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Who Are TV Personality Sophie Habboo Parents

Actress, podcast host, and social media influencer are just a few of Sophie Habboo’s many hats. She is perhaps most recognised for her appearances on The Chris & Rosie Ramsey Show and Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires/Croatia, both of which she has starred in.

The popular TV personality is the presenter of the podcasts “Nearly Weds” and “Wednesday we drink wine.” She graduated with a degree in Media Communications and Cultural Studies from Newcastle University in 2015, where she studied at that time.

Sophie Habboo Parents: Father Patrique Habboo & Mother Sarah Wigley

On October 19, 1993, Sophie Habbo entered the world to become the daughter of Sarah Wigley and Patrique Habboo. Her mother and father are no longer together, which is a sad and unfortunate development.

Mrs. Wigley had her birthday in July 1965, making her 57 years old today. She once worked as an ambassador for the nutrition, skincare, and cosmetics companies under the Protocol Healthy and Wellbeing umbrella. In addition to that, she also has experience working in the real estate industry.

In a similar vein, Patrique is somewhere about 61 years old. He had served as the Managing Director of Praxis Executives on Assignment. Matrix Interim Management welcomed him as a partner in August of 2013, when he first started working there.

On Mum’s Day in 2014, Habboo sent a message on Instagram wishing her mother a nice holiday. In the eighth episode of the sixteenth season of Made in Chelsea, Sarah made an appearance on the programme. On occasion, Sophie would mention her mother and father in one of her Instagram postings.

Sophie Habboo Partner Jamie Laing: Wedding Details

Sophie Habbo and Jamie Laing started dating in April 2019. The pair were engaged in the previous year after being together for a total of three years. Their wedding is scheduled to take place in the approaching spring in a foreign country.

The wedding ceremony of Sophie and Jamie will take place behind closed doors in an effort to avoid prying eyes. The two of them are of the opinion that romantic partnerships have a greater chance of success when they are kept private.

Jamie claims that people won’t comprehend how he was able to win Sophie’s heart and make her his fiancée. He made the statement, “Sophie is superior to me in every aspect.” Laing also said that making the proposal to the actress was a very stressful experience.

They both contributed to the launch of the Newly Weds podcast. They discuss the arrangements for their wedding on this chat programme. She had a prior relationship with Alex Mytton, who is also known for appearing in television reality shows, before she began dating Jamie.

Sophie Habboo Siblings & Family

The Habboo name may be traced back to the town of Leamington Spa in the county of Warwickshire. The child actress spent her childhood years with her younger sister Georgia, who later went on to become a make-up artist.

In the month of October 2021, Sophie wrote on Facebook, “Happy birthday to my lovely baby, Georgia; Love you to the moon and back.” Georgia was her daughter.

Her mother is now working from home as a self-employed homemaker, whilst her father is the creator of a large corporation that specialises in executive industries. Currently, Habboo may be seen living in the United Kingdom with her future husband, Jamie. The couple has not yet started their own family together.

Sophie also has a significant and growing family of internet fans. On Instagram, you may find her under the handle @habboosophie. Her verified photo-sharing page now has 968 posts and has amassed a total of 441,000 followers.



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