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Where Is Roberta Williams Son Tye Stephens Now? Age And Wikipedia Bio Explored

Tye Stephens is the son of Roberta Williams, who was previously involved in the criminal underworld. Where is he at this time?

Recent events have shown that Roberta Williams, the spouse of notorious criminal gang leader Carl Williams, was a participant in an incident that involved the filmmaker Ryan Naumenko. However, because the judge believed that she did not directly assault the victim, she was not officially charged with any crime. Williams’ mental health requires close monitoring for the next two years, and she will be subject to this.

The life of Roberta Williams served as the inspiration for Naumenko’s reality show “Mob Wives,” which he was producing at the time. The production began in 2019, and the show was scheduled to debut on Netflix in the not-too-distant future. However, the gangland widow believed that the filmmaker owed her money, so she hired someone to assault him in order to get it back.

Where Is Tye Stephens Today? Roberta Williams Son Whereabouts

Even though he has been arrested multiple times, Tye Stephens is not currently detained in any facility.

In addition to this, Roberta Williams’ oldest son has a track record of getting into all sorts of scrapes in the past. In the past, he had been taken into custody a significant number of times. The most recent arrest that was reported for him was in the year 2016.

After pleading guilty to charges relating to a handgun, ice, handling stolen items, and dealing with $2,380 in suspected profits of crime, he was sentenced to more than three months in jail at the time. His convictions resulted in the sentence.

Stephens was held captive for a total of more than ninety days during a 23-hour lockdown for his protection. He was regarded as a threat, and his criminal ancestry earned him a reputation for fame among the detainees. He served out his sentence at the Charlotte Unit of Port Phillip’s maximum-security facility.

As at this moment, he has been released from jail and is living a life that is quite secluded from the public eye.

Who Is Roberta Williams? Son Tye Age And Wikipedia Bio

The fact that Roberta Williams is the widow of the notorious drug dealer Carl Williams is the primary reason for her notoriety.

Roberta Williams With Her Son Tye Stephens

Her husband was a prominent member of Australia’s criminal underworld and was also implicated in gangland shootings in Melbourne in the year 2010. In 2011, when he was being held in detention, he was gunned down by a fellow inmate.

After the passing of her husband, Roberta has been included in a great number of documentaries and reality shows, where she has discussed her life and given interviews about it. One of the more recent television projects involving her was “Mob Wives,” which was scheduled to premiere on Netflix.

Nevertheless, everything changed for the worst when Roberta grabbed the director, beat him up, and threatened to release him only if he paid her money. Recently, the 53-year-old was required to appear in court; nevertheless, the gangland widow was able to avoid receiving a prison sentence. The judge made the decision that she needed to have complete freedom so that she could care for his child, who was 8 years old and had special needs.

Roberta Williams Children And Family: What Did She Do?

Roberta Williams is a parent to four of her own offspring.

In addition to this, she remained married to a convicted felon until the year 2010. The couple had a daughter together whose name was Dhakota Willaims. At this point in time, she is 21 years old.

In addition, Roberta came into this marriage with two children from a prior union: a son named Tye Stephens and a daughter named Danielle Stephens. Additionally, she is the mother of a kid who is 8 years old and is said to have special needs and require extra attention.

Recent events have brought the 53-year-old woman into the public eye because she allegedly paid other people to assault a showrunner who was working on a reality documentary about her life. According to the evidence filed in court, the director spent more than three years being threatened, tormented, and held captive in a chair.

However, Williams was not held accountable for the assault since she did not have a direct hand in the incident. In addition to this, she is the mother of a child who has special needs. There won’t be any volunteer work done in the community by Carl Williams’s ex-wife either.

Children Belonging to Roberta Williams and Carl Williams

In the year 2001, Carl Williams and Roberta Williams tied the knot. Their one and only biological kid is a girl named Dhakota.

Roberta had been married to Dean Stephens before she wed Carl. Prior to that, she was married to another man. Danielle Stephens is their daughter; she was born as a result of their union.

Kat Stewart’s portrayal of the popular television show Underbelly’s character Roberta garnered her numerous accolades. Because her father was killed in a car accident when she was young, she has never known her biological father.

Williams asserts that she was subjected to severe abuse at the hands of both her mother and the boyfriends of her mother. She and Danielle Stephens, her first husband, divorced after the abusive pattern continued after it had been established.

Roberta claims that Carl Williams took away all of the suffering she had as a youngster.

In her family, Roberta Williams has four children: one son and three daughters who have achieved a great deal of notoriety

Due of Roberta’s history of involvement in the illegal trafficking of drugs, she has a poor reputation despite having once had a high position in the criminal underworld.

In recent years, three of her children have become widely known due to their infamous run-ins with the media. This is one of the primary reasons for their rise to fame.

Roberta Williams
Roberta Williams

Following Carl’s death, Mrs. Williams took on all of the obligations on her own and severed all ties to the criminal underworld in order to shield her children and prevent them from becoming involved in any kind of unlawful behavior.

Since then, Roberta’s children have had numerous opportunities to present themselves in front of the general public for a number of reasons. In spite of the fact that each of her children has a different father, they are all extremely close to her, and they have healthy relationships not only with each other but also with their other siblings.

According to the findings of an investigation conducted by the Daily Mail UK, Roberta does, in fact, have five children, four of whom are in their 20s and one of whom is in his tens at this time.

Roberta Williams’s former husband Carl Williams was killed in a fight with an inmate

Carl Williams was unchallenged in his position as the dominant drug dealer in Melbourne up until the time of his arrest and subsequent conviction for a number of different crimes.

On February 28, 2007, he pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court of Victoria to the murders of fellow gang leader Lewis Moran, his son Jason Moran, and Mark Mallia. His guilty plea was placed into evidence.

A number of violent crimes are reported to have been committed by him while he was a member of the criminal organization that he helped establish. Carl was now serving time for a total of five different sentences, including three life sentences, two sentences for 25 years each, and two sentences for 25 years each.

However, while Carl was being imprisoned at Barwon Prison, he was beaten by a fellow inmate named Matthew Charles Johnson. Johnson smacked Carl in the head with a piece of an exercise bike.

On April 19, 2010, he was unable to overcome the effects of the severe brain damage he had acquired and passed away. On April 30, 2010, his funeral was held in St. Therese’s Catholic Church in Essendon, and he was laid to rest in a golden coffin during the service. The date of his passing was April 30, 2010.

On the other hand, the general public does not know the location of the mob boss’s last resting place. This remains a mystery. According to The Age, his tomb does not yet have a monument to commemorate its location in order to preserve its anonymity.

Roberta, their daughter Dhakota, and numerous of his stepchildren continue to remember him, even though he passed away in 2022.



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