finance, he is having great success in his work. It’s possible that Kevin is obsessed with his profession as a political analyst when the two of them are talking about Earhardt’s first marriage.

More To Know About The Journalist’s Salary And Net Worth

Ainsley Earhardt is a well-known American television journalist who has a net worth of $6 million. It is anticipated that by the year 2022, she will have earned somewhere about $2 million in compensation.

Although she was born in South Carolina, Earhardt spent much of her childhood in North Carolina. The journalist obtained a degree in biology from Florida State University prior to enrolling at the University of South Carolina in order to further his education.

The well-known face from television decided to launch a career in journalism instead. She was the top student in the journalism program at USC, and after graduation she began working as a reporter in her hometown of Columbia.

She has even been honored with the Young Alumni Award from her university, and she is considered to be one of the most outstanding young alumni at the institution.

Ainsley Earhardt Professional Career

Ainsley began her career in journalism at the age of 24, beginning with the CBS 19 affiliate WLTX-TV in Columbia, South Carolina, where she worked as a reporter. In 2005, she was given an offer to work in the morning shows at CBS 5 affiliate KENS-TV in San Antonio, where she remained employed for a period of 18 months. After that, she started working for Fox News in the year 2007.

Columnist who won the Young Alumni Award from the University of South Carolina also worked as a journalist for FNC while she was employed at FOX News in New York. Ainsley was given the role of co-host for the program Fox and Friends First that was broadcast on FNC in the year 2013. She held positions as a co-host on various morning shows till the year 2016. At that time, the award-winning journalist started appearing on Fox and Friends alongside Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy as a fill-in co-host during the weekdays from six to nine in the morning at the start of the day.

Ainsley covered true events such as the earthquake that occurred in Sichuan in 2008, the oil spill that was caused by the Deepwater Horizon in 2010, and the EF5 tornado that occurred in Oklahoma in 2013. Her most noteworthy accomplishment occurred on August 24, 2018, when she conducted an interview with President Donald Trump and met notable figures such as Vice President Mike Pence and First Lady Melinda Trump. This was her best day ever.

The Wedding of Ainsley Earhardt and Her Husband

It is completely necessary to be aware of the facts and history of her private, therefore let’s move on to her private’s life. She finally tied the knot with Kevin McKinney in 2005, after dating him on and off since the year 2000. Due to their misunderstanding in 2010, the couple eventually got a divorce, despite the fact that they did not have any children together.

Soon after she finalized the divorce from her ex-husband Kevin, she announced that she was going to marry her current lover, Will Proctor. Will, Ainsley’s spouse, played quarterback for Clemson University in the past. He is also eight years younger than Ainsley. Later on, they made the decision to get married and made the announcement that they were married in the year 2012. Later, on the 22nd of June 2015, she made the announcement that she was pregnant on an episode of Fox and Friends First. She went on to give birth to a baby girl in November of the same year.

Will Proctor and Ainsley Earhardt were in a great relationship for almost six years before they announced their split in 2018. There are a number of factors for their decision. Ainsley admitted that she and her husband had some misunderstandings, and she also revealed that she is concentrating her attention more on being a parent to her daughter Hayden, who is now two years old. In addition to this, it is said that her husband, Will Proctor, was involved in a romantic relationship with another woman, and she has asserted that she had evidence to demonstrate that this is true.

Will Proctor, who had been married to Ainsley Earhardt for more than half a decade at the time, filed for divorce in the United States state of New York in October 2018, putting an end to their lives together as a married couple. Will has been quoted as denying the allegations that he had an affair with one of Ainsley’s closest friends and claiming that there is no evidence to support the charges that he had an affair with a reporter.

In addition, Will expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that their private issues have been brought to the attention of the public. Mentioning the fact that a divorce petition had been submitted, he asked the public to respect the privacy of their family so that his daughter, Hayden, would not be affected by the situation. In spite of the fact that they had started the divorce process, the couple made an effort to get back together again; nevertheless, the methods that were intended to bring them closer together were unsuccessful.

Despite the fact that they are no longer together, the pair continues to have a cordial relationship with one another and is totally dedicated to co-parenting their stunning daughter, Hayden. Ainsley also expressed her gratitude to Fox for their support and for the opportunity to be with her child throughout the day and every day after the morning show.



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