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Who Are Frankie McNellis Parents John McNellis And Agnes McNellis? Ethnicity Explained

Both of Frankie McNellis’s parents hail from different parts of the world; while Frankie’s mother Agnes McNellis was born in the Philippines, it is believed that her father John McNellis is of European descent.

Singer, dancer, and actress Frankie McNellis is of mixed Filipino and American heritage. Frankie, who has her home in Los Angeles, California, began her professional life as a singer and afterwards experimented with a career in acting.

Among her most well-known works are the songs Ready, Opportunity, What We’ve Been Looking For, and Best In The Room, amongst others.

In a similar vein, Frankie has appeared throughout both Honey Girls and 13: The Musical in her acting career. McNellis is an accomplished dancer in addition to being a member of the Acapop! KIDS.

Who is Frankie McNelli’s mom? Who is Frankie’s dad? Meet John And Agnes McNellis

On March 28, 2006, Frankie McNellis was born by her parents, John and Agnes McNellis, and brought into the world.

The up-and-coming singer was born in Los Angeles, and she also spent her early childhood years living there. Frankie is the middle child of four in her family, which also includes her sisters Alexis and Elsa, as well as her brother Jomel.

Agnes, Frankie’s mother, has an active presence on Instagram, where she frequently posts images of the rest of her family. Exploring Agnes’ Instagram further reveals that the teen singer’s parents no longer appear to be together. This comes as no surprise. Because Frankie’s mother has not yet made public a photograph of her baby’s father, John McNellis’ identity has been kept a secret up to this point.

While Agnes keeps her social media accounts current on a daily basis, McNellis’s father John does not have a presence on any social media platform.

Is Frankie McNellis Asian? Her Ethnic Background and Religious Beliefs

Frankie McNellis has some Filipino ancestry due to the fact that her mother is of Filipino descent.

Frankie’s parents came from separate countries, therefore she has a heritage that combines both the Philippines and the United States. She considers herself to be of mixed ethnicity. The young singer’s mother, Agnes, hails from the Philippines; however, rumours have it that the young woman’s father is of European descent.

On the other hand, the singer and actress has not discussed her religious beliefs publicly. It does not appear that she is of a religious character, based on the posts she has made on social media.

Just who is this Frankie McNellis, anyway? Her chronological age and bio on Wikipedia

Frankie McNellis is a Filipina-American singer and actor. Her family is originally from the Philippines.

Frankie McNellis was born in 2006, which means she is currently 16 years old. She began her career as a singer and later transitioned into the acting industry. Her most recent role was as Lucy in the Netflix film adaptation of the musical 13, which was released in 2018.

In addition to her talents as an actress and a singer, Frankie is also an accomplished guitarist and a photographer.

When it comes to her presence on social media, Frankie is gaining more and more popularity on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She already has a following of about 10,000 people on Instagram, where she posts peeks of her personal and professional life for her followers to enjoy.



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